Miami Beach (Miami Beach), USA: Description, reviews

There are many great and interesting places on the planet, but nothing attracts like the resorts of the United States of America. Every teenager dreams of getting to the USA: see Los Angeles, walk through the jungle of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in New York, or catch your wave in Miami. In our today's article, I want to talk about this amazing place on the plan, where music never stops, but only comes from all surrounding areas, billionaires exhibit their luxury cars, and tourists take pictures of everything. Because this city is definitely impossible to drive. If this is not paradise, then where is it?

Miami Waterfront

Where are the best parties?

Miami Beach is a world famous resort area in the United States. It is located on one of the islands in the suburb of Grand Miami, Florida. The most common mistake of all visitors is that they inadvertently confuse Miami Beach with the city itself, when the first is a separate municipality. Biscayne's most beautiful bay separates these two territories.

It should be noted that this resort has received wide popularity primarily among wealthy people. All that Miami Beach has incorporated is the requirements of the public. The largest fashionable recreation area is also suitable for independent and economical travel, cruise routes and much more.

Miami in the USA

Main areas

The American resort in this region has a clear division into areas of business activity. The essence of the division is that you can find out how much better to go to a noisy party, and where it is preferable to stay for a romantic evening and a respectable rest.


The central part of Miami Beach is completely bogged down in a business rhythm and fast-moving staff change. In this part, skyscrapers and business centers intersect, and just to the north, luxurious villas and mansions of completely different strata of society are based. The main street is Collins Avenue, where both sides adorn the houses of celebrities and billionaires. After a walk through this area, your phone’s memory will be filled with photos.


The southern region is a favorite place of tourists and those people who are characterized by nightlife.When people describe this resort in their stories, it can be said with confidence that all the associations came precisely from this area. It is full of various clubs, restaurants, bars, but the main highlight of this part of the city is the famous South Beach Miami Beach. Also, the hallmark can be considered buildings of pastel colors, fashionable night clubs with famous DJs and Mc every night, attracting tourists from all over the world. If you want to come off in full, then you need to go here!

Most often photographed in the southern region of a chain of hotels, lined up along the ocean. This is a kind of business card Miami. Previously, the city was also known for its history with the production of liqueurs, gambling business, but today it all remains in the distant past. And talk about Al-Capone, who dominated these territories, became a subject for discussion among tourists.

Miami fashionable district

Entertainment and main attractions

As attractions in the territory of this fashionable resort, you can highlight the Art Deco District district. It is a full-fledged open-air architectural museum, a chain of buildings made in a beautiful art deco style.A huge number of nightclubs, casinos, bars and theaters are concentrated in this area. This is the epicenter of the nightlife of Miami Beach.

Miami Nightlife

Special attention should be paid to the Bass Museum of Art. This building also belongs to the Art Deco style, but with elements of Mayan architecture. The museum was built in 1930 and initially functioned as a library, and only then, after 34 years, officially received the status of a museum. At that moment, the Bass couple presented the museum with an old collection of paintings by European artists.

Baysad Marketplace, located by Biscayne Bay, plays an important role in the tourism industry of the region. It is difficult to call a market place highly specialized, since here every tourist can find something unique. Guests are offered a wide range of clothing collections, restaurants and bars, as well as attractions. The highlight of the shopping center is the location with the most beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Not far from Miami Beach is located the famous miniature writer island of Key West, the period of popularity of which came at the time of the acquisition of the villa by Ernest Hemingway.Today, the building of his former home is a working museum, which is worth a visit for everyone who came to Miami.

Local beach

The strip of beaches here stretches along the Atlantic Ocean, its length is 45 kilometers. Tourists like Miami's clean beach and azure sea water. It is likely that this is the main engine for most people, motivating them to spend money on rest in this heavenly spot of the planet. Sunny weather reigns here almost all year round, the air temperature reaches 40 degrees in the summer season, and in winter it rarely drops below 20 degrees.

Atlantic Ocean

Miami Beach Reviews

Many tourists speak of the resort town in Florida as a heavenly place. The only question that remains is a paradise for the rich or not. In fact, not only billionaires live here, but the sun sometimes gives way to clouds with rain. In Miami, every tourist can feel free and relaxed, because the main thing is to choose a rest according to the level! Also, many arrivals are upset by the fact that there are a lot of homeless people on the streets and in parks in the evening, and because of the adjacent hotels, vacationers get tired of the eternal noise and music from everywhere.Until you try it yourself you will not know, so go ahead!


Miami Beach in USA should be at the top of the “must-see” list of travel destinations. This resort is great for both families with children, and for non-stop youth parties! Clubs, bars, casinos, gorgeous beaches, sun and palm trees - this is only a small part of what Miami has to offer! We hope that our article was useful to you in many respects. Enjoy your vacation and new discoveries! Good luck!

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