Marina Yudashkina: truth and rumors

If the wife of a famous person succeeds too, then many consider this the achievement of her husband. In some cases this is the case, but Marina Yudashkina, about whom a lot of rumors circulate, achieved everything herself. That is, they, together with Valentin, a famous fashion designer, achieved success together.

Marina Yudashkina: biography

Many attribute to Marina Vladimirovna rich relatives who left her a substantial inheritance. This is all fiction. Marina was born in the most ordinary family, this year the woman will be 59 years old (born in 1958).

Marina Yudashkina was a great student at school, she loved to sew, draw, and make various hairstyles for dolls and girlfriends.

Marina Yudashkina

How did Marina meet Valentina?

Being very young these two people met. They worked at one enterprise in the fashion industry. Often we went on business trips around the country together, but weren't interested in each other. Their relationship was friendly for a long time, and the affair began later.

Marina became professionally engaged in hairdressing, and soon joined the Russian national team in this creative “sport”.She just needed an assistant, and she invited her colleague Valentine.

The guy drew beautifully, helped the girl-created images to pick out outfits. And after a few months of close collaboration, the young people fell in love with each other.

Their novel soon became the property of mom Valentine. The woman waited cautiously for her acquaintance with her future daughter-in-law, but all her fears were dispelled when Marina Yudashkina just appeared on her doorstep. The girl exuded kindness and love.

Three months after the start of the relationship, the young lovers got married.

Valentin himself created a dress for his bride, and in contrast to all the preconceptions that the groom should not see the dress of his future wife, he and his wife have been together for almost many years (almost 30 years) and are not in conflict at all!

Marina Vladimir Yudashkina

Joint career

Marina Vladimirovna Yudashkina began to continue working with hair, and Valentin began to develop in the fashion world. The designer's wife was a jealous person when she was young. She could not calmly weave braids while her husband dressed up the long-legged female models.

Marina Yudashkina left her work and began to help her husband with her work. So it was easier for him, and she was calmer.

In 1990, their daughter was born, so Marina for some time ceased to be Valentina's assistant. She sat at home and was carried on with a little Galina.

Now Marina and Valentina are fine. They invested a lot of time and energy into the joint agency Valentin Yudashkin. The wife of a designer and fashion designer works as a top manager and remains the most important person in the life and career of Valentin.

Marina Yudashkina Biography

False rumors

Not so long ago, the name of Marina Yudashkina was denigrated with false accusations. The journalists, who did not understand the situation, accused the designer’s wife of creating a gaming club with illegal machines.

The thing was that Marina Yudashkina rented an apartment to a woman who actually turned out to be just a figurehead. Real tenants brought into the room all the necessary equipment for the club and began to earn.

Neighbors complained about the noise and called the police. Of course, the name of Marina figured, but as the mistress of the apartment, not a casino. Reporters, grasping the opportunity to write a scandalous article, quickly responded and attributed the club to Marina.

The Yudashkin family is just fine. Without each other, they would not have been able to achieve such a result in work as they are now.

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