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Maria Andreevna Mironova is a Russian theater and film actress, best known for her theater productions by Lenkom and Pavel Lungin’s films The Wedding and The Oligarch. He is the daughter of the famous actor Andrei Mironov.
Actress Maria MironovaActress Maria Mironova

Childhood and family

Maria Mironova was born on May 28, 1973 in the family of the prominent Soviet actor Andrei Mironov and his first wife, actress Ekaterina Gradova, famous for the role of radio operator Kat from the miniseries "17 Moments of Spring." It was in this picture, by the way, that Maria herself made her debut - the radio operator was holding a tiny little girl in her arms (although the child was male in the story).
Parents of Maria Mironova: Andrei Mironov and Ekaterina GradovaParents of Maria Mironova: Andrei Mironov and Ekaterina Gradova
Andrei and Catherine met at the Theater of Satire. The offer of a hand and heart was followed by hastily, after a couple of dates. Evil tongues said that by doing so the artist wanted to annoy his former lover Tatyana Egorova.Anyway, in 1971 a wedding took place, and two years later Masha was born. The girl was named after her paternal grandmother.
The first role of Maria Mironova - baby from "17 Moments of Spring"The first role of Maria Mironova - baby from "17 Moments of Spring"
In 1976, the couple filed for divorce. Andrei Mironov left the family to his old beloved, actress Larisa Golubkina, adopting her 3-year-old daughter, also Mary. Subsequently, Catherine almost abandoned her profession, and in the early 90s she moved to the village of Vladimir region, where she healed with her new spouse, physicist Igor Timofeev. Shortly after the wedding, they took care of the boy from the orphanage Sasha Sukhoperkova (born in 1992).
Little Masha Mironova with father Andrey MironovLittle Masha Mironova with father Andrey Mironov
In childhood, Masha rarely saw her father, but all the close families claimed that she inherited his refined manners, excellent taste, memorable appearance and, of course, his inner core. She grew up calm, silent child, loved to look at the stage costumes of the mother and give her advice about their design.
Interview with Maria Mironova in the program “Temporarily Available”
From the age of three, Maria dreamed of becoming a dancer.The girl begged her mother to send her to a ballet school, and at home she loved to dress up, turn on music and present herself in the place of Maya Plisetskaya or Isadora Duncan. However, she had to be content with the usual dance circle, which gave her a smooth posture and a smooth gait.
Maria Mironova and Maria Golubkina are not sistersMaria Mironova and Maria Golubkina are not sisters

First role

The full debut of Maria Mironova in the movie took place in 1981. 10-year-old girl played Becky Thatcher in the children's picture of Stanislav Govorukhin "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." Maria recalled that she herself had no particular desire to act in film, but, as often happens, her parents decided everything for her. By the way, the picture became an actor debut for Vladislav Galkin.
Maria Mironova as Becky ("The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", 1981)Maria Mironova as Becky ("The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", 1981)
But she herself was incredibly pleased with the shooting process, despite numerous inconveniences. The shooting took place in Sukhumi with forty-degree heat. Masha, exhausted from the heat, was supposed to play the scene along with the calf, but he did not obey. Then the schoolgirl was put on the hands of a goat, from which it smelled pretty bad. Then the shooting was transferred to a terribly cold cave - you had to walk through the stalactites.
Shot from the movie "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"Shot from the movie "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"
Maria also recalled that she was terribly afraid of the main villain of the film, Indian Jo, therefore she constantly asked the team “Where is he?”. Panic fear of an Indian did not pass even after the actress was introduced to the actor Talgat Nigmatulin who played his role, who treated the young actress to candy.

Father's death

At age 14, Mary experienced a terrible loss - the death of her father. He lost consciousness during the last scene of The Marriage of Figaro, and did not finish it. At that fateful moment, Maria sat in the auditorium. During the intermission, the girl came to Mironov in the dressing room - he told her that in the fall he wanted to go to Holland. It seemed to her that his father had a red face, but he just waved it off: “He overheated in the sun - played tennis”. When Andrei fell to the floor in the final scene, Maria seemed to feel that this was the end. After being hospitalized with a diagnosis of a brain aneurysm, the doctors fought for the life of the actor for two days. The night from 14 to 15 August, Mary spent in a hospital bed. August 16, 1987 Andrei Mironov died, never regaining consciousness.

Education. Birth of a son

Maria didn’t intend to go to actresses, but after graduating from her native school No. 113 in Degtyarny Lane, she thought - why not? In 1990, she became a student of drama school them. Shchukin, where once studied and her father. The girl studied on the course of Yuri Lyubimov.
Maria Mironova in her youthMaria Mironova in her youth
She didn’t succeed in releasing from “Pike” - it was her affair with businessman Igor Udalov, who was 8 years older. She met him in Yalta, on the set of the film “The Tale of Wandering” (her father took her with her), while still a 9-year-old girl. After finishing the first course, Maria took maternity leave. On June 4, 1992, their son was born, named Andrei in honor of the famous grandfather.
Maria Mironova and her son Andrei, grandson of Andrei MironovMaria Mironova and her son Andrei, grandson of Andrei Mironov
In 1993, having devoted her son one and a half years of life, Maria transferred herself to the course of Mikhail Gluzsky at VGIK. The long-awaited diploma Maria received in 1997. Her graduation performances became vaudeville based on the stories of Arkady Averchenko and the play “The Last” after Gorky.
Even before the end of VGIK, Maria Mironova became a part of the troupe of the theater Lenkom, to whom she had tender feelings from an early age, rejecting the invitation to “The School of Modern Play”.The first performance with her participation was the Marriage of Figaro, where she got the role of Fanshetta. Subsequently, she took part in the productions of “Two Women”, “The Executioner of the Executioner”, “The Barbarian and the Heretic”, “The City of Millionaires”, “The Taming of the Shrew” and many others.

Movie career

Maria came to the big cinema relatively late - in 2000, having received the main female role in the film “The Wedding” by Pavel Lungin. As Maria recalled, the newspapers were then splashed with the headlines “Maria Mironova returned to the cinema 20 years later” - the authors considered the time from the release of “Tom Sawyer”, which made the readers astray.
"Wedding": Maria Mironova and Marat Basharov"Wedding": Maria Mironova and Marat Basharov
Maria got into the picture with little or no trial - Lungin was impressed with her play in the play “Two Women” and tried it in his previous film “Life Line”. Moreover, Mary was entrusted with the choice of a screen partner, who in the end was Marat Basharov. According to the actress, an unprecedented atmosphere of harmony and mutual understanding reigned on the set.
Frame from the movie "Wedding" (2000)Frame from the movie "Wedding" (2000)
The film was shot under Tula. The actress recalled that the film crew had been living there almost for two months, only sometimes the actors were allowed to get to Moscow.With this schedule, everyone was on the rise and withstand regular night shots with ease - it was at this time that work on the site simply boiled. Forces enough for everything, even with a minimum amount of time to sleep.
Maria Mironova and Pavel Lungin. Interview
Pavel Lungin managed to gather in one place a unique ensemble of actors: Maria Mironova, Maria Golubkina, Marat Basharov, Andrei Panin, Alexander Semchev, Natalia Kolyakanova ... Young actors brought energy and recklessness to the shooting process - the picture received many warm reviews Prize of the Cannes Film Festival "For the best selection of the actor's team."
In the same 2000, Maria Mironova worked on Alexander Proshkin’s drama “Russian Riot”, and two years later she again worked with Lungin.

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