List: what you need in the hospital?

Due to the fact that childbirth can come early, it is important to take care of the necessary documents, hygiene products and necessary things for the mother and the future baby in advance. Before you go to the maternity hospital, you should check with the employees of the institution about the list of prohibited items.

What you need in the hospital: a list of necessary things


  • Direction (if the future woman in labor enters the hospital in advance);
  • a passport (and a husband's passport if the spouse is present during the birth);
  • policy;
  • exchange card (plus the results of the husband’s analysis if the spouse is present during the birth);
  • birth certificate (unless the organization requested it independently);
  • contract (if delivery is paid).

Documents required to be folded in a small folder and carry with them in the handbag.

Hygiene products for mom and baby

  • A pair of towels (for face and body);
  • liquid soap for hands;
  • baby soap;
  • cotton swabs (with limiter);
  • shampoo and shower gel;
  • toothpaste and toothbrush;
  • postpartum pads (purchased urological pads or self-made shreds);
  • chest pads;
  • wipes (wet and dry);
  • disposable diaper (for inspection, childbirth and baby);
  • soft toilet paper;
  • comb;
  • diapers;
  • powder;
  • baby oil.

Things for the future mother

  • Cotton robe;
  • a pair of nighties or cotton t-shirts;
  • shower slippers;
  • two pairs of warm socks;
  • cotton pants (can be disposable) - four pieces;
  • nursing bras - two;
  • bandage (if necessary);
  • breast pump;
  • glycerin laxative suppositories (if there is a problem with the stool);
  • cream (like Bepanthen) for healing cracks in the nipples and redness in a child;
  • cream for face and hands, hygienic lipstick (if necessary);
  • vitamins for nursing mothers;
  • phone and charger;
  • player, books, etc .;
  • dishes (cup, spoon, plate);
  • cosmetics and holiday clothes on an extract (for a photo session);
  • mirror;
  • if the birth is joint, then you should take care of a set of clothes for her husband;
  • photo or video camera (if you want to capture the moment of birth or a newborn baby);
  • a small amount of money (if you need to buy something at the pharmacy).

Things for a newborn

  • A pair of thin and warm hats;
  • sliders - five pieces;
  • undershirts - five pieces;
  • warm blouse and overalls (if necessary);
  • warm socks - two pairs;
  • thin mittens;
  • baby scissors;
  • envelope on the statement.

Children's clothing necessarily needs to be pre-washed and ironed.

You should not take too many things in the maternity hospital, as something will be available in the institution itself (for example, bathrobes, nightie, etc.). Also, relatives will be able to bring the necessary things if you forget to take something.

If you do not want to drink hospital water, you can take a supply of clean water without gas. Also worth taking care of a bottle of water at the time of delivery.

Many maternity hospitals are not allowed to carry bags with them, so things should be folded in the usual roomy bag.

What you should not take to the hospital

  • Perfume;
  • deodorant;
  • medications (if you experience pain, you should consult a doctor);
  • prohibited foods (chocolate, berries and fruits, peanuts, milk, cottage cheese, sausage, etc.);
  • soda;
  • synthetic and slimming underwear and clothing;
  • flowers

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