Life after fame: what the Eurovision winners of the last years are doing

16-05-2017, 13:25
Probably for most of us “Eurovision” is associated with loud victories and performances of star actors. Remembering the victors of past years, first of all, such world-famous performers as the ABBA group or Celine Dion come to mind. But in fact, not many performers managed to maintain their popularity at the proper level after the end of the competition.
The editors invite you to find out how the fate of the winners of Eurovision over the past ten years has been. For which of them did the victory in the most famous song contest become a springboard to success, and who could not fully take advantage of their chance?
Lordi Group, Finland, 2006

The victory of the Finnish monsters at Eurovision is still considered one of the most scandalous in the history of the contest. The audience trembled under the pressure of shocking rockers and gave them their voices.Having won the most prestigious song contest, the guys from the Lordi group gained worldwide fame and fully managed to take advantage of it. For ten years, they managed to release 4 albums, record the soundtrack for the film “Saw 3D” and even play in the documentary autobiographical film “Monster Man”. The band successfully tours with concerts around the world and are regulars at many rock festivals. Only in Russia they managed to visit 6 times.

Maria Sherifovich, Serbia, 2007

The victory of Maria Sherifovic with the song “Prayer” in Serbian became a real sensation. At home, the singer was greeted like a real heroine. For a couple of years after the contest, her name did not leave the front pages of Serbian newspapers, and she enjoyed well-deserved popularity outside the country. However, over time, the excitement around the performer slowly subsided. The only thing that Maria has become famous for in recent years is her public recognition of her unconventional sexual orientation.

Dima Bilan, Russia, 2008

Dima Bilan even went to his first competition in 2006 in the status of a star, and the victory after two years only strengthened his fame.Since then, the people's love for the artist has not waned. Dima Bilan not only pleases his fans with new hits, but also firmly settled on the tops of various ratings of the most influential artists of Russia.

Alexander Rybak, Norway, 2009

The 23-year-old native of Belarus, who defended Norway’s honor at Eurovision, took full advantage of the victory in the contest. He gained worldwide popularity, and was especially fond of the inhabitants of Russian-speaking countries. And although in the West, Alexander's fame is beginning to fade away, but in Russia it is still popular. In addition to music lessons, the artist discovered new talents in himself, successfully performing at the show “One to One!” Of reincarnations, where he took second place.

Lena Meyer-Landrut, Germany, 2010

Domestic music lovers are practically unfamiliar with the work of Lena Meyer-Landrut, but they love her very much in their homeland. True, the success of the young singer slightly hurt the decision to re-speak at Eurovision next year in 2011, where she failed and took only 10th place. After such a painful blow to vanity, Lena took a creative break for several years, but in 2015 she returned to the stage with a whole heap of new hits.In addition, the singer's popularity is promoted by her participation in the German analogue of the children's show “Voices”, where she acts as a mentor for young talents.

Eldar Kasimov and Nigar Jamal, Azerbaijan, 2011

Eldar and Nigar made their way to Eurovision one by one, but in the final part of the national selection they got an equal number of votes, so they decided to play a duet on the main stage of the continent. After the victory, their paths again diverged. Eldar Kasimov is still actively engaged in concert activities and even tried himself as an actor, having played in the film “Do not be afraid, I'm with you! 1919 But Nigar Jamal went into the shadow after the triumph, and almost nothing is known about her present personal and creative life ...

Lorin, Sweden, 2012

Before their participation in Eurovision about the Swedish singer Loreen almost no one heard. She made her way to the big stage thanks to her participation in the Idol show (similar to our “Star Factory”), where she took a modest 6th place. However, the victory at the main European song contest became for her a real springboard to success. Lorin is very popular in many countries and successfully travels around the continent with concerts.Also, the singer is actively engaged in social activities, which has even more sympathy for her fans.

Emily de Forest, Denmark, 2013

Despite the resounding success, Emily did not become truly popular in Europe. And although the singer in her native Denmark is quite successful, but in addition she also pleases with her hard work, having released as many as three albums, but almost nobody knows her abroad ...

Conchita Wurst, Austria, 2014

No matter how terrible the stage image of the Lordi group would be, but even their performance fades before the scandalous victory of Conchita Wust. However, the shocking image of a woman with a beard only contributes to the popularity of the transvestite artist. The singer (or the singer?) Only multiplies his fame, releasing new hits, and also gives new reasons for discussion, taking part in gay parades or showing new clothes of famous fashion designers.

Mons Zelmerlev, Sweden, 2015

Since the victory of Mons Zelmerlev, it has been just a year and it is too early to talk about his career after Eurovision. However, now the singer successfully reaps the fruits of fame and is one of the most sought-after performers on the European stage. It seems that he will be able to leave his mark on the history of European variety art.

Jamala, Ukraine, 2016

It’s too early to speak about the career of the winner of Eurovision in Sweden 2016, Jamal, but she storms chats and is on everyone’s lips.

No matter how destiny the victors of “Eurovision” do not have, the main thing is for them to have everything in their personal life. Treat your friends and tell them about what the owners of the crystal microphone do after their victory.

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