Levitation. What is it?

Levitation. What is it?

  1. Levitation man's ability to overcome gravity with a certain magical development; or the object (with another interpretation of this word) retains or sequentially changes its position in the three-dimensional space in spite of gravity under the action of the initiator (in the case of an object, this is most often the effect of superconductivity). The ability of a person to levitate (or to super-high and long-range jumps) has not yet been recognized in science. However, there are unconfirmed reports that there were competitions of flying yogis. According to the report, one (the victorious yogi) was able to hold out in the air for 4 minutes.

    From the point of view of Christianity, levitation is inspired by evil spirits to people, and attempts at levitation (using magic, parapsychology, etc.) can lead a person to demon possession.

  2. LEVITATION is the supernatural ability of a person to lift himself into the air without using mechanisms. Everyone who is familiar with physics will say that none of the people on Earth can do this. Because there is gravity, that is, gravity. The law on it was formulated by the great English scientist Isaac Newton (1643-1727). According to this law, to push off from the ground and to hang in the air like a balloon, a person must change his weight and become as light as this ball. However, there are amazing facts that say that people under certain circumstances overcame earth gravity. Are they reliable?

    Evidence of levitation is accumulated in the history of the development of mankind from ancient times. So, for example, like a bird, sat on a thin tree branch Catholic preacher Joseph (1609-1663), but she did not even bend under him. An hour passed, the other, he did not move, and troubled novices brought the longest ladder to the tree to take it from there. How did Joseph get to the tree from Copertino, why did not the branch bend under it and what did it all mean? Canonical afterwards, Joseph entered into such ecstasy during prayer that he lost contact with the outside world in a literal and figurative sense. The soles of his legs ceased to feel the floor - he slowly ascended into the air, hovered in place or flew a distance. Witnesses of these miracles were parishioners, monks and many authoritative people of the time, among them the German scientist and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. In total, St. Joseph ascended into the air about 60 times, in any case, according to his intimately formed biography. In addition to him, according to church documents of those times, the founder of the Jesuit order Ignatius Loyola, Saint Teresa of Avila, St. Adolfus Ligiori, hovered in religious ecstasy. Religious sources tell of 230 Catholic saints, to whom this ability was attributed.

    A lot of evidence of soaring above the ground comes from India. There, local fakirs (as they call jugglers in this country) perform a favorite number - they are raised in the air. "Flying" yogis, being in a lotus position - that is, sitting and cross-legged - as if jumping, flying during one jump to a distance of up to two meters. Researchers who observed such flights, believe that it is still not in levitation. Jump and jump in this case is due to the strength of well-developed muscles of the legs and back.

    In the modern world, the phenomenon of levitation is not overlooked by scientists. In one of the scientific centers an experiment was conducted. A group of subjects were told that they were in a spacecraft and entered a state of weightlessness. Scales, which were placed during the experiment chairs with people, showed the disappearance of the weight of imaginary astronauts. It lasted only one and a half seconds. But the result of the experiment pushed the researchers to the assumption that the human body is still able to independently change its weight, while at the same time being freed from the force of gravity of the Earth. True, this is just a hypothesis, which requires repeated inspections. Scientists have yet to prove, if at all possible, that people in some cases can acquire abilities that contradict the known laws of nature.

  3. Levitation is the supernatural ability of a person to lift himself into the air without using mechanisms
  4. Ability. Pranayama is the method of controlling the Prana.


    Pranayama is a method of controlling the Prana (vital energy), which is drawn from the surrounding space when breathing. The principle underlying this method is to take the prana into the body and exhale the poisonous substances. Perfect mastering of pranayama technique is necessary for achieving a high degree of concentration, since during Kumbaka (breath holding) it is easier to concentrate.
    In general, the role of Kumbaka is very great, since the duration of the delay in breathing is directly proportional to the degree of consciousness enlightenment. Levitation is impossible until the consciousness of a person becomes light. I myself was able to levitate when I learned to hold my breath constantly for 72 seconds. Remember, I already wrote that levitation is a supernatural ability, acquired when "a man has mastered the technique of control in order to destroy the darkness of reincarnation"? Pranayama is exactly the technique of control. Hence it is clear which pranayama is attached to the importance of spiritual practice.


    Mudra is a technique that combines asanas, pranayama and meditation.

    Levitation. What is it? using the supernatural

    It is closely connected with the acquisition of supernatural forces. Mudras are of ten kinds. It is considered that all techniques were given by the Supreme God Siva, the main god of Hinduism. The Supreme God Shiva is one of the three main gods (along with God Visnu and God Brahma). He knows the destruction of the universe and the cure of disease and assists in achieving 0 liberation. It is commonly believed that the Supreme God Shiva is a creature that casts a person into horror, either because he is said to be feeding on dead bodies in the morgue, or because of his frightening appearance. But in fact he favors spiritual practitioners and helps them with advice.
    The Supreme God Siva is many-sided; it appears not only in Hinduism, but also in other religions.
    Let us turn, for example, to Tibetan esoteric Buddhism.
    Engaged in spiritual practice, belonging to this direction, uses the chakras located above the Manipura-chakra; and they are believed to be under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Lord Siva.
    I already touched on the question of chakras when I spoke of Taoism. But now I want to turn again to this topic because of its special importance. Chakra is a spiritual center located in the human body and directly connected with the use of supernatural forces. Each person has chakras in certain places of his body. There are seven major chakras. However, in ordinary people they are in a dormant state and therefore do not function. Chakras develop only in the process of spiritual practice, and only after that one can find supernatural forces, each of which corresponds to a particular chakra. The chakras located in the upper part of the body are higher in level than the chakras located in the lower part. When it is said that practitioners of Tibetan esoteric Buddhism use chakras located above the Manipur-chakra, it is implied that they use the upper chakras or chakras corresponding to higher dimensions.
    However, let us return to the Supreme God Siva. In the Japanese esoteric Buddhism of Shingon, one of his incarnations is Fudo Mso. The phenomenal body of the Supreme God Shiva is also acknowledged by Daikoku, one of the seven Shinto gods bringing happiness. Daikoku is depicted in a mask, with a wooden hammer in his right hand and with a large bag in his left. Initially, this god was black and frightening.

  5. Levitation is the floating of a body of a person who has special knowledge over the surface of the earth for some time for the sake of the existence of this phenomenon.
  6. the ability to fly without the help of any adaptations ...
  7. soar above the ground
  8. I invite you to the only school on levitation and pyroquinase in Russia! Teacher Ernst Wind
  9. the ability to soar in the air without the aid of any technical devices.
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  11. This is all that was said before ... + in fact, this is the work of normal scientists willing to sacrifice the old classical traditions and foundations in science in order to get closer to knowing the structure of the world ... both material and not ....
  12. Sergius of Radonezh, when he prayed in his cell, rose above the earth. If someone saw him at that moment, he asked not to tell. It was considered at that time of the evil one. But he is still ranked as a saint.
  13. Levitation - the ability of a person or another being to fly without any means!
Levitation. What is it? If anyone saw him

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