Lenten food: recipes. Lenten food for every day

Lent is soon, and for many people this is one of the possibilities to test oneself. After all, he is considered the most strict and important of all the rest. Lean food at this time should not include neither fish, nor meat, nor milk, nor eggs.lean food

Strict character

Also excluded are, for example, sweets and mayonnaise. Recipes contain ingredients of plant origin only: vegetables and fruits, cereals, mushrooms, nuts, pickles. Sometimes on holidays (Annunciation and Palm Sunday), as an exception, lean dishes containing fish are allowed. Drying is practiced on many days: bread, vegetables, fruits, and water. Tuesday and Thursday - oil-free dishes. On other days, cooking oil is recommended for cooking. You can easily find a detailed schedule of the post (what and when you can eat) in various Orthodox calendars - this is not secret information!

Vegetarianism and fasting

Lean foods and vegetarian dishes are very different, so do not confuse them. The second does not exclude cow butter, cheese, eggs, but prohibits fish products.While the fast food does not contain “jelly”, the eggs of any bird, but fish, caviar and all kinds of seafood are allowed on certain days.lean food recipes

Make it delicious!

Many people tend to consider this kind of food something tasteless and even bleak (as far as the process of cooking can bring joy and pleasure). However, if you look closely, excluding many animal proteins from the list, we leave in it a lot of necessary and healthy products, of which for sure, with proper preparation, should make a tasty lean meal. And sometimes these dishes can be tastier than usual, meat or dairy. We must not forget about the need for proper registration. After all, artfully decorated food is more pleasant. You can use a variety of greens - it is usually used in the post in unlimited quantities! And now we proceed directly to the preparation of dishes.

Lenten food: recipes

Like a regular table, the lean is divided into first, second courses, various snacks and salads, drinks. Everywhere only ingredients allowed at this time are used. As already mentioned, we exclude from the menu meat, dairy products, animal fats, eggs.Of all the rest, you can cook. So, we start with the first dishes.fast food every day


Ingredients: three medium-sized potatoes, one pickled cucumber, one carrot, an onion, half a glass of pearl barley, a handful of shredded cabbage, seasonings (who likes what).

Boil pearl barley in a small saucepan. When the cereal is not yet cooked, add diced potatoes. In the meantime, grate carrot and cucumber grated. Cut onions finely. On vegetable oil, prepare the onion and carrot roasting. Add it to the pan, then throw the cucumber and cabbage, prepared in advance. Stir and boil for ten minutes on low heat. Before being ready, throw in seasonings and salt to taste. A great alternative to pickle on meat broth is ready! Some may not even notice (judging by their own experience) that there is no meat in the soup, such a tasty, lean meal turns out. Recipe pickle may vary. For example, you can chop a lot of greens - onions, parsley and dill - and put them in the soup before serving. You can use sour instead of fresh cabbage. In our opinion, this is even more tasty.

Lean soup with vegetables

Ingredients: cauliflower - 300 grams, a couple of potatoes, carrots, onions, green peas (fresh or canned) - 100 grams, olive oil, spices.lean tasty food

Cauliflower disassembled into inflorescences. In boiling water, throw cabbage and potatoes (all except cabbage, cut into cubes). Onions passeruem in olive oil with carrots. Then add to vegetable broth. Cook together for another fifteen minutes. Before serving soup sprinkle with chopped greens and seasonings to taste.

Rice with vegetables

Good tasty fasting meal for every day - rice cooked with vegetables.

Ingredients: half a kilo of rice, soy sauce, one eggplant, one zucchini, two carrots, one pepper, one onion.

Preparing the dish is very simple. Boil rice to crumbly state. Eggplant must be baked in the oven (by the way, other vegetables can be tasted better), cut into cubes. All other vegetables - finely chopped. Mix with rice, season to taste with soy sauce and stew a little in a large frying pan with a lid that fits snugly (10 minutes will be enough). Serve to the table, sprinkled with sesame and chopped finely green onions.lean delicious food recipes

Sweet pilaf

As an option, fasting food for every day - sweet pilaf with dried fruits.

Ingredients: rice - 300 grams, raisin without a stone - 100 grams, dried apricots - 100 grams, prunes without a stone - 100 grams, some sugar and vegetable oil.lean food delivery

Boil rice without salt. All dried fruits are washed and fried on low heat in vegetable oil, constantly mixing, and then it will burn immediately. Add cooked rice to the dish and lightly stew, stirring (about five minutes). Such a dish is a worthy replacement for traditional meat pilaf. You can add browned onions and a head of garlic, as a variant of seasoning for pilaf fit barberry and curry. This is how we got lean, tasty food: just yummy fingers!

Beans with vegetables in the oven

You need to take: a pound of coarse beans, a couple of sweet bell peppers, three cloves of garlic, three tomatoes, some vegetable oil, seasoning to taste and salt.

Beans are soaked in water overnight. Cook in the morning until softened. All the other ingredients are cut finely and lightly simmer in a pan in vegetable oil. Spread the beans in a mold for baking and pour the steamed vegetables on top (they have already turned into a mush, having started juicing).Put in a well preheated oven for half an hour. When serving, decorate with fresh greens and sliced ​​green onions.

Lenten delicious food. Fish Recipes

On certain days it is allowed to eat fish. Recipes - simple and complex - with the participation of fish or seafood a great many. We present only some of them, the most popular.

Fish fasting vinaigrette

Ingredients: fish fillet - 300 grams, three potatoes, one beet, one carrot, two pickled cucumbers, onion, vegetable oil, seasoning to taste.

Boil fillets and cool. We cut into rather small pieces. Cook vegetables separately, clean, cut into small cubes. Cucumbers cut into cubes. Onion chop. We mix everything thoroughly and carefully. We fill with olive oil. Before serving, decorate with fresh greens.lean food

Fish soup (ear)

Ingredients: half a kilo of white fish, one carrot, one onion, two potatoes, vegetable oil, flour, herbs, seasonings. Some add cereal: barley or millet.

We clean the fish from the skin and bones (or you can immediately take the ready-made fillet). Cook the fish for about thirty minutes on a small fire. At the end of cooking add seasoning to discourage the smell.Carrot grate large. Pass the onions, then add the carrots and fry them with a small amount of flour. Potatoes cut into cubes. We fish fish from broth, and we filter it. Cut the fish into small pieces and send back to the broth. There we put all the other ingredients. Cook for another fifteen minutes. If you decide to use the cereal, add it to the middle of the soup preparation stage, along with the potatoes. Soup is served, decorated with greens.


In general, as you can see, there are a lot of recipes of lenten dishes, and many of them are really tasty. So you can use these dishes not only in the post. And for those who do not want or do not know how to cook, but who like fast food, food delivery is carried out by food establishments directly to the client's house!

Bon appetit to all fasting!

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