Leather bracelet

Recently, women's fashion has included accessories made of rough, rather brutal materials. Most often, the raw material for their manufacture becomes skin or imitation leather.
For the manufacture of my bracelet, I used the following materials:
• a small piece of leatherette;
• cardboard;
• scissors;
• Super glue;
• needle with thread;
• beads;
• acrylic paint.
To begin with, I made cardboard blanks - a stencil for future details of the bracelet. To do this, simply draw a sketch of each part on paper and stick it to the cardboard so that each stencil is more durable and does not leave during the stroke. As soon as the glue dried up - cut out the resulting parts.
leather bracelet

paste on cardboard

The next step is to repeat the appearance of all the details, but only from leatherette. On my hand one detail “a” and “b”, as well as 7 parts “c”.
Cut out the resulting details

Since the color of the skin that I used was not bright enough, I decided to make a couple of colorful spots, and painted the back side with blue acrylic paint.
I needed

Do it better on something that is not needed.
blue acrylic paint

The result was such a bold combination.
covered in paint

Now you can begin to create fasteners.I chose the usual Velcro.
bold combination

As a fixer, I chose superglue, since there is almost no trace left of it. Please note that the adhesive tape is glued to different sides of the parts "a" and "b".
ordinary sticky tape

While the glue dries, we will ease the task and make small holes exactly in the center of all the parts “in”. It will come in handy when decorating a future bracelet.
stick Velcro

Here is the reverse side of all the details.
decorating the future bracelet

We begin assembly of an accessory. The details of "a" and "b" are applied to each other on the wrong side.
reverse side of all parts

Now, in the resulting "window" we pass one of the details "in" and fold it in half with the wrong side inward to get the next "window".
apply to each other

we pass one of the parts

So "Makar" attach all the remaining links.
attach all remaining links

The edges of the last part “in” are glued together for convenience. That's how the bracelet will close. (Photo 16) But its almost finished look.
attach all remaining links

Getting to the decoration. To do this, in the hole of the first link "c", we fix the bundle of thread so that the needle looks into the depth of the bracelet.
leather bracelet

leather bracelet

We collect one bead on the needle and pass it into the hole of the second of the same link.
leather bracelet

leather bracelet

leather bracelet

In the same way, we decorate the whole bracelet with beads.I decided to leave the free windows on the edges, so that the brush in this decoration felt calm and the hand did not interfere with the bend.
leather bracelet

As a result, I received such an interesting decoration.
leather bracelet

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