Landscape Design - Shrubs for the Garden

If design decoration of a personal plot and its aesthetic appearance is of paramount importance for you, then various decorative, flowering or just evergreen shrubs for the garden will perfectly cope with this role. Today there are a great many of them, and all of them are intended to create a unique atmosphere of comfort and some exoticism. It is impossible to disagree with the fact that any, even the most modest garden plot, will only benefit from decorating with spreading or pyramidal shrub plants. With their unique and sometimes very original coloring, they can not only help with the design of the site, but create a real hedge, hide unsightly buildings, decorate and separate some parts of the garden.

shrubs for gardenThe function of ornamental shrubs in the garden area

Shrubs for the garden perform not only a decorative function. Of course, their primary role is the creation of hedges and alleys, but do not forget thatthat it is thanks to these plants that you can feel calm and relaxed, to relax, forgetting about the bustle of the city and small everyday problems. A large number of garden shrubs are valued for a long period of flowering, some for the unusual decorative shape of the leaves, and still others for the fantastic color of the crown: what costs only one vinegar tree. An indisputable advantage of these plants is the fact that, despite all their exoticism, they are very undemanding in their care and to climatic conditions. Shrubs for the garden is practically not subject to any diseases and parasites.

shrubs for garden photoDecorative flowering and fragrant shrubs

If we talk about ornamental flowering plants, then the first shrub that comes to mind is, of course, hydrangea. She enjoys one hundred percent popularity among novice gardeners and professional landscape designers. Park roses are no less honored. They are especially good for the northern regions. These plants are frost-resistant, unpretentious, but they have one drawback: park roses bloom for a short time and only once a year.There are other shrubs for the garden. They may be unsightly outwardly, but during flowering they always exude just a delicious scent. This, of course, is forsythia, the wolf and the chubushnik. Lilac and viburnum can also be considered the queens of decorative fragrant shrubs. Recently, tree-like peonies and rhododendrons are increasingly common in garden plots. In the warm summer season buddley and spirea delight with their flowering.

shade-loving shrubs for the gardenShade-loving shrubs for the garden

If the aesthetic appearance of your backyard spoils an unsightly fence or wall, then you can easily disguise them with shade-loving plants. Many recommend the use of evergreen trees or shrub Deren. Few people will be indifferent to his gorgeous juicy leaves of dark green, edged with a cream contour. Even more colorful this plant makes young shoots that have a reddish tint. In general, it is very exotic and colorful shrubs for the garden. Photos can be seen in books and magazines on landscape improvement.

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