Lake Sapsho: description, photo. Rest on the lake

There are places in Russia that can be safely calledcountry. This is the national nature park Poozerie in the Smolensk region. This is a real country of miracles, and one human life is not enough to study it, but enough to fall in love forever.

Lake Sapsho in this region, as the best diamond in the crown. Surrounded by spruce and deciduous forests, it lies like a miniature copy of Lake Baikal in a ring of sandy hills.

Smolenskoye Poozerie

The real kingdom of pristine nature, consistingfrom blue clear lakes surrounded by emerald greenery - this is the Poozerie of the Smolensk region. The national park consists of a series of hills, cut by rivers, and valleys with 35 lakes, which are one more beautiful than the other.

The largest and most popular among tourists areLake Sapsho, Dgo, Chistik, Baklanovsky, Rzhavets and Rytnye. They are surrounded by forests that make up 80% of the park and consist of black and gray alders, spruce, pine, birch and aspen.

lake sapsho

Among shrubs, which mostly predominatein the undergrowth, the hazel, the spindle and the mountain ash are most often encountered. The coastline is rich in thickets of reeds and reeds, and the water of lakes is littered with carpets of lilies or yellow egg capsules.

Lake Sapsho (Smolensk region) - the most popular in the tourist route of those who want to be alone with nature, to recharge it with energy and strength.

Description Sapsho

Located in the Demidov district of SmolenskThe Lake Sapsho is a sample of a glacial pond. It is declared a natural monument, which is famous not in itself, but with all the mineral springs that beat it.

The lake belongs to the western Dvina river basin. His mirror has an area of ​​304 hectares with a width of 1.8 km with a maximum depth of 18 meters. During spring floods, the water level in Sapsho rises to 4 m, and the release from ice occurs later than on other lakes in the Smolensk region.

lake lake holidays

On the average, ice completely reigns here in the secondhalf of April - early May, and the bathing season opens in early July. Freezing lake Sapsho (photo above) in November-December; The thickness of the ice can fluctuate, depending on the frost, from 60 cm to 80 cm.

The average period of freezing on this lake is160 days. Once it was very rich in fish, the catch of which was up to 10 tons per year. Today, unfortunately, it no longer applies to commercial lakes, but fishermen clearly have something to profit from.

The islands of Lake Sapsho

The lake is rich in islands, which, as it were, divide it in two. They are very popular with tourists and make Sapsho (lake) more attractive. Rest on it is concentrated not only on the coast, but also on the islands:

  • Chernetsky, which is located closer to the eastern shore. The name went from the fact that he lived for a very long time a black man, a deeply religious person, taciturn, but not unkind.
  • IslandSwashbucklingjustifies its name, because it looks as if the hospitable owner opened his hands.
  • IslandScarletowes its name to the lindens, birches and aspen that grow on it, which in autumn "light" their leaves with a crimson.
  • A longIslandalso justifies his name, and is indeed considerably extended in length.

lake sapsho, Smolensk region

These are the large islands of the lake. His two "kids" - the island of Oak and Love are no less popular with holidaymakers. At the first really among trees the oaks prevail, and Love Island is very loved by couples in love. They dock to his beautiful sandy beach with a boat station where you can rent a boat and make a journey between the islands of Lake Sapsho.

Flora and fauna

Not only good beaches and fishing are famous Lake Sapsho (Smolensk region). Rest here can be combined with familiarity with the local fauna and flora.

In the lake itself live perch, pike, roach, bream,crucian, minnow, ruff, sting, ide, rudd and pike-perch. The latter, unfortunately, has become much less in Sapsho. Dense forests around the lake are full of hares, squirrels, wolves, wild boars. From predators you can meet a bear, come across caresses, ermines, martens and lynxes.

Part of the birds that inhabit the lake Sapsho, is included in the Red Book, for example, the osprey, black stork, golden eagle and snake. On the shore there are otters and beavers.

Some birds live on the settled lake, but moreoccurs migratory birds. Local forests are well known to mushroom pickers and berry-berry. And there's plenty of both. Rarely who leaves without a full basket.

Fishing on the lake

In many ways fishing in the lake Sapsho affectsspring flood, because during it the neighboring lake Petrakovsky becomes very full, which affects the current of the Sapshanki river. It flows out of Lake Sapsho and flows into Petrakovsky, but changes its course during the high water to the opposite.

During this period it is good to search for bream in the river, as it rushes there. Experienced fishermen catch it on a mormyshka of dark green, black or gray color.

A large pike settled between the islands Raspashna and Long. Catch her in the early morning on a spinning spinner. It is better to cast a bait on the line of dividing the field of water lilies with pure water.

 lake sapshoe smolensk region holidays

For catching pikeperch it is necessary to bring a boat withnot only because it lives at depth, but because it is very expensive to rent a boat in a sanatorium on a boat station. They are designed for hourly walks of tourists. Winter fishing on the lake is as popular as in other seasons.

Experienced fishermen not once come to the lakeSapsho. How to get there is no problem, since it is located just 100 km from Smolensk in the Demidov district. To him goes the scheduled route "Smolensk - Przhevalskoe". On your own car, go along the St. Petersburg-Smolensk road before turning right to Przhevalskoe (57th kilometer) and another 38 km from the village.

Przhevalskoe settlement

This settlement is on a highnorth shore of the lake. The famous traveler chose his place of residence, struck by the beauty of these places. Today you can visit his house museum and learn about the life and travel of this great man.

Once it was the estate of LA. Glinka called Sloboda. Przhevalsky bought it in 1881 to live, hunt and fish in local lakes. For him, a wooden manor was built according to his design, which has been perfectly preserved to the present day.

In honor of the 125th anniversary of the birth of this greatThe traveler's settlement was given a name in his honor. In 1974, mineral springs were found on its territory, and it received the status of a resort facility. In the same year, the construction of a sanatorium began, the main profile of which was the treatment of liver, stomach, metabolic disorders, and salt brines found at a depth of 985 m were several times more effective than sea brines, which also solved the problems with the locomotor apparatus and cardiovascular system, cardiovascular system.

Rest in the tent

Fans of wild recreation like Sapsho - the lake. Rest on specially equipped areas, which are many here, will be held in civilized conditions with a toilet and a shower. There are places for tents and transport at the parking lots, campfires are organized, outside of which it is strictly prohibited to build a fire.

There are also tables with benches under the canopies, where it is nice to eat, watching the surrounding nature. Each parking lot is supplied with firewood and water. Regularly removed garbage.

lake sapsho photo

This civilized "wild" holiday is paid. For adults, it will cost 150 rubles per day per person, children from 7 to 14 years, students and pensioners - 50 rubles per day, children under 7 years old, veterans of WWII and local residents - free of charge.

Since the national park of Poozerie is included in the networkbiosphere reserves of UNESCO, the development of campfires and the installation of tents outside the limits of parking is subject to a fine of up to 4,000 rubles. When choosing a lake Sapsho, rest with tents should be planned in advance, choosing a suitable area to avoid misunderstandings with the administration of the park.

Sapsho Base

Only 1 km from the lake Sapsho is a homonymous base, which is a two-storey cottage in which 8 people can stay at the same time.

The house has 3 rooms, equipped with one- anddouble beds. On the first floor there is a large dining room, equipped kitchen and kitchen utensils, and two bathrooms with shower cabins. Guests are given a place for a fire, and at the end of the hiking trail leading to the lake Sapsho - a specially equipped for picnic and recreation area, where there is a campfire, tables, benches, firewood and awning.

On the shore of the lake there is a well-equipped sandy beach and special places for fishing.

lake sapshou rest with tents

Accommodation on the basis of "Sapsho" seven people will cost 6000 rubles per day for the house. This is a beautiful secluded place where you can relax with the whole family.

Guest houses near the lake Sapsho

Travelers, being in the area of ​​Lake Sapsho,Do not worry about the place of spending the night. Here you can stop in one of the guest houses, or rent a room from the local. Recreation bases on Lake Sapsho are located in the very village of Przhevalskoye, from which a convenient path leads to the shore.

recreation centers on the lake sapscho

"Lodge on the stable yard" is equipped so thatthe guests were comfortable. There is a veranda on which it is pleasant to drink tea, admiring the surroundings, a place for playing badminton on the green lawn and a rich program for recreation. Guests are offered a horseback riding, yoga classes, collection of medicinal and aromatic herbs, tea of ​​which on cold winter evenings will remind of the beautiful and hospitable Lake Sapsho.

The new hotel "Rodnik", opened in the villagePrzhevalskoye in 2014, offers rooms with all amenities or a cozy cottage with a sauna. There is a children's playground, a billiard room, a cafe with a national cuisine, tennis tables.

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