Lake Kucherlinskoye: description of where it is located, recreation and fishing

He who has seen this place at least once in his life will never forget it! Lake Kucherlinskoye is one of the most beautiful water bodies on the entire planet. With the intensive development of domestic tourism in recent years, many of our compatriots, who are accustomed to visiting Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and other foreign resorts annually, have switched to outdoor activities in the Altai Mountains. They are genuinely surprised when they learn about such wonderful places as Lake Teletskoye, Kamyshlinsky waterfall, Tavdinsky caves. Trekking to Kucherlinskoye Lake belongs to the category of extreme, but still the beauty of the virgin nature of the reservoir, hidden among the mighty rocks, is worth the effort.

Unusual vacation in the Altai Mountains

The most amazing type of travel in our vast country is by car. No, now we are not talking about the quality of roads, but about a gradual change of the landscape.By the way, the slopes in the Altai Mountains are pretty good, and driving along them is a great pleasure.

Hills are getting higher, lakes appear more and more, alpine meadows are replaced by majestic taiga. Rest in these parts is the most diverse: quiet hiking or horseback climbing in the mountains, you can choose a difficult rocky route, swimming in the warm Lake Aya or a mysterious journey through the equipped Tavdinsky caves to the parking lot of primitive man. Lovers of romance will definitely visit Manzherok where the lake of the same name is located. It grows water chestnut, listed in the Red Book, and the extraordinary beauty of the lily.

Gorny Altai rest

And if you go up a few kilometers along the beaten path of taiga from the recreation center "Tsar's Hunt", then you can reach the beautiful Kamyshlinsky waterfall, enjoy the wonderful view of the falling water and make a spectacular photo session. Back to the starting position, tourists are offered on rafts in the mountain Katun.

Even above the Altai Mountains store real "pearls" - the extraordinary beauty of the lake. One of them, Kucherlinskoye, is considered to be the most spectacular. They say that the road to it is guarded by snow leopards, and rainbow trout are found in its waters. Let's dive into this fairy world together.

Where Kucherlinskoe Lake is located

Many, many centuries ago, huge mammoths walked on the green plain. During the ice age of an incredible size, an iceberg cut through the crust. At the site of the fault a depression filled with water was formed. The relief has changed beyond recognition, but the water area, surrounded by high cliffs, has remained. Today this reservoir is called Kucherlinskoye Lake and is located on the territory of the national natural park "Belukha". He is able to impress with his beauty any tourist who has reached him.

Kucherly Lake

The height of the foot of the northern slope of the Katunsky range reaches almost 1,800 meters above sea level. In the west and east, the lake is “held” by cliffs with a height of 3,000 m, and in its north there are glacial deposits — moraines. The water area extends to 3000 m2, and the maximum depth reaches 55 m.

Features wonderful reservoir

What color is the lake? Some write that the water is emerald, others - turquoise, and still others claim that it is steel blue. The transparency of the lake reaches 5-7 m, and the sky, which is reflected in the water, changes color depending on the weather and time of year. The Kucherla River, feeding the lake of the same name, originates high in the mountains.In the gorges, it is enriched with limestone rocks and saturated with dull blue.

Kucherla Lake Altai

In winter, the air temperature does not fall below -200C, and in summer stays within 11-130C. Night frosts are possible even in July; this should be taken into account when going on a campaign to Lake Kucherlinskoye. Swim here will not work, you can only touch the icy, crystal clear water.

Flora and fauna of the reserve "Belukha"

Motley grass of alpine meadows is especially striking in its beauty in summer, the intoxicating smell of bright flowers makes your head spin. Century cedars and larches, low-growing shrubs stretch among the mountains. Near the shores of the lake grows taiga, in which you can feast on lingonberries, honeysuckle.

In the clear water of Kucherlinskoye Lake there are many small crayfish that become good food for grayling, mikizha or rainbow trout. The last artificially launched into the lake by the people at the end of the last century, it got accustomed here perfectly and multiplied.

Lake in the Altai Mountains

Often, to the tourists who spend the night on the shore of the lake, come the little inhabitants of the taiga to profit with delicious cookies. These are hedgehogs, bunnies, birds. Many wild mountain goats live a little higher, they can often be seen frozen in bizarre poses on the slopes.Sometimes, in the hours of special luck, a handsome snow leopard may come into view. There have never been any cases of attacks on people, the beast does not come close.

Spectacular Tracking

To see this magical lake in the Altai Mountains, you need to make a hiking ascent. There are several options for tracking. Often, travel companies offer circular routes from the Karatyyurek pass with a gradual ascent to the lake and descent along the river. Such travels can last up to 6-7 days and require preparation, at least moral.

Hike to Kucherlinskoye Lake

The village of Tungur and the lake are 45 km apart, it’s possible to overcome them in two days. The trail runs up the river Kuterly. On the first day, the road goes along the slopes of the ridge, then usually it is necessary to spend the night in a hunting lodge in order to go further at dawn. On the second day, the path is even more difficult and even extreme: the tourists will have to overcome the gorges, cliffs at an altitude of more than 100 m. Only by the evening of the second day tired, but happy travelers can see the Kucherla Lake of Altai.

Tips from experienced tourists

You must take warm clothes with you: jackets, sweaters, wool socks, hats, etc.It is cold in the mountains and it can even snow in the middle of summer. It is important to remember that you are going to places where civilization and mobile communications may be missing. Therefore, be sure to have a first aid kit with you, be as careful and attentive as possible.

Most importantly, if you are a beginner and go to a similar tracking for the first time, do not play heroes, but ask a professional instructor for help. Guides can be easily found in Tyungur, Ust-Koksinsky district.

The ideal trip for many travelers seems to be autotour in their own car. The approximate route from Biysk can lie through Srostki, Maimu and Manzherok. Further we follow through Ust-Semu, Shebalino and Seminsky Pass to the Oil Depot. We pass Ust-Kan, Ust-Koks and stop in Tyungur.

Hunting and fishing on the lake

Immediately it should be said that the killing of snow leopards is considered poaching and is punishable by law. These royal animals can only be observed from afar or photographed. But the hunt for wild goats is very popular here, but this exercise requires a lot of exposure. The fact is that the goats are very shy and quick, you need to try very hard not to frighten the prey.

Altai Krai Kucherlinskoye Lake

Fishing on the Kucherlinskoye Lake is also notable. Many go to the lake on fishing tours.Trout, taimen and grayling here are quite large in size and go well both from the shore and from the depth. Most often, tourists stop at bases in the vicinity of Lake Kucherlinsk (Altai Territory), because such high-quality fishing should last at least several days.

Tourist camps at the foot of Belukha

On the shore of Lake Kucherlinsky there is a recreation center of the same name. Tourists have a great opportunity not only to spend the night on the shore of the lake, but to live for several days. Here it is intoxicating not only the beauty of nature, but also the air filled with mountainous ionized particles, aromas of Altai cedar and herbs. They say that here "sings silence." These are taiga birds that do not stop for one minute, the murmur and sounds of falling water fill the space with a gentle chime.

To accommodate tourists are offered comfortable houses, good nutrition. You can rent a catamaran, motor boat and sail on an unusual lake. On the territory of the complex there is a sauna, as well as a whole range of health services, for example, pantotherapeutic. The necessary gear has been prepared for the fishermen, and the personnel of the base will be happy to tell about the features and intricacies of fishing in these places.

Three ways to get to the lake

How much time are you willing to spend on climbing? What means do you have? From the answers to these questions will depend on the method of movement. How to get to Kucherlinskoye Lake? The easiest and least costly option is to get to Gorno-Altaisk, and then to the village of Tyungur (the last settlement from which the transport runs). Then you can go hiking trails, approximate routes are described above.

Another settlement close to the lake is Kucherla. From here, a horse trail is laid, the length of which is 35 km. From Kucherla to Tungur there is a road.

Where is Kucherlinskoye Lake

The most interesting, fast and expensive way to get to the lake is by helicopter flight. It can be made from Gorno-Altaisk (1.5 hours) or from the village of Tyungur (20 minutes). Helipad is at the recreation center "Kucherla", which is located very close to the lake.

Whatever method of transportation you choose, a trip to Lake Kucherlinskoye is worth the effort, time and money spent. Memories of hours or days spent here will stay with you all your life.

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Lake Kucherlinskoye: description of where it is located, recreation and fishing 77

Lake Kucherlinskoye: description of where it is located, recreation and fishing 89

Lake Kucherlinskoye: description of where it is located, recreation and fishing 8

Lake Kucherlinskoye: description of where it is located, recreation and fishing 90

Lake Kucherlinskoye: description of where it is located, recreation and fishing 27