Incekum Beach Resort 5 * (Turkey / Alanya / Incekum): description and reviews of tourists

Hotel Incekum Beach Resort is located on the coast of the warm Mediterranean Sea in the village of Incekum, which is not far from the beautiful ancient city of the Turkish Riviera of Alanya. You can get to the central sights by bus, the distance is only 28 km. If you arrive at the resort by plane to the airport of Antalya, then it is better to make an agreement about the transfer to the hotel and back when booking, as you will have to get 98 km.

The Incekum Beach Resort Hotel was built on an extensive peninsula in 2004, occupies 70,000 m2and represented by 12 three-story buildings. The last major overhaul was made in 2014, the rooms were updated, and public rooms were put in order. Country hotel, quiet, designed for relaxation away from the noise of large cities.

Despite the many buildings, the hotel Incekum Beach Resort 5 * in Turkey has only 358 rooms, which are located in such a way that the windows of most of them overlook the sea bay.By the way, thanks to the choice of such a place for construction, there are practically no waves on the coast, which is good news for tourists who have come to swim and soak in the warm waters of the azure Mediterranean Sea.

In the article we will look at what constitutes the Incekum Beach Resort 5 * hotel, what conditions are created for leisure travelers, analyze the feedback from tourists returning from a trip to Turkey, find out about the quality of food and organization of entertainment.

Location of the complex

As already mentioned, the hotel consists of 12 buildings spread throughout the peninsula. Due to this special location, on two of its own beaches on the coast, tourists are removed from holidaymakers from other hotels. The territory is surrounded by a beautiful garden with exotic trees and palm trees, flower beds and bright green lawns. If you rented a car, then the entrance to the hotel is conveniently located, from the highway you need to drive a hundred meters - and you are already at the free parking of the Incekum Beach Resort hotel. Those who do not use a rented car can get to the nearest center in Avsallar (5 km) on any bus, because the public transport stop is located right at the entrance to the hotel complex.

In the same way, you can go to the beautiful ancient city of Alanya, which is highly recommended to do in their reviews vacationers, tired of lying on the beach of the peninsula. It takes only 40 minutes to go to the city, and visiting this place will bring only positive emotions. In addition to visiting the ancient fortress on a high hill, visible from anywhere in the city, and the Red Tower Kyzyl-Kule on the seashore, you can admire the picturesque bay with many modern yachts and old sailing ships or arrange shopping on Ataturk Boulevard, where decent shops are with fixed prices.

Not far from the complex Incekum Beach Resort & Spa 5 * is the local dolphinarium Sealanya Dolphinpark, where for 20 euros (about 1500 rubles) you can watch an unforgettable performance with dolphins (children from 4 to 9 years old will cost 15 euros, or 1125 rubles ).

Hotel description

Arriving at the hotel, tourists first of all get into the central building with a reception desk and a lobby area. The entrance porch is built on a high round tower with a conical roof. Entering the building, you really get into the old palace. High rounded windows illuminate the entire interior of the room, adding brightness to the brilliance of the marble floors, despite the beautiful drape of bright red curtains.

hotel lobby area

The interior of the building is decorated in white and brown shades, interspersed with red on curtains and some pieces of upholstered furniture. The furnishing of the main building of the Incekum Beach Resort combines upholstered armchairs and semi-antique sofas with modern furniture, the glass tables of the lobby make it possible to look at the patterns of the marble covering. Old small pieces of furniture in the corners and in the gaps add comfort. These are narrow cabinets with decorative items of interior that allow you to get a closer look at the history of Turkey and quickly integrate into its culture and features.

hotel lobby

The reception desk is decorated with fine tiles, has columns and beautiful patterned panels on top. The traditional ornament can be seen on the high ceiling. The hotel staff is friendly, smiling, always help in any matter, understands in Russian and in English.

Hotel buildings

After registration, tourists pass to their corps. All buildings of the same type look spectacular, combining light beige design with dark green roofs and wooden structures of balconies. All buildings are surrounded by green beds, are located away from pools, bars and playgrounds, therefore,According to reviews about the Incekum Beach Resort, you can relax in the rooms in silence in silence, as you can’t hear the cries of the late roaming companies, the sounds of children's voices or disco music. They advise this hotel for holidays with children and lonely couples of lovers, as there is enough space for walks alone, despite the large number of tourists, there is no crowd anywhere.

hotel building

The alleys leading to each building are lit by lanterns in the evenings, so that belated and spirited guests will easily find their building, even though they are all similar, like twin brothers. The premises are located in a circle, the inner part of which is filled with a magnificent garden where you can sit on the benches in the shade of the trees.

The territory of the peninsula

The vast area occupied by the five-star Hotel Incekum Beach Resort allows, in addition to the hotel’s buildings, to accommodate a variety of useful facilities for active recreation. These are tennis courts, a volleyball and basketball court, an enormous swimming pool of unusual shape, divided into zones for those who swim well, for those who do not know how to do this at all, and a “paddling pool” for children with their own small slide.

swimming pool with bridge

In the middle of the pool there is a bridge with a railing, where you can take an original photo as a keepsake about a vacation in such a wonderful place. Around the entire swimming pool there are plastic lounge chairs with mattresses and umbrellas, and free of charge. According to reviews about Hotel Incekum Beach Resort, it can be understood that there are no problems with sunbeds, there are quite a lot of them near the pool and on two beaches.

For adults and large children, there is a water park with three slides, while you need to look at the work separately, as they do not work all the time, but on a schedule.

water park hotel

There are no crowds of people on water rides, order is established by the staff. The climb to the hills is safe, but the kids are not allowed there, they have their own slide near the "paddling pool".

An additional pool is also inside the room, where you can swim during the season all alone, and in winter it is heated.

Directly in Hotel Incekum Beach Resort there is a whole shopping mall where you can buy souvenirs, textiles of Turkish manufacturers, without leaving the center of the village. The staff has created all conditions for the convenience of travelers - there is a currency exchange and a tour desk, there is a TV center, 3 spacious conference rooms, you can not only relax on the seashore, but also hold corporate classes or arrange a banquet for a large number of people.If you want to combine rest with work on the Internet, then you can spend time at the computer in an Internet cafe.

In the open air in a quiet corner of the territory there is a playground for children with swings, plastic slides, gymnastic apparatus, walls, and other devices for children's games, parents conveniently sit on the benches around in the shade of palm trees.

Beach area

Since the peninsula has a triangular shape, the beach zone of Incekum Beach Resort 5 * is represented by two landscaped areas with free sun loungers and umbrellas. The beach is sandy-pebble, pleasant for feet. As already mentioned in the reviews, due to the excellent location, high waves bypass the coast and you can swim in calm water. Entry into the water is shallow, so that taking water procedures can both children and people who can not swim at all.

beach area

For lovers of swimming in deep water there is a convenient wooden pier with steps straight into the water. On the beach there is a bar where you can refresh yourself with soft drinks, have a bite of hamburgers or snacks, spend the evening with fun music.

A variety of hotel rooms

In Hotel Incekum Beach Resort 5 * in Turkey, rooms are presented in three categories of comfort. These are standard rooms, family rooms and Low Cost Room. They differ in the presence of a balcony or a spacious terrace, view from the window, the total area and number of beds. Almost 70% of all hotel windows overlook the sea, the rest - the garden or pool.

Living conditions in all rooms are comfortable. The room is cleaned daily, bed linen is changed three times a week or at the separate request of tourists. According to reviews, in Hotel Incekum Beach Resort 5 * the staff does the work in good faith, cleaning is carried out efficiently, the rooms and all common areas are clean.

The flooring in 64 rooms is decorated with ceramic tiles, the rest are carpeted. There are rooms for people with disabilities with all facilities for disabled guests.

Standard rooms

In total, Incekum Beach Resort in Turkey has 232 standard rooms. All of them are designed for a maximum of two to four people. The total area of ​​such rooms is 28 m.2. Each room has a spacious balcony or terrace with outdoor seating. All rooms have a private bathroom with a shower, washbasin, toilet and dryer for wet clothes.There is a hairdryer, towels, all the necessary bath accessories - liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel.

standard hotel room

Opposite the bathroom there is a built-in spacious closet with shelves and space for clothes hanging on the hangers, there is also a free safe.

The room itself is bright, combines beige and brown colors. You can choose a double bed or two single beds. If the room is designed for three people, then you will expect one double and one single bed. There is also a soft leather sofa, bedside tables, chairs and a table. Opposite the beds on the wall is a flat-screen TV that broadcasts cable and satellite channels, including Russian-language ones.

If there is a tiled floor in the room, then a carpet path through the whole room will be laid along the beds on the floor. Air conditioning has a remote control, so that tourists can independently regulate the temperature of the air in the room. A telephone in the room connects customers only with the hotel staff, you can place an order in the room for an additional fee or order additional services, such as ironing or dry cleaning.When you call home, you will have to pay for the conversation separately.

There is also a mini-bar, which is replenished for free three times a week. Rooms are cleaned on a daily basis; there have been no complaints about the poor quality of the staff’s work.

The rooms of the hotel called Low Cost Room are the same standard rooms, but promotional. The windows of these rooms usually overlook the garden and pool. Their cost is slightly lower, but they are as comfortable as the rest of the hotel rooms.

Family rooms

These rooms are designed for a maximum of 5 guests. Total area - 36 m2. There are two rooms with an interior door. Three people can be accommodated in one room, as one double bed and one single bed are installed. Mattresses are new, orthopedic. In another room for children there are two folding beds, but also with good wide mattresses.

There are family rooms on the first floors of the hotel buildings, instead of balconies there are spacious terraces with plastic furniture. All windows overlook only the park area with flower beds and palm trees.

Filling, furnishing and amenities in such rooms are similar to the standard.

Food quality holiday

Meals in the complex are organized by type AI, that is, "all inclusive". The main meals are held in the central restaurant of the hotel, which can accommodate 800 people. Meals are cooked with love. Presented a menu of both European and Turkish cuisine. Sitting at a cozy table, you can not only enjoy the pleasure of a delicious variety of prepared food, but also enjoy the sea view from the windows.

restaurant food

However, in the reviews about Incekum Beach Resort 5 * you can find a lot of negative points. The accumulation of people at a meal was disappointingly, tables and empty seats could not be found literally a couple of minutes after the opening of the restaurant. Behind fresh strawberries the crush is constant, the meat that was fried on the street was cooked in old oil. On the beach you could get tasty waffles, but each batch prepared slowly for 10 minutes, so you had to wait a long time for your sugary portion.

view of the restaurant from the street

People wrote negative reviews and about the second restaurant A la carte, to sign up for dinner in which it was simply unrealistic difficult. And when tourists finally come by appointment, it turns out that half of the tables are free, dinner is nothing special, and the atmosphere of the evening was overshadowed by terrible stuffiness and boredom.

Additional services

Wi-Fi only catches the signal in the lobby area, in the evenings there is always full of people who want to chat with their relatives on the Internet. According to reviews of tourists, all the soft seats are often occupied, and some correspond by standing or sitting on the steps of the stairs.

The work of animators is assessed differently, some write delightful reviews, I liked everything, funny discos in the evenings, gymnastics in the pool in the mornings, contests and children's competitions. Others write that entertainment is boring and uninteresting. I think that everything depends on the mood and age of the tourist who came to rest. How many people, so many different opinions.

For lovers of outdoor activities there is an excellent fitness room, sports fields, billiards, on the beach a lot of water activities, but for a fee.

Many people liked the SPA center with sauna and hammam. Massage can be done for cash. If you need a nanny for a child, then you will also sit with the baby for a fee.

Arriving on vacation in a Turkish hotel, you need to tune in to a positive, because it is not easy to serve such a number of people, so you should not pay attention to small oversights of staff or complain about the queue for food.Smile a little more and enjoy the warm sea surf and the picturesque nature of the places. Enjoy your holiday!

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