In one place the best horror films of 2015 - 2016

7-05-2017, 12:51
In one place, the best horror films of 2015 - 2016. The rating list includes only top or popular pictures that are loved by viewers. Use.

The Spell 2 (2016)

At the invitation of a local priest, a married couple arrives in the sparsely populated town of Enfield, whose activity is connected with investigating the paranormal phenomena and eliminating them. Soon, Ed and Lorraine Warren discover that the source of the troubles of the townspeople is a teenage girl. The body of the schoolgirl was possessed by a dangerous demon who is not going to stop there.

Poltergeist (2015)

A happy family with three children does not even suspect that unknown forces are already waiting for them in the newly acquired, spacious house. Ghosts take away from the couple Bown the most expensive - the little daughter. The invited experts unanimously claim that it will be very difficult to return the child. Who will prevail - parental love or dark forces?

Astral 3 (2015)

A young girl, Queen Brenner, who has not yet recovered from her mother’s death, becomes a target for mysterious paranormal creatures.Home neighbors, a crazy cat lover and fan of the girl Hector also feel the presence of outsiders. Perhaps an experienced medium can help a scared girl?

Out of the Dark (2015)

Sarah Harriman, the daughter of an influential man in the small town of Santa Clara, is going to take a management position at her father’s mercury factory. However, Sarah’s relocation and career growth threatens the life of her little daughter Hannah. It turns out that otherworldly forces have chosen the town for a long time, and now very few people decide to live here with a child.

The demon inside (2016)

A young pathologist, Tommy really loves work and is always interested in the past of those whose bodies go to him after death. Disclosing other people's secrets was a peculiar purpose for Tommy, but the mystery of the body of a young beautiful girl put a specialist to a standstill. After interviewing the locals, Tommy becomes convinced of the inhuman origin of the mysterious girl.

Somnia (2016)

Having survived the tragedy of losing an only child, a couple decides to start a new life, adopting a cute kid Cody, who is eight years old. The boy is no different from his peers, except for owning a unique gift. Cody's dreams mysteriously come to life, mixing with reality.The main thing is that the boy does not have nightmares, because Cody's childhood fears can be a mortal danger for new-made parents.

And the lights go out (2016)

Since childhood, Rebecca lives in fear of supernatural phenomena that destroy her life every time the light goes out. The girl is forced to move, and now the mysterious forces seriously took up her brother Martin. Worrying about a loved one, Rebecca begins her own investigation into the anomaly, during which it turns out that her mother Sophia is somehow connected with all the terrible events.

The Shallow (2016)

Nancy, a medical school student and a lover of surfing, decides to devote the day to his beloved hobby. However, the monstrous shark also had its plans near the deserted shore. An injured girl becomes an easy target for a hungry ocean predator. Deprived of food, medicine, and help, the girl promises to be a posh shark meal, but Nancy is not going to give up so easily.

Do not breathe (2016)

Rocky wants to make money and start a new life in California with her younger sister. The girl has her own criminal gang, which has turned more than one profitable business.The next step, it would seem, is an elementary matter - the robbery of a blind old man. Who would have thought that an elderly man would be a bloodthirsty killer, and the walls of his house kept such secrets that it was scary to even breathe.

Doll (2016)

A young American girl, Greta, in search of good money, moves to England, where she gets a job as a nanny at the home of a Gimshire married couple. Instead of a child, adequate-looking adults leave a doll named Brahms in the care of a girl. Attracted by easy money, Greta closes her eyes to all the oddities and after leaving the couple enjoys life in their luxurious home. Deprived of attention and care, the doll decides to spoil the careless nanny pleasure.

Request a Friend (2016)

Laura, the most popular girl in the university, spending a lot of time on social networks, out of the kindness of her heart adds a certain lonely Marina to her friends, who not only turned out to be quite an obsessive and unpleasant conversationalist, she also put a record of her suicide on Laura's page. Attempts by a frightened girl to remove her account only led to the fact that the first beauty of the university and all her friends were in mortal danger.

On the other side of the door (2016)

A woman who has lost her beloved son in a car accident encompasses the desire to communicate with him at least once. Mary learns about the existence of an ancient temple, where with the help of a certain ritual you can communicate with the deceased. Hearing the voice of her son during a mysterious rite, a mother distraught with grief violates the main condition of the ritual - in no case do not open the doors behind which the souls of the dead are languishing.

Visit (2015)

Parents send Tyler and Becca to visit their grandparents. Brother and sister, who have never seen relatives, agree with pleasure, and Becca even decides to make a film about their carefree holidays. From the first day, the children were struck by some of the oddities of the old men, but their parents very much asked them not to offend the elderly with premature departure, because the grandparents had been preparing for the visit of their beloved grandchildren for so long.

Lurking (2015)

For about a year, the air-raid shelter has served as a home for an ordinary American family that survived the apocalypse. For three hundred days they managed to hide from unknown creatures, but now the family is in danger of being discovered.

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