Icon of the Guardian Angel. Prayer to the Guardian Angel

"Angel" in translation from Greek means "the messenger, the messenger". His task is to convey God's will to people. The Guardian Angel is the protector and helper of a person in overcoming difficulties. He promotes spiritual growth and successful passage of life.

Not always the Guardian Angel succeeds in positively influencing a person. Refusal of faith, tendency to aggression and malice destroy the spiritual principle. Changes for the worse begin to occur in a person's life - misfortunes, illnesses, and failures.

Icon of the Guardian Angelcontributes to the visualization of the image. Helps to start communicating with your bright spirit. Through prayers, a person is able to restore a lost connection with his protector, to embark on the path of goodness and purification.

What is a guardian angel for?

The Guardian Angel is the mediator between man and God. He is a messenger of good thoughts and communicates through an inner voice. For Christians, the Guardian Angel is the guardian spirit.The priests claim that only the last rite of baptism receives the Guardian Angel. Therefore, they try to christen the newborn as early as possible so that he has a protector.

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Guardian Angel warns of dangers, helps to avoid temptation. The miraculous salvation of people who survived in catastrophes, intuitive insights or prophetic dreams - so the Guardian Angel protects his ward. He will never harm a person. Dailyprayer to the guardian angelhelps to find a common language with him, to overcome the difficulties of life. The Holy Fathers advise you to talk with your bright spirit, to ask him for advice or help.

The more faith in a person, the closer to him is the Guardian Angel. If a Christian does not listen to his inner voice, then the bright spirit can leave it. Then troubles and diseases appear in a person’s life. The Christian is deprived of his personal spirit of protector.

Icon of the Guardian Angel

In Orthodoxy, the light spirit is attached to a person in order to take care of him, to help spiritual development. The Guardian Angel communicates with his ward through the inner voice and intuition.Warns him of the danger, inspires good deeds.

The Guardian Angel will never transmit God's will through third parties. Only through direct communication, in prayer or internal dialogue, is contact with a bright spirit possible.

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Icon of the Guardian Angelmay be wearable or be in a home iconostasis. She protects a person day and night. Home icon will protect the house, will contribute to the peace in the family. Listening to yourself, to avoid trouble will help the Guardian Angel. Body Iconprotect from misfortunes, accidental accidents.The Protector does not interfere with the main life path of a person.

Features of the Guardian Angel Icon

Icon of the Guardian Angelhas symbolic features. In iconography, each object or gesture carries its value. A feature of the icon with the Guardian Angel is an “eye in the forehead”. The third eye is a symbol of clairvoyance and intuition. There are other elements needed when writing guardian angels.

  • Wings symbolize the speed of an angel, its ability to move from the real world into the world of spirits.
  • A staff means the messenger of God, his spiritual mission on earth.
  • The mirror and the rod - the ball with the cross - in the hand of the Angel help to see the danger and warn the person about it.
  • Toroki - golden ribbons in her hair - symbolize communication with God and obedience to his will.

The invisible protection is bestowed on the Guardian Angel icon. Its value lies in the benevolent admonition, creative insight. It helps to walk the spiritual path in harmony with oneself and the world around.

Guardian Angel and patron saint

One should distinguish between the Guardian Angel and the patron saint. The latter is selected by name and date of birth. The patron saint is a real person who has gone his own way in life and canonized (for example, Alexander Nevsky, Seraphim of Sarov).

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Names at baptism are chosen in honor of the saint, whose birth falls on the same period as that of the newborn. In the Orthodox calendar, all the days of veneration of holy patrons are marked. Birthdays of a person and his patron, identical by name, are located side by side (up to 8 days).

Nevertheless, the patron saint is also called the Guardian Angel. And his birthday is the day of the angel. For the patron saint there are their own prayers, icons, akathists.Icon of the Guardian Angel by nameprotects other people with the same name and date of birth. The patron saint of a person can choose himself or receive his protection after baptism.

The Guardian Angel is not a real person. This is a bright spirit that does not have a name and gender, but has personal qualities. Each person is assigned one Guardian Angel. On the icons he is depicted with white wings. There is a hierarchy of disembodied spirits. It includes seraphim, cherubim, archangels, angels. For the Guardian Angel were written their morning and evening prayers, canons.

How to pray to the Guardian Angel

The prayer in front of the icon helps to visualize the light spirit, to tune in to spiritual communication with him. The clergy recommend listening to their inner voice, because it is at this moment that the light spirit talks to the person.

The prayer rule for a Christian contains the daily prayers to the guardian angel. They are small, easy to remember. Prayer to the Guardian Angelpronounced thoughtfully, with love. You can write it on a piece of paper and carry it as a talisman.

icon of saint cyril guardian angel

Morning prayerprotects you from negative influences for the whole day, helps to avoid conflicts, sets you up for good deeds.

Evening prayerprotect the sleeper from the invasion of unclean forces. Will promote prophetic dreams or warnings.

There are different prayers to the guardian angel. They can be pronounced in any situation in life that requires advice or help from a bright spirit.

  • Prayer for success in business.
  • To gain happiness.
  • To protect against misunderstanding.
  • About abundant on the table.
  • About wealth in the house.
  • To protect against enemies, detractors.
  • About healing.
  • To protect against accidents.
  • Thankful prayer.

Icon of a spiritual protector for a child

One of the most revered is the icon of the Guardian Angel for the child. It will help to cope with fear, protect from harm, protect from danger. The icon can be placed next to the baby's bed in order to avoid illnesses and the evil eye. It can be explained to the child that he has a heavenly protector who will help him in his troubles and failures.

icon of guardian angel by name

It should be in the house icon. A guardian angel, the meaning of which for a child is to prevent negativity, will save from many troubles.Child energy protection is weak, so an evil look or a bad word can be harmful. Guardian Angel protects the baby from trouble.

Icon of the patron saint for a child

If there are several patron saints in the Orthodox calendar with a date close to the child’s birthday, then you can choose the patron you like. You should familiarize yourself with his life. Find out why and why he canonized.

For example, the icon of St. Cyril (Guardian Angel)has several options in iconography. It can be depicted Cyril of Radonezh or Cyril of Alexandria.

There are other patron saints with that name. Their days of celebrationfall on January 31, February 8, 17, 27, March 22, March 31, April 3, April 11, 17, 24, June 22, July 22, November 20, December 21.

Icon "Guardian Angel Kirill"will help boys and men with an identical name. When choosing a patron saint, you can start from the date of birth or from his life story. In Orthodoxy, spiritual kinship is more appreciated. If the biography of the patron saint appeals, it is not necessary to adhere to a specific date of birth.

Intercessor icon

In addition to guardian angels and patron saints, there is an icon intercessor. It can also be selected by date of birth. However, each image has its own meaning, and then the intercessor becomes more valuable in a particular life situation.

Intercessor and Guardian Angeldesigned to protect the home, family, specific people. They are addressed in grief, disease. They ask to save family and friends from misfortunes, to save the family, to prevent the wrath or hatred of other people.

The most convenient way is to select the intercessor icon and patron saint by horoscope. It should not be forgotten that it is not only the help of heavenly forces that should be sought. But also to thank them for the successful completion of affairs, invisible help, protection.


St. George the Confessor, Sophrony and Innokenti Irkutsk will help. Icon of Kazan Mother of God. Prayer in front of her will protect against visible and invisible enemies, give strength, help with eye disease.


The patron saints are John the Theologian, Stephen and Tamara. The icon of the Iberian Mother of God and the "Handmaid of Sinners" will help in healing from diseases, grant forgiveness and repentance.They bring comfort in despondency and grief, sorrow and sickness. Patron saints confer understanding on spouses.

icon guardian angel kirill


It is necessary to ask for protection from the icon of the Vladimir Mother of God, the images "Burning Bush", "Recovery of the dead". The patron saints are Alexei of Moscow and Konstantin. You can pray for the health of children, the preservation of marriage. On healing with fever, toothache. Icons of intercessor will help to reason people drinking and renouncing the faith.


The icon of St. Cyril (guardian angel) will help,"Joy of All Who Sorrow", Kazan Mother of God. Miraculous images bestow physical and spiritual healing. Rid of pride and sin of unbelief. The patron saint will help in grief and trouble.

a lion

Elijah the Prophet, Nicholas the Pleasant is protected in everyday difficulties. The Intercession Icon of the “Pokrov of the Most Holy Theotokos” grants strength, patience. It will help in the realization of sinful deeds, guide on the path of truth and goodness.


Holy patrons - Alexander, Paul, John. The intercession icon is “Passionate”, “Burning Bush”. Help in grief, misfortune. Grant healing, consolation. They will help in knowing yourself, your spiritual path.


The patron saint is Sergius of Radonezh.Protects the icon of the Mother of God of Pochaev, "Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord", "Burning Bush". Will protect the house from fires, unkind people. Bring spiritual renewal, the joy of repentance.

icon intercessor and guardian angel


Protect and help St. Paul, the Guardian Angel. Icon-the intercessor of the Mother of God of Jerusalem, the Hearken. Heal from cancer, bring solace and forgiveness. They will help pregnant women, protect small children. They will point the way in confusion and bewilderment.


Preserve Nicholas Ugodnik, Saint Barbara. The icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God, the Sign, strengthens the relationship between parents and children. Protect from disease, do not allow the evil eye of the baby. Give long-awaited baby to desperate parents.


Saint Sylvester, Seraphim of Sarov - heavenly patrons. The protector icon "Sovereign" will help to find the truth and love, heal from disease. Gives peace and tranquility in the family, country. Reconcile enemies, strengthen family ties.


Preserve the saints Cyril, Athanasius. Icon of the Vladimir Mother of God, "Burning Bush". Help in healing for cardiovascular diseases, protect against enemies and slander.Save the house, get rid of quarrels and abuse.


Malentius of Antioch, Alexius - patron saints. The icon of the Iberian Mother of God will help in the intercession before God, gives comfort in sorrow and troubles. It will help in difficult life circumstances, increase the fertility of the earth.

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