How to wind hair on cloths - create an exciting image

Every woman always seeks to lookis magnificent and irresistible. No matter what time of the year it is, she goes to work or sits at home. But there are also such unpredictable situations when you need to be on top, and you forgot that the curling broke, and as luck would have it there is no curler. What to do? How to create a beautiful hairstyle? The way out, as they say, is always. After all, when there were no hair dryers, hair curlers, plump, how to wind hair? On the cloths. A lot of women and girls and today use this method of creating a beautiful hairstyle with small curls. How to wind hair on cloths? It's very simple, you do not need much knowledge and effort, and even more so of improvised means.

What is necessary to wind hair on cloths

Many people are wondering how to curl the hairon rags? What is needed for this? You will only need a simple cloth or a regular gauze bandage, scissors and a comb. If the hair is badly wound, you can use the means for styling, so that curls better curl and hold the shape longer. Before winding strands on rags, wash your head well with shampoo and rinse thoroughly. It is desirable to apply and the conditioner, that hair were obedient. Then pat them with a towel and leave to dry until they are only slightly to wind hair on rags

The benefits of waving your hair on rags

How to twist the hair on rags, came up with moreOur grandmothers, because in those days everyone wanted to be beautiful and attractive. And for today, unfortunately, this option is almost forgotten. But in vain, because this kind of wave has many advantages, such as:

- safety for the hair, because rags do not do any harm at all, unlike ploek;

- hair does not break;

- the method does not cause discomfort during sleep;

- rags do not require any expenses;

- the result is not inferior to professional styling.How to curl hair on a cloth

How it's done

So, how to wind hair on cloths? Just prepare a cotton cloth, cut small strips about 6 centimeters wide. Wind the hair in the center of the cloth for the length that you need, and tie it to one knot. You can tie a headscarf on your head for better fixation, and also so that during sleep they do not get wrapped up, and do not interfere with sleep. Still under the scarf, heat is saved, which will contribute to a better result. How to wind hair on rags, to make beautiful curvy locks? It's best done at night. And sleep with rags until the morning.

If you do not want to go to bed with them or you do not havetime, then remember - the cloth should be kept for at least 3-4 hours. Otherwise, the hair will not twist or curl, but very weakly, and then you will need to not just make a new hairstyle, but also to remodel the old one. If you hold it for 4 hours, then it will hold about the same time, not spinning. For a more lasting result and safety of the hair, hair styling products such as lacquer, mousse, wax and foam can be used. Our ancestors did not have such an arsenal and used water with sugar or beer.

Demonstrate how to wind hair on rags, photos posted on rags photo

How to remove rags correctly

How to wind hair on cloths, so that it's easyand it was easy to remove them, without damaging the strands? To wind it is necessary slowly, evenly and in one direction. And shoot - the same way. The main thing is not to hurry up so as not to tangle your hair. At once, having removed a rag, the curl needs to be sprinkled with a varnish, as it is necessary to act with other locks.wind hair on rags photo

How long does it take to thread hair on cloth?

Screwing the hair in this way canseem to be a long and very complicated process, but it is not. If you carry out such manipulations several times, you can get used to and then make such a haircut very quickly. After all, our grandmothers often wound their hair on rags. Photo of such hairstyles for certain is in family archives practically at everyone. Most women who use this way of winding their hair say that this method takes no more time than curling a curling to twist the hair on rags

Cloths always help out

In addition to all of the above, this method will helpeven in the most desperate situation, when there is no electricity or the opportunity to go to the hairdresser, and you urgently need to have a retro-style hairstyle. Cloths - the most suitable and indispensable option, whatever happens. In whatever desperate situation you happen to be, do not be sad, remember that such an adaptation will always help you make a beautiful hairstyle. Still it is possible to put a piece of paper on a rag, if there is a fear that the hair will become entangled and will tear when removed.

Careful soft locks long since attachedthe female look is tenderness and naturalness. Passersby always smiled and looked at the passing girl with elegant air curls. And let the starry time of curling on the rags has long passed, yet sometimes there is a desire to plunge into the past and treat yourself to something unusual. And the resulting disobedient curls will always add to the mood.

Of course, to date we are offeredmany different ways to create curls. Various curlers, curling irons and additional tools for better fixing. But do not forget about the good old rags, which will always help you and will not spoil your hair. The result will always please you and surprise, because the received curls will not be very different from those that are created on the usual curlers and curling irons. The main thing - always use the means for additional fixation, and then you will be the most beautiful.

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How to wind hair on cloths - create an exciting image How to wind hair on cloths - create an exciting image How to wind hair on cloths - create an exciting image How to wind hair on cloths - create an exciting image How to wind hair on cloths - create an exciting image How to wind hair on cloths - create an exciting image