How to tie a hood?

Hoods are a fashionable piece of clothing and a stylish accessory. In cold weather, hoods are especially relevant, as they protect against the adverse effects of wind and frost on the head and neck.

Varieties of hoods

The hood can be a piece of clothing, knitted or tied (sewn) to jumpers, sweaters, blouses, even vests. Another type of hood is a scarf-hood, which is knitted as a separate accessory and combines the advantages of two products - a hood and a scarf. If desired, and necessary, you can independently associate the hood. Many print publications and Internet sites talk about how to tie a hood.

Material and tools

To knit a hood, you will need knitting needles, a hook or fork, as well as yarn, scissors and a measuring tape. In the manufacture of hoods use the most diverse yarn: from fine cotton and linen to thick textured wool and wool blend. To determine the size of the hood, two measurements are taken: head circumference and face width.

Hood with knitting needles

There are two simplest options for how to knit a hood with knitting needles:

  1. A circular canvas is knitted with a front satin stitch on five needles (or circular ones) about 50 cm high. A 5-6 cm wide and 20 cm long strip is separately manufactured. A tube is fastened with a strip on one side and tied with a decorative knot or buttoned. Used as a collar or hood.
  2. Tie a rectangular canvas, bend it in half and partially sew on one side. The length of the stitched canvas is approximately equal to the measure from the base of the neck to the top of the head.

The hood can be tied to a knitted sweater by typing the required number of loops along the edge of the neckline. To do this, you must add up to the required size and close the work loops. Sew knit stitch. It is better to type loops in the face so that there is no visible seam.

Scarf - hood

A scheme that tells you how to tie a scarf-hood. This headdress is knitted with a garter stitch, turning into a rubber band, on two knitting needles. The drawing is simple and consists of rectangles alone. The ends of the hood are long and wide. They can be wrapped around the neck several times. The hood is decorated with ordinary tassels.

Children's hood

Hoods for adults, usually do not fit snugly to the head and perform the function not so much of a headdress as decorations. Children's things are different in that they must protect the head, neck, ears of babies from cold and wind. There are a lot of variants of schemes how to connect a children's hood, for example, here.

The best option is the following. According to the drawing, calculate the number of columns and loops - for this you first need to determine the density of the mating. Then you want to tie the hood like a big heel sock, working on three needles. Tie the hood on the edge can be a rubber band or openwork pattern. For children's items, soft torsion yarn is used in soft pastel colors.

Drawing selection

Determine the purpose, size, color, ornament and pattern, as well as the source material, the method of knitting and with what objects of the toilet you will wear a hood. After that, looking for a scheme of knitting, you can immediately begin to work. Explanatory advice on how to properly link the hood, no one will give you, because every craftswoman has her own style and skills.

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