How to tie a belt in kimono? Learn to do it right

How to tie a belt on a traditional karate training suit? This question is primarily concerned with beginners, but the adherents of this popular martial art should also know the basic principles of wearing such a belt (in Japanese it is called “obi”). How to tie a belt on a kimono correctly? This will be discussed further.

Purpose and general rules of wearing

Before you learn how to properly tie a belt in kimono, consider what it is intended for. What is its value? Traditionally, the obi belt in Japan serves to tie up clothes and carry various items - from a wallet and a fan to a samurai sword. However, in addition to the utilitarian function in karate, as well as in everything in the East, the obi belt has a deep symbolic meaning. The color of the belt and the number of stripes stripes indicate the degree of skill, the left hanging end symbolizes the strength of mind, and the right end - the physical strength of the student.According to the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, complete harmony should be achieved between the strength of the spirit and physical strength. As a sign that the karateka seeks for such harmony, the ends of his belt are tied down to an equal length. That is why it is important to know how to tie a belt in kimono.

how to tie a belt in kimono

The obi belt wrapped around the body also symbolically resembles a circle, which in Eastern culture personifies universal harmony and perpetual motion. The belt is worn so that on the left end the karate school emblem is visible on the right, and on the right is the name of the student, written or embroidered with katakana hieroglyphs. The belt is tightened so that the knot is tight and is located four fingers below the navel of the student. It is believed that in this way the node will always be above the "hara" - the center of the center of the vital energy of the person, and contribute to achieving the right concentration.

How to choose the right length of the belt?

Before you learn how to tie a belt in kimono, you need to choose the required length. She is chosen so that when wearing the ends hang down below the jacket of a kimono, but were above the knees. The length of the free end should be an average of 20-30 centimeters.

Take any cord or tape, wrap it around the waist twice over your jacket, add 40-60 cm to the length of the tape and get your belt length.

how to tie a belt in kimono

Tie a belt, the first way

How to tie a belt in kimono? This is what we will learn now.

  1. Take the belt with both hands at its middle in such a way that the free ends hang down with the school emblem on the right and the name on the left facing each other, that is, inside the resulting fold. Thumbs should be bottom.
  2. Attach the belt to the waist and, sliding both hands around the body at the same time back and then back and forth, wrap it around you. Lay the belt so that it lies flat, one layer above the other.Attention:with this method on the back you will have the intersection of layers.
  3. Now the ends of the belt should be in your hands in front. Put the end, which is in the right hand, over the left, and then tuck it under the two layers of the belt and remove.
  4. Now, on the right, there should be an end with the school emblem, pointing down and to the right, and on the left, an end with the name, going up and to the left. Pulling on both ends diagonally, tighten the belt. Do not place the ends exactly up and down, let them be located on the same line and at an angle to the vertical of about 45 degrees.
  5. Bend the right end of the belt to the left so that you get a small loop, and place the school emblem up along the waist.The left end should be on top!Then skip the left end up into the loop.
  6. Gently tighten the knot, check whether the lengths of the ends are equal. If necessary, untie the knot, slide the belt around the waist in the right direction and tie again. Done!

how to tie a belt in kimono

Second way

How to tie a belt in kimono? Consider the second option.

  1. Place at the waist end of the belt with the emblem of the school on the right, the emblem to yourself. The length of the end, determine for yourself by experiment. For the first time, take about 40 cm from the place of the future node.
  2. Wrap the remaining long end twice around you, overlaying the second layer on top of the first.
  3. The upper end (after turning it should be directed to the left) tuck the bottom under both layers of the belt.
  4. Next, tie the belt, as indicated in paragraphs 4, 5, 6 of the first method.

how to tie a kimono belt karate

The above methods, how to tie a belt in kimonos for practicing karate (it is more correct to call not kimono, but dogi - this means “suit for following the Path” or karategi - “suit for practicing karate”) are used in styles such as kyokushinkai, shotokan .There are other ways, but the general principles — the same ends and the arrangement of the emblems — remain the same.

Now you know how to tie a kimono belt. Karate is waiting for you!

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