How to teach a child to the pot in 2 years without any difficulties

Teaching a child to the pot is not an easy matter, and every mother will probably agree with that. Earlier, when there were no diapers, our grandmothers began to plant babies on a pot from a diaper, even if they did not know how to sit themselves. They did not clutch their heads with the question: "How to teach a child to a pot in 2 years?". Wet homemade diapers brought only discomfort to babies, and therefore the pot was mastered much faster and easier. With the invention of disposable diapers, the average mom's life became calmer, she moved away from the constant washing of numerous diapers, bedding, clothes, and the baby, in turn, was not disturbed by wet rags, the annoying relatives with the pot stopped him. As a result, the average age for teaching a child to the pot has increased, and the process has become more complex and problematic. Let's talk about how to teach a child to the pot, about the main difficulties and important points.

When to start planting a baby on the pot

how to teach a child to the pot in 2 yearsLeading pediatricians claim that the fact that a child does not ask for a pot before the age of two is the physiological norm. This is explained by the fact that a person cannot control the processes of urination and defecation on his own just up to that age. Nevertheless, perseverance and perseverance accelerates the development of such skills, which explains the success of previous generations. That is, if a child walks in a diaper for up to two years, then this is no reason to clutch his head and get upset, wondering when and how to tame a child to the pot. Everything has its time, so laid by nature.

It is better not to argue with physiology!

Interestingly, from 6 months of age to one year, an arbitrary delay of bowel movement and urination is produced. The child, in the process of studying his body, may discover these possibilities, but it is still difficult for him to control them. During this period, you can offer the child to sit down in the pot, but do not expect that by peeing there once, he will immediately begin to regularly ask and do his business there. A steady skill is formed a little later, when the child can already sit in one place.

Failure lurks those parents who decided to learn the pot during the “crisis of the first year of life,” when the child rebels and demands independence.It happens that even those children who went to the pot before the crisis, sharply refuse planting. When the problem period is over, the ideal time for schooling will come.

Another advantage for those who think how to teach a child to a pot at 2 years old is a high probability that the child already understands the speech of the parents. Most children can already explain everything, tell and thus avoid unnecessary hysteria. How to teach a child?

To the pot - increased demands

how to teach a child to the potIf you understand that now your child is in a period favorable for schooling, the first step is to choose a pot. Today in the market of products for children you can find an incredibly large range of them. Different colors, patterns, shapes, sizes - there are pots for any, as they say, “taste and color”. It is better to start schooling with simple classical models so that the child is not distracted by drawings and other things, but to each his own. Consider what pots are.

It is better for a girl to purchase a simple round pot on which to sit with legs flattened. The boy will feel more comfortable on the anatomically shaped pot, which has a protrusion in front.Pots come with or without a lid. The lid version is convenient for traveling, as well as in cases where parents do not have the opportunity to immediately dispose of the contents of the pot.

There are also pots with a footboard, rising from which, the child steps on this same footboard, thus holding the pot in place. In some embodiments, there is a special pen to make it convenient for parents to make it.

As for materials, there is also plenty to choose from. Now mostly parents stop at plastic pots, but enameled versions can also be found. The latter is distinguished by durability, convenient shape and ease of care.schooling a child to the potPlastic, from which modern pots and toilet seats are made, may contain a special antiseptic additive that allows parents to wash the pot without adding detergent.

Many different options

There are also chair-pots, musical pots, toy-like models, transforming pots, and travel options that fold and unfold. Some children initially prefer to sit down on the toilet, so parents should pay attention to the child seat.Pediatricians are sure that all the above-mentioned nuances are of no fundamental importance, and the main thing is that the child perceive the pot not as a toy, but as a place where it is necessary to go out of need. Parents are advised to pay attention first of all not to the color and presence of musical accompaniment, but to the convenience, shape, quality of plastic. It is important that the pot is quickly heated from the body of the baby.

Acquaintance: how to tame a child to the pot

quickly teach the child to the potWhen parents show the child the pot for the first time, they often do not think about what an important event is happening and how much attention should be paid to it. The role is played by the mood of the child, the appearance of the pot, and the conditions in which the acquaintance takes place. How to be? First, put the child and then tell him what's what? Or vice versa? And if the baby thinks that this new toy, and does not understand what to do? All these questions swarm in the head of worried parents who do not know how to act properly. There are several scenarios.

If, for example, you did not familiarize a child with a pot before the age of two, and he sees it for the first time, being able to understand your explanation, you must first present the necessary information in an accessible language. Ideally, the baby will sit on the pot and try to do something.In the worst case, he will turn away, go away and thereby upset mom and dad. If this happens, do not impose and try to still sit the child. It is better to hide the pot away and try again after a couple of weeks, when the baby has time to forget about it. If the child does not sit on the pot again, hide it again and again until it works out.

If the child is younger and still does not understand the explanations, it is better to plant him first, and then tell. Again, if it does not work out, it is better not to insist, so as not to frighten the baby even more and turn it away from this matter.

Another option - try to sit down on the pot of dolls and favorite soft toys. Perhaps the child will want to follow their "example." In general, it would be great to bring an older child who already knows how to go to the pot, and show by his example what's what. The good effect of this technique is confirmed by the fact that the second and subsequent children begin to go to the pot earlier, taking an example from their older brothers or sisters.

Getting ready for misses

to accustom the child to the pot at nightIf the child sometimes goes to the pot, but does not quite confidently, it is better to abandon the diaper and get ready for the appearance of unwanted puddles in the middle of the room. During this period, it is better to remove the carpets and stock up on replacement linen.Having a diaper on the child will only slow down the process and add even more headaches to parents. Parents should also prepare themselves mentally: keep yourself in hand and do not scold the child if he forgets about the pot. There are situations when a baby successfully goes to the pot, when his mother sits down, but the child does not ask for the pot on his own. It is important to understand that it is difficult for a child to accept innovation as quickly as others want, and it is better if he meets support and a smile instead of punishment.

The baby may get scared!

There are cases when children begin to be afraid to write just because they do not want their parents to scold them, and suffer, which negatively affects their well-being. You should not be surprised why a child (2 years) is afraid of a pot if parents constantly scold and punish him for something related to the pot.

In no case should you shout at the child during urination (for example, when he already started writing in his pants, you can not shout "Hey, what are you, stop!" And so on). This can cause fright and prolong the period of uncontrolled urination in sleep.

When to take a diaper for a walk

child 2 years afraid of the potNot always a child who goes to the pot at home with great success, announces his intention to pee on the street. At first, it is better to wear a diaper, since windy or cold weather can cause an unwanted cold (not the fact that you can quickly run home or successfully change your baby at the scene). Remove the diaper should be only when it will systematically remain dry after a walk, or when the child begins to ask for a pot outside the house. Another nuance of what to do if the child says that he wants to pee, in some public place where there is no way to do it. Often moms sit down children right in the middle of the street, under a tree or bush. This is both correct and not. It would be good to remember that the child needs comfort, and walk only in places where there is a toilet nearby. You can get a road folding pot and carry it with you. This option adds confidence to the child, because often children do not ask on the street just because the pot is not in sight.

How to teach a child to endure

Patience is what comes to the child itself. They say that it is impossible to teach.You just need to try to explain to the kid what to wait and so on. If the child learns to endure, this is truly a victory over the pot, and parents will immediately notice the presence of such an ability. Again, if your child does not know how to restrain and endure, there is no need to punish him, since this process is more physiological than psychological.

How to refuse a night diaper

When the main problem is solved, and the child goes to the pot at home and outdoors, there is usually another question about how to accustom the child to the pot at night. It has been proven that waking up at night in order to go to the pot the baby will start only some time after developing a stable skill to walk on it during the day. Children whose parents abandoned the use of disposable diapers, stop writing in a dream earlier. After two years, due to urinary retention, many children “tolerate” until they wake up. A rare child will sleep all night without waking up for these purposes, however, if he drank a little and went to the pot before going to bed, it is likely that he will wake up only in the morning and immediately go where necessary.

the child does not ask for the pot

Summing up: typical mistakes and general recommendations

  1. In no case can not blame the child for the fact that he did not go to the pot and described the pants, he may be afraid of not only the parents, but also the pot or even the process itself.
  2. In the case of "hitting" the baby should be praised, but do not overdo it. No need to praise very violently or reward the child with something. It is enough just to gently stroke the baby and say with a smile that he is well done and that it is always necessary to do so.
  3. If the child can sit on the pot himself, you need to give him freedom of action, and even if he asks to plant him, try to make sure that he copes on his own. Before you teach a child to a pot at 2 years old, you need to work on his independence.
  4. It is especially democratic to take “accidents” at the first time, when a child's teeth are cut, when he is ill, when he is fascinated by the game, during the “crisis of the first year of life”. It is better to wait and think over the plan in order not to worry later, how to accustom the child to the pot in 2 years.
  5. Do not forget about the goal! Remember that schooling a child in a pot is, first of all, a schooling to relieve the need there. The baby should not sit there only to be praised or not punished.The main goal of parents is to teach a child to manage their body.


Quickly to accustom the child to the pot is the main goal of the parents, but speed is not the main thing. The process itself is much more important, and we need to make it as less problematic as possible both for the child and for the parents. The calmer the parents are and the more balanced they will behave when problems arise, the easier it will be for the child psychologically. Take into account all the recommendations outlined above, and you will definitely be able to teach your child to ask for the pot! Good luck!

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