How to stretch leather shoes?

How to stretch leather shoes?

  1. wore with alcohol or just water, for a long time! Special funds from the store did not help! wanted a hairdryer, but decided to replace the steamer for clothes! super!! quickly and efficiently!
  2. Dampen socks in vodka, put on your shoes and be like.
  3. Pour water into the ball, tie it, put it in the shoes, and put the shoes in the freezer. The water will freeze and increase in volume, and the skin will stretch.
  4. Practically any footwear can be stretched. Very little, just so that it does not cause you any discomfort with prolonged sock.

    One of the simplest ways to do this is to moisten the inner surface of the shoe with alcohol (or vodka) and immediately put it on your leg. The top of shoes, too, must be moistened with alcohol. Now you will have a couple of hours to walk around the apartment shod, in a pleasant expectation of comfortable shoes.

    Leather shoes can also be stretched with ordinary boiling water. Flick it inside the shoes, as if rinsing it. The skin after this procedure will soften and stretch. The water will not leave any traces.

    Another popular way of stretching shoes is to fill the shoes with wet newspaper and leave it until it dries. An important time to dry shoes is at room temperature, and not on the battery. Otherwise, the skin may become deformed.

    A modern way to stretch shoes using special sprays. For stretching, it is necessary to soak the area of ​​the shoe with such a spray, which needs to be stretched, put on and resemble about half an hour.

    If you have not worn shoes for a long time, soothe them with castor oil or vegetable oil. For this purpose, petrolatum is also suitable. A few hours after this treatment, shoes should be cleaned.

    If you feel a burning sensation when you wear new shoes, you can help rub the inner surface of the shoe with a 3% vinegar solution.

    Scratching shoes can be calmed by rubbing a few drops of castor oil or vegetable oil on its sole. Also it is possible to impregnate the sole of shoes with natural hot linseed oil. After this procedure, you need to let the shoes dry.

    Hard backs, which can strongly rub your foot, you can moisten with alcohol, wipe with damp soap or a candle.

    To ensure the softness of shoes, grease with kerosene, after wetting.

    I'm stretching the shoes in the following way. For a couple of hours I put in each shoe on a wet cloth napkin. Then I put on wet shoes, I wear around the house. I pre-process the outer part of the footwear with impregnation or shoe polish. If there is no possibility to wear shoes at home, then I wear wet socks or pantyhose, I take shoes, go to work. As soon as there is a burning sensation in the legs, I moisten my legs, I again take shoes.
    For a long time already I do not bother myself with illusions - I do not buy narrow shoes half a size smaller than necessary. The shoes should be comfortable, then you will flutter :)

  5. There are special tools for stretching -Stretch stretch (ECCO) ... But you can use the old way: moisten the inner surface of the shoes with cologne, immediately put them on a thick stocking and after that slightly moisten them from above.
  6. How to stretch shoes

    If the new shoes are smaller than your size, this can cause pain in the legs and the appearance of calluses. Fix this situation can only be stretched out a new thing. You can stretch your shoes by contacting a shoe shop, but this method is not always suitable, so you should know the home methods.

    The first method is treatment with castor oil. It should be applied to the inside of the shoe. Then put on dense socks of wool and wear shoes or shoes for an hour. The procedure must be repeated every day until the shoes stop squeezing their feet. At night, shoes are smeared on the outside with cream, and on the inside with a special means for stretching the shoes. Shoes or shoes that need to be stretched, it is desirable to put it in a dry place, and inside put a special plastic spacer, preserving their shape.

    Another method is to quickly stretch the shoes applying boiling water. It is suitable solely for leather shoes. Hot water can make the skin softer, and take the necessary shape of the foot.

    How to stretch leather shoes? the size is less

    If your shoes need strong stretching, they should be wrapped in cotton cloth soaked in boiling water. Then grease with castor oil or sunflower oil and leave so for one night.

    If your shoes press your heel, you need to treat the backdrop with alcohol, rub it with a paraffin candle or soap, then put on a thick sock and walk around in shoes until it's in the desired shape.

    It should be noted that such products effectively help only in case of genuine leather. Shoes made of artificial leather or textiles are not recommended to stretch. For varnish skin, it is best to spray only the inside of the shoe.

    If you can not carry your favorite shoes, they can be densely put paper soaked in water. With this stretch method, your shoes will dry for a couple of days. However, do not try to speed up the process, trying to dry the shoes to the battery. It must dry at room temperature, otherwise the skin may lose its shape and decrease, which will cause even greater problems and lose its appearance.

    Sometimes when walking in shoes there is an unpleasant sensation on the sole of the foot. Eliminate the burning sensation by wiping the insole with a three percent vinegar solution. The processing of the sole with vegetable oil relieves the creaking sound of the sole.

  7. You can pour inside cologne and "stuff" tightly newspaper
  8. There are certainly specials. means for stretching shoes, but there are old tricks. Put the shoes in a box from under the shoes with a lid, soak with a wet towel, and put in a cellophane bag, tie up, and leave for the night. Next day dress up, and resemble, Shoes get the shape of a leg ,. and do not shrink back, like after stretching with alcohol or cologne. Used this technique, until the specials appeared. stretch marks.

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