How to store flaxseed oil

How to store flaxseed oil

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Flaxseed oil has long earned its respect in traditional medicine and the work of cosmetologists. This substance due to the unusually rich content of fatty acids is widely used in the treatment and preventive actions of a huge number of ailments.

The magical properties of flax oil are also used in beauty salons. But the fact is that it is ideal for any skin type: dry perfectly moisturizes and prevents flaking, oily - makes it matte and relieves acne, and the combined - generously nourishes.

However, when saving in the wrong way, flax oil will lose its qualities. That is why it is worth remembering a few simple nuances that will help you enjoy the healing effects of flax oil for a long time.

Sometimes there are such cases when the oil is applied long enough and on a regular basis, but the effect is not visible. Most likely, the matter is in ignorance of its storage conditions.
When buying this product, consider the number of people who will use it.If you buy only for yourself, give preference to a small bottle. Here is the inappropriate rule: buy more volume - pay less. In our case, the main thing is quality, not quantity, so do not be tempted by the attractive price of a large bottle: it is very likely that the oil will spoil faster than you use it.

Also look at the date of packing and expiration date. In refined and unrefined products it is different: unrefined oil is stored for much less time.

If the butter is already at home, and you don’t know if it has gone bad, taste it. Suitable for use has a light walnut flavor. If the butter is unrefined, a bit of bitterness is allowed. A bitter product with a large sediment speaks of its corruption.

Closing packaging

As we already know, flax oil is rich in saturated fatty acids. One of the properties of these acids is to dry out in the open air. In other words, microscopic particles of fatty acids combine with each other, and a polymer is formed.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to separate the molecules of this substance, and in a similar set they are healing and any other useful properties of it disappear.

From here comes the first rule of storage of this product: a bottle or any other vessel with flax oil must be closed immediately after use.


Features of use

Another important rule that you should know when using this substance - the food to which you added it, should be eaten immediately.

It is easy enough to explain: while in the open air, flax oil forms free radicals that are toxic.
This is an important nuance, proving the importance of closing the packaging with flax oil.1NiOl2Y

Unrefined oil

Unrefined oil should be placed in the refrigerator. This is perhaps the best way to store it.

There is a possibility that this product forms a precipitate in the bottle. Do not be discouraged if it makes up no more than 1% of the volume of oil, there is nothing wrong with that.

Refined oil

But the refined oil in the fridge will be too cold. The ideal place for him is any of the kitchen cabinets or drawers. The main thing is that next to no radiator or other heater.

Features cooking flax oil

When creating culinary masterpieces, a necessary component of which is this oil, remember that it instantly loses all its benefits during the heat treatment.

Acid at high temperatures breaks down into products that are not beneficial to the body.
Therefore, add it to ready-made meals before consumption.Mek33po

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