How to set up a TV at home. Tuning TV channels

This article will provide a phased algorithm for how to set up a television. Realizing fully further instructions, it will not be difficult to perform this fairly simple operation.

TV channel setup

General procedure

The process of setting up any modern multimedia system consists of the following main steps:

  1. Unpacking Dismantling of specialized transport fixers. Complete assembly of the device. Switching
  2. The inclusion of a multimedia center. Setting the basic parameters.
  3. Start searching for available channels. Editing the resulting list if necessary. Saving the results.
  4. Set up a network connection. Register at the app store. Install the necessary software.
  5. Check system performance.
digital television setting

Build device. Full switching performance

At the first stage of how to set up the TV, it is necessary to assemble it and realize switching. To do this, remove the device from the cardboard packaging and lay it on a soft horizontal surface with the screen down. Also, do not forget to get the rest of the elements that the manufacturer has included in the delivery. These include a control panel with a set of batteries, a support for mounting on a table or any other horizontal surface, a user manual, a power cord and, of course, a warranty card.

Next, we study in detail the accompanying documentation and remove the transport fasteners from the device case. Then we fix the support and install the multimedia center at the place of operation.

The next step is to connect using the power cord to the power supply system. Next, the signal cable with a television signal is switched with the corresponding input jack of the device.

If necessary, we connect the twisted pair and install its plug into the RJ-45 / Ethernet port, through which the connection to the computer network is performed.

Inclusion. Setting initial parameters

Tuning channels on your TV starts when you turn on the device. Then you need to wait until the system software download process is complete. Next, you need to set the current values ​​of time and date. Then you need to specify the location of the multimedia system. Moreover, the ability to use the Smart TV software function depends on the correct implementation of the last operation. Most of its mini-programs are tied to a specific geographic region, and if the location of the entertainment system is incorrectly set, some of them simply will not function.

adjusting the image on the TV

Search channels. Editing the resulting list

The next step is to tune the channels on the TV. To do this, open the setup menu by pressing the button of the same name on the remote control. Then select the sub-item “Channels”. At the next stage, we find the “Auto Search” section and go into it.

Then you need to choose the type of signal received. These can be TV shows from a local antenna, cable operator or satellite. Also in the first two cases it is necessary to clarify the type of signal.It can be analog, digital or mixed - analog-digital. Now we run the autosearch procedure and wait for it to finish. Save the resulting list after that. Then exit the setup menu. It should also be noted that the adjustment of the TV image is also performed automatically.

You can also change the order of the channels. To do this, according to the previously described methodology, go to the settings menu and select the same sub-item “Channels”. Only now we select the section "Edit". After that, a miniature window will open to view the current TV program and a list of available channels. Below you will see a hint regarding the purpose of each color button on the control panel. With its help, you can move, for example, a TV program or sort them by specialization (news, sports, music). At the end you need to save the changes and exit the menu again.

setting up a smart TV

Installation of mini-programs

If the device does not support Smart TV technology, then this stage should be skipped. In the case of a separate operating system, additional manipulations must be performed.Setting up a smart TV as follows:

  1. On the enabled media center, go to the settings menu and set the network connection parameters. When using a wired connection, specify the addressing parameters, and when using a Wi-Fi transmitter, specify the login and access code. Exit the menu.
  2. Next, you need to go to the section "Smart TV".
  3. Register in the app store and create an account.
  4. Now install the necessary gadgets. Again, it is recommended to install those that have partially free content. If you plan to issue a paid subscription, then there are no restrictions at all.

Health check

Actually, this is complete setup of a digital TV. Now you need to check the software shell entertainment system. To do this, on the switched on device we test all channels by sequential switching. Then we activate Smart TV and gradually we check each of the mini-applications installed at the previous stage.

how to reset the TV

Return to original parameters

Now we will deal with how to reset the TV.That is, let's realize the return of the state of the software shell of the multimedia system to the original values. To do this, you must perform the following manipulations.

On the TV on, open the setup menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote. As a rule, it shows a gear.

Then you need to use the navigation keys to move to the item “General”.

At the next stage, it is necessary to find the sub-item “Reset to factory settings”.

After that, a confirmation window will appear in which you need to dial a special unlock code. As a rule, it is equal to "0000". But it is still recommended to study the manual and clarify this information.

Exit the setup menu. The process of returning to the original state of the software is completed.


Judging by the reviews, such an operation, how to set up a TV, is rather complicated at first glance. But if you properly prepare and study in detail the operating manual, then any problems in the process of its implementation should not arise. It is much easier to configure a multimedia center if Smart TV is not supported.In this situation, you only need to create a list of television programs. It is on this that their features are emphasized by the owners. If the device has a separate operating system, then you need to set up a connection to the World Wide Web, register in the mini-utility store and install those that are planned to be actively used during the operation. Owners recommend installing Youtube, Twigle and ivi. All of these programs have partially free content.

how to set up a tv


This material was not just about how to set up a TV. Recommendations were also made regarding the search for programs, their sorting and installation of mini-applications in the case of support for such a popular technology today as Smart TV. A brief algorithm is also given for how to return the multimedia center to its original parameters. This information in the complex will allow you to customize any entertainment system.

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