How to save yourself in the spring

18-04-2017, 18:11
It's no secret that in spring a person suffers on average as much as in winter. Warm sun, cold land combined with a piercing, cold wind. And now you have not noticed how you are lying in bed with a temperature of 38. So, how to protect yourself from a spring cold? Therapists know the answer.
The first and most pleasant advice is to get enough sleep. Yes, yes, this is not a joke. That lack of sleep can significantly reduce your immunity.
Tip number two - eat more. Rather, do not starve yourself. Want to go on a diet? - Well, but not in the early spring, when the body simply requires a good portion of vitamins.
Tip number three - temper. There is nothing complicated about it. Begin to pour warm water. And every day or week, reduce the temperature of the water. Thus, you will not notice how one day you will stand under a stream of cold water.
Unfortunately, one hardening will be enough. In addition, it would not be superfluous to drink vitamins. Because in the spring, in conditions of high humidity and increasing air temperature, the bacteria feel very comfortable. This means that a body weakened over the winter becomes easy prey.If you are confused with vitamins as a drug, then instead of them you can add foods rich in them to your diet.
Meanwhile, do not forget about certain precautionary measures, namely, dress warmly, affectionate, spring sunshine - there is no reason to undress. Instead of one hot clothes, it is better to wear a few lighter ones. So, if you feel hot, you can take one thing off and the cold wind will not blow you away. Do not forget also about warm shoes and a scarf. In early spring, when the earth is still damp, the legs and throat are affected first.
And one moment. Visiting public places or just walking down the street, do not forget that bacteria can be transmitted not only by air, but also by contact. This means that when you come home, the first thing you need to thoroughly wash your hands.

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