How to save money - effective ways and useful recommendations

The instability of the ruble makes many people think about how to save money from inflation and make it the most painless. To study a lot of information regarding the profitability of an enterprise is a long and dreary business. It is much easier to adopt the skills of specialists in this field. The last, that are called, the dog was eaten at this business and to listen to their advice - how to save money is quite reasonable.

how to save money

Experts offer several interesting and realistic options for saving your savings. They all differ in different percentages of risk, but justified, unlike other dubious enterprises like "sons" and "daughters" of MMM.

So, we will understand how to save money: utility and tricks from the experts in this field. We will consider the most attractive options for Russians with an average and high level of earnings.

Bank deposit "

Consider how to save money earned with a bank deposit. This option is perfect for passive investors. That is, for those who want to just save their finances from inflation, and not to strive to increase their capital.

how to save money

Economists predict a price increase of 10-11%, and banks promise an average return on deposits of about 10-13%. So, before you save money in the bank, keep in mind that you will not be able to make money on it.

Deposit Features

In addition, almost all variants of deposits imply a specific turnover period. That is, putting a certain amount for one year, you can not remove it until it ends. Otherwise, all your interest will be burned. This is with regard to ruble deposits. And with dollar deposits, banks are very reluctant to part, so even the money invested you can not take until the deposit period ends. Also keep this moment in mind before saving money.

Expert advice will not help if you decide to contact dubious financial institutions that do not even have a banking license, so you should not keep a high percentage of deposits.Some promise and 20 and 30% per annum, but what can happen, we all remember the same pyramid of MMM.

Expert opinion

So, how to save money in the bank? The best option would be to distribute the available funds among several financial organizations, but one thing is certain to take into account: the size of one deposit should not exceed 1.4 million rubles.

This is limited due to insurance, where the state assumes responsibility for the banks (which issued the state license). In the event of a bankruptcy of a financial organization, the Central Bank undertakes to pay the entire deposit if it does not exceed 1.4 million rubles.

Before you save money in any bank, be sure to review the reliability ratings of these and pay special attention to the co-owners. If one of the latter is the state, then the risk is reduced to a minimum: the government is unlikely to allow the ruin of a controlled entity. Among the most reliable financial and credit institutions, the Central Bank notes Sberbank, VTB 24, Alfa-Bank, Gazprombank and Rosselkhozbank.

The property

Consider how you can save money with real estate.Investing in this direction is the easiest, but at the same time - an effective way to save your finances. Real estate prices, though not distinguished by stability, but such a mess as the currency exchanges or in other financial segments, where the current political situation plays a big role, is not here. In addition, the rental of the purchased premises can bring you a good extra income.

how best to save money

Before you save money through real estate, you should know that the most profitable sector for this purpose is new buildings. In this case, the investment will have the highest possible income, especially if you decide to get involved in elite housing. For example, if you pay for an apartment at the design stage of 20 million rubles, then after putting the house into operation you can easily request about 40-50 million for it. So here we are already talking about how to save and increase money, and not only save them from inflation.

As for the secondary market, here the main focus can be made on rent. This is the easiest way to save your deposits: you have your own real estate, and some money, but it does.We should also mention the "black" realtors. Cheap real estate - does not happen. Of course, you can look out for a house on a volcano or in a battlefield, but if it comes to a normal area with a favorable infrastructure, there is simply no place for attractive prices. Remember, free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

Precious metals

Let us figure out how best to save money by investing them in precious metals. One of the most desirable products in the world is gold. This is a kind of guide for financial evaluation. In addition, the quantity of gold reserves is determined by the quantity of gold reserves in a country.

how to save earned money

Prices for precious metals can vary as a result of many factors. There may be investment demand, the economic situation in the country, some major holidays, and even cataclysms. It is quite simple to track the dynamics of prices for the same gold: the state is getting stronger - prices are falling, and in a crisis they start to grow like yeast.

Investment Features

In the latter case, many consider precious metals as a profitable and reliable investment tool.Here you can add a gradual depletion of gold reserves on the planet, which makes it even more valuable.

Ways of investing precious metals:

  • ingots of different sizes and contents (some of them are of historical value);
  • collection marks (coins, medals, etc.);
  • jewelry;
  • "Metal" bank account.

The most promising direction for saving money, according to experts, is an impersonal metal account (OMC) in gold. In this case, you can not only save your finances from inflation, but also earn good money.

An impersonal metal account is something like a deposit, with the only difference being that you deposit an amount equivalent to the amount of the precious metal you need. At that moment, when metal prices begin to grow, the finances invested also increase. Some banks, by analogy with conventional deposits, charge a certain percentage on the UMA.


Consider how to save money with stocks. One of the most profitable options for saving and increasing your finances is the purchase of securities of various enterprises and companies.It is not possible to influence the success of the latter to the common investor, therefore, before you buy yourself some shares, you must listen to the opinions of experts in this field.

how can you save money

There are enough specialists in this field. It is better to pay them a small amount for analyzing the dynamic development of a company than to study the market yourself and delve into the stock market. Besides, it’s far from a fact that your experience as a beginner, or rather its absence, will allow you to make the right decision.

As good examples in whose shares you can safely invest money - these are the companies Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil and Transneft. Also pay attention to the banking sector: things are going uphill with Sberbank, VTB 24 and Alfa-Bank. Experts believe that the shares of the MTS and Beeline cellular companies have recently become particularly attractive. The demand for communication services is always settled every day, therefore venerable providers are at a special price today.

Federal loan bonds

Another relatively reliable option for saving money is the stock market, namely federal loan bonds.Financial analysts consider this method the most attractive for ordinary investors, because it does not entail virtually any risks.

how to save money from inflation

The reliability of such loans is determined by the state itself: the bonds are issued by the Central Bank, and it has the most reliable 100 percent savings guarantee. Buying government bonds, you can be sure that you will receive at least 10% of annual profits with a maximum of 15%. A good share of peace is also added by the fact that the money invested does not go bankrupt, which sometimes happens with commercial structures, but not with government ones.


As one of the investment options, as well as saving your money - this is your own or someone else's business. One of the main advantages of this direction is maximum profitability coupled with self-realization. But this option also has its obvious disadvantages. You will have to spend not only money on your business, but also a lot of time and effort.

how to save and increase money

If you do not feel entrepreneurial in yourself and you have no experience at all, then you can invest finances in the implementation of promising business ideas. In addition, this option is more secure: you will simply observe everything and, if necessary, draw some conclusions, and not rush to search for sales markets, suppliers, and to contend with the tax service.That is, you will provide yourself with a passive income under the contract of investment.

Naturally, you should not trust your money to it, so you need to choose the company wisely. Experienced entrepreneurs who are interested in preserving and developing their business will never again risk their own or other people's means.

Binary options

This is one of the most controversial types of savings. On the one hand, in addition to saving your money, you can get a very, very good profit. But on the other hand, with not the most successful set of circumstances, the risk of losing everything is very great.

expert tips how to save money

As in other cases, it is better to get involved in large and proven trading platforms. There are quite a few of them in Western countries, because this type of financial operations has been practiced there for a long time and is systematized and developed to the maximum. Domestic companies also offer interesting options, but they have too little experience on binary options, but in financial pyramids - very large. So, here again, it is better to turn to specialists who will advise sensible and profitable sites.


Investing in any enterprise is a risky business. Somewhere the probability of financial loss is less, somewhere more, but it is still there. But keeping money "under the pillow" is also not an option. The state doesn’t try, but cannot curb inflation, so it’s possible and necessary to invest “extra” money.

To protect yourself from financial losses as much as possible, you should pay attention to state-owned companies. All deposits that, one way or another, fall into their hands are protected by insurance, behind which the Central Bank stands. And he does not distribute licenses to the right and left and carefully chooses counterparties.

If you have no experience in investments at all, it is better to turn to specialists. They receive remuneration for this, therefore they are interested in providing the client with reliable and necessary information that will really help them. Also, we will need to look through the real reviews on these specialists as well, so as not to send even small, but still money, into the pipe.

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