How to respond to an insult?

Olga Reznik
Olga Reznik
August 2, 2012

You are insulted, angry. It hurts, it's a shame, unpleasant. It is clear, however, that something needs to be done. But what to answer to the insult?

Overcome fear

Before you answer, try to calm down, and most importantly - get rid of the fear that your opponent will always be able to sense. By the way, he feels the fear himself, but if you give him the opportunity to feel that you are afraid, he will become impudent right before your eyes. So stab yourself on the nose: your strength is in your confidence. Having only got rid of fear, one should think about how to respond to an insult.

What you can answer insult: tactics

Indeed, one wants to insult a person to shout loudly something like "a fool himself." In no case should you do this.

Respond to an insult, try calmly and confidently. Welcome irony, banter, a smile in the whole mouth (I, they say, you can not take it with your bare hands).

You are the leader, you are not afraid of anything. So, for example, to the remark: “I don’t like you”,if you are a man, can you answer something like: "How long have you been like men?" In general, show that the word you do not climb into your pocket. If this is so, then the enemy, in order not to look pale in front of his friends and girlfriends, will want to put an end to this unpleasant situation for him.

A few rules to learn

  • If you are insulted, do everything to avoid mutual insults and accusations. Do not forget that this is most likely your offender is waiting for. He is looking for something to cling to, looking for the cause of discord. And if he decided to drive, he does not give a damn that she is delusional.
  • If your dignity was touched, in no case can you translate everything into a joke. It is necessary to be able to adequately respond to the boor, pointing him in his place.
  • In addition, you need to be able to respond to the insult in such a way that a long continuation of the impartial conversation does not follow.
  • And further. Responding to insults should be with maximum restraint and dignity. The offender will, of course, impose your style of conversation. But that’s your strength and dignity that you don’t go down to this market level.Then, feeling that you are at the height, the offender has no choice but to play according to your rules.

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