How to reconcile Israel with Palestine

Photo: Ammar Awad / Reuters
On March 11, Banksy will open its own hotel in Bethlehem. It is called the Walled Off Hotel (which translates as “Fenced” hotel). The hotel building is located near the wall that separates Israeli territory from the territory of the Palestinian National Authority. The choice of location is far from random. The fact is that Israel has lately been increasingly controlling the border with Palestine and restricting the movement of people between the two territories. Banksy does not like this policy very much, so he decided to involve people in the conflict zone and provoke a dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.
In the lobby hang framed fragments of previous works of Banksy. Nearby is a bust in a cloud of tear gas.

Photo: Ammar Awad / Reuters

Photo: Thomas Coex / AFP / Getty Images
Small bar

Photo: Ammar Awad / Reuters
Above the dining table in the hall stands a picture of Banksy with a lamb in the company of a dangerous predator.

Photo: Thomas Coex / AFP / Getty Images
Another room is decorated with cherubs in oxygen masks. The piano, by the way, plays in itself pre-recorded compositions.Music concerts will begin every evening at 21:00.

Photo: Thomas Coex / AFP / Getty Images
The hotel has a small museum department dedicated to the history of relations between Israelis and Palestinians. This is the figure of British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour. He signs a letter to the representative of the British Jewish community, Lord Walter Rothschild, which refers to the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine.

Previously, the building of the hotel housed a pottery. Banksy designed the interiors in a dark colonial style. This is a reference to those times when the territory was under British control. The British Mandate in Palestine lasted 26 years - from 1922 to 1948. From the colonists, there is a tea room, a fireplace, slow ceiling fans and antique furniture upholstered in zebra.

Photo: Ammar Awad / Reuters
Hotel reservations will open on March 11th. And it will be possible to enter here already on March 20. The staff hopes that among the guests there will be Israelis who will want to see with their own eyes how their country is fenced off from the Palestinians. Banksy himself called the hotel "a three-story cure for fanaticism."

But in general, Israeli citizens are officially forbidden to visit Bethlehem. Therefore, if they decide to stay at the hotel, they will not be able to see anything but the wall.

Many criticized the idea of ​​Banksy and said that no one would come to his hotel, because it was not safe in the area. But he is sure that his name will attract many tourists here.

I suggest to walk by numbers. There are only 10 of them, all of them overlook the wall that Israel built to isolate itself from Palestine.

The idea was that guests were always surrounded by objects of art.

In one of the bedrooms is a fresco with a Palestinian and an Israeli soldier fighting pillows.

At the same time, all rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, refrigerator, air conditioning, safe and radio.

In addition to spacious and well-furnished rooms, the hotel has one room-hostel with bunk beds.

She reminds Israeli military barracks. A night in such a room will cost $ 30, and all who enter will give out free earplugs.

Bathroom in this room is shared.

And this is what the presidential suite looks like. The bath can accommodate four people, there is also a small library, a home theater, access to the roof garden.

Also in the hotel building there is an art gallery, which displays works by Palestinian artists.This is a rare opportunity for Israelis to get acquainted with the work of their neighbors. At first, they were going to hang pictures right on the border wall, but in the end they decided that it was too risky.

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