How to read books on the phone?

Without mobile communication in our days is not completeno one and a small phone, easily placed in a bag or in your pocket, is always at hand. If you turn your cell phone into a miniature e-reader, then the necessary book will also be constantly nearby, albeit electronically. It remains only to understand how to read books on the phone.

Advantages of "telephone" reading

  • The ability to set the font you need for your eyes: you can make it no less than in an ordinary paper book, and, if necessary, increase to the required size.
  • A short line in the phone will work on the speedreading, automatically increasing it, because the longer the line, the more difficult it is to get a glance at the beginning of the next, while reading from the phone screen, you generally will not encounter such a problem.
  • By setting the appropriate brightness of the screen, you will facilitate the task of the visual organs, and your eyes will not get tired when reading.
  • You do not have to buy books that you can easily read from your phone.

So, the positive factors are obvious. It makes sense to spend a few minutes to learn how to download selected books and texts to your mobile phone, and you can use rare free minutes for reading pleasure, which can not be compared to anything.

A simple briefing for "dummies"

  • Make sure that your mobile phone supports any version of the Java programming language.
  • On the Internet, find and download the required book. Most conveniently, the text was in plain text (txt) format, if it is not so in your case, copy the text of the book downloaded in another format into a text document, which you yourself create and save.
  • To read any text on the phone, it must be created in the form of a java-book. There are several possibilities.
    1. Use the design site.
    2. Apply a special converter program.

Let's consider each option.

  1. Take for example the site On the site page, fill in the form: the title of the book (preferably in English letters), a text file from your computer (the same one with the extension txt), the code from the picture. Click the arrow (right) and go to the page with a link to the newly created java-book from your file. The "Download" button - and the book on your computer. To get it into the phone, use a wireless network Wi-Fi, USB-cable or download the file directly to your mobile phone via the wireless protocol WAP.
  2. A program that converts texts -TequilaCat_BookReader_v2.2.8 - download and run using the Shell.exe file. Before you open an understandable and friendly interface. The table contains fields for the file name and title of the book. Click the Add Book button on the left side of the table. When the required text file is selected, the "book" appears to the right, when you click on it you can see all the text and check the correctness of its display. In the upper left corner, click the Build button (an open yellow folder with a green leaf inside) - the java-book is created, on the right you will see a message about successfully generated files that are already in the same folder where your original text document existed. Transfer the received java-book to your phone in any of the ways indicated in point (1).

Do not forget in the settings open already inmobile phone book sequentially press the keys 5, 5, 3 to get page by page scrolling. Now you know how to read books on your phone, have fun!

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