How to plant asters?

With the advent of autumn, everything wilts, but still want tosun, joy and colors. Flowers enchant with their variety and unusually marvelous aroma. If you want to please yourself with flowers in the fall, you can grow asters. Let's consider in detail how to plant asters.

Florists brought out two ways of planting asters: seedling and uncultivated (that is, by sowing seeds in the open ground).

Seedbed method

Using the seedling method, it is necessary to adhere to the following technology.

  1. Seeds of asters are first prepared for sowing by soaking themin the accelerator of germination. It should be remembered that it is possible to begin the planting of flowers in late March-early April, since the period of development of these flowers before flowering is from 80 to 130 days.
  2. Each seed is lowered to the ground by 0.5-0.8 cm. The temperature of the contents of containers with crops varies from +18 to +25 degrees. In 5-7 days, the first shoots will appear.
  3. And only after another 10 days there will befirst real leaflets. At this time it is necessary to discard the seedlings for individual small cups. A week after the picking, the seedlings begin to be fed (once a week).
  4. In order to protect seedlings from many diseases, it must be watered in the morning, in the evening the soil must dry up.
  5. Good lighting is also importantfactor: day temperature should be 16-25 degrees, and night - 12-16. Planted seedlings in the open ground after the favorable spring weather is established, depending on your climatic region. Since the aster is a cold-resistant plant, it is planted somewhere from the middle of May, but not later than June 10-12.
  6. Plant flowers better in the evening ondistance of 20-30 cm. A week after transplantation, asters can be fed with a good complex fertilizer and repeat this procedure every 3-4 weeks. In dry weather, asters require moderate watering.

Non-irradiated method

  1. With a seedless version of sowing, the seeds are sownstraight into the soil in the spring, when the soil is ready. Make a shallow groove, sow the seeds and cover them with a layer of soil 0.5-0.8 cm, watered abundantly and covered with oilcloth.
  2. When 2-3 leaves appear, the rows are thinned out, but the extra seedlings are not pulled out, but are neatly transplanted to another place.
  3. You can sow asters not only in the spring, but also in winter. In this case, they are sown in the frozen soil in specially prepared grooves.

Fans of asters know that these flowers havepoor germination, and the unstable weather conditions of the open landing site reduce the plant's chances of germination. Thus, the best way to grow asters is seedling.

When you sow asters on seedlings and how to grow them, you already know, and choose the one that suits you best.

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