How to pass through the walls?

At all times, a person was interested in abilities that most often cannot be reasonably explained. Today such abilities are called supernatural. Recently, attention to such acts has increased significantly, as evidenced by many articles on such topics, programs and films. The incomprehensible, unidentified person is more and more interested in the person, causing the desire to get to the truth - the grain of truth.

Is it possible to pass through walls?

It is not surprising that today many are interested in whether it is possible, and if it is possible, how to pass through walls. Immediately I recall a frame from the film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes the Profession”, where Shurik managed to pierce time and space and “throw” the heroes into ancient Moscow. By the same principle, following the logic of the film, passage through walls, that is, the movement of particles of an object at a distance, should work. But it can be not only a wall, space can be a whole city and even a continent. Many books from fiction and fantasy also talk about the possibility of passing through the walls. As you know, there is no smoke without fire, a mobile phone also once seemed an unreal fiction.

What does science say?

Modern science cannot yet experimentally prove that passing through the walls is still possible, although theoretical studies exist, for example, the Schrödinger equation, etc. But now researchers and scientists working in the sphere of the supernatural paranormal sciences are closely involved in solving the problem how to get through the wall.

Ether double

The first variant of passage through the wall can be an astral projection of the body. About this there are many works of magical focus. An astral projection can occur both in a dream and in a state of deep trance, when a person, or rather his etheric twin, is outside the body and consists of some kind of energy bundle - a collection of energy lines. Someone can call this body energy, someone - soul. The journey, the passage through the walls in this case, the person is made outside his physical shell.


Another option for passing through a wall can be a method described in the literature and reproduced in films. This is the so-called teleportation of the body, which is a lightning-fast change in the coordinates of the desired object.According to the versions of science fiction, teleportation can take place through various portals - tunnels, along which the object must move from point to point with the help of special abilities of a person given to him above.

Moving can also occur with the help of zero-space, a kind of parallel Universe, where everything corresponds exactly to our space. It is interesting that, in principle, teleportation can be considered the technology of the future, because scientists from many countries are working on solving this problem.

Who knows, maybe in a few years a person or any animal, such as, for example, a cat passing through walls, will not be an invention, but a reality. But today, being in his right mind, a normal person without special abilities cannot do this. There is only one option: you can pass through a wall only through a hole in it - a door or a window.

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