How to paint eggs for Easter

On the eve of the Easter holidays,a lot of cares and troubles at home for the preparation for the celebration of one of the main religious holidays in the year - Easter. The preparation process begins long before this day. On Pure Thursday it is customary to paint Easter eggs and bake Easter cakes. There are several ways how to paint eggs at home.

Decorating eggs for Easter is a collective thing,because small family members will be happy to help out of an ordinary chicken egg to create the original "krashenku" or "pysanka." But before you allow young artists to eggs, you should prepare a base for creativity.

First of all, it is necessary to boil eggs so thatthey were smooth, with a flat surface, were not cracked. If eggs for krushenok were stored in the refrigerator, before pouring cold water, you need to hold them for 15-20 minutes at room temperature. Cook eggs in well-salted water, dry with a waffle towel and allow to cool. Some ways of painting eggs provide that eggs should be still warm. If you have not decided how to paint eggs, learn all the possible ways and choose the one that suits you best.

The most popular way of coloring them is onionhusks. With this method are familiar in almost every family in the post-Soviet space. Our grandmothers collected the husks from the onion throughout the winter so that in her broth they would paint eggs for Easter. The color of eggs depends on the saturation of the broth. The color range varies from yellow to dark brown.

The basis for coloring eggs can be fooddyes, which can be bought on the eve of the holiday in any store. To the packaging manufacturers attach the instruction, which describes how to paint eggs with the help of their product. If you do not trust food colors and you have free time, you can prepare yourself a wonderful base for painting eggs.

To natural coloring additives carry a beet,blueberries, onions, oranges, lemons, carrots, nettles, red cabbage leaves, green apples and coffee. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to the natural preparation, cook the eggs for 15-20 minutes.

There are many ways of how to decorateEaster egg, but the originality and uniqueness of the "little pysanka" depends only on your imagination. Children can be allowed to put on already painted eggs different patterns using pens or food colors. You can also decorate eggs with all sorts of stickers - entrust the matter of choice to your little assistants. After such an eventful day, they will have something to show off to their peers, and they will be able to share with them their recipes on how to paint eggs for Easter.

If you want to achieve on the "pysanka"an interesting ornament, before you paint eggs, they can be wrapped in gauze with pre-prepared rice, then put in a pot to cook. Your Easter eggs with this method of coloring will become pockmarked. With the help of adhesive tape and adhesive tape eggs can be decorated with all sorts of geometric shapes. For this method, several different dyes must be prepared. Decorative drawing on eggs can turn out, if before cooking boil "pisanka" thread or a thin rubber band. To achieve the same effect of "marble" eggs is simple: in food coloring add a little vegetable oil and in this mixture boil the eggs.

Using leaves of parsley, dill or otherplants, you can get the original pattern on Easter eggs. To do this, gently attach the leaf to the egg and tightly wrap it all together in a stocking or gauze, firmly fix it. The received design place in a solution in which you will paint eggs.

This is not all ways of decorating Easter eggs. As mentioned above, it all depends on your imagination!

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