How to make friends a cat with a cat and other animals in the house?

Suppose you have a cat at home. And then you suddenly decided to start the second. There are often problems here. How to make a cat a friend? After all, your old favorite can start to behave aggressively, sometimes simply for fear of losing the love of the owner. As you know, jealousy is inherent not only to people, but also animals.

The tips below will help find the answer to the question of how to make a cat friend with a cat or other to make a cat and a cat friend

Down with aggression!

First of all, try to avoid collisions, calm the aggressive cat and caress it. If the cats do not fight, it is better to give them complete freedom and the opportunity to meet on their own. Each of the animals is better to prepare a separate place (you can separate them with a partition from the grid). Cats will smell each other, and if they want to communicate, they will approach the grid.

From time to time cats need to be swapped.Cat food and drink should be placed for each animal separately, on both sides of the grid. When your cats get used to each other, wait a couple more days, then you can remove the grid and arrange a "test" meeting.

When trying to aggression should apply punishment. Roll the fighters cold water and loudly express your displeasure. Your pets will understand that fighting is not good.

If you do not have the opportunity to observe the cats constantly, you will have to isolate them again. A week or a few days passed, and the cats stopped fighting, which means that everything is in order, they can be left alone with each other.

Like a cat with a dog

Well, and if you do not live a cat, and the dog? Or, on the contrary, live pussy, and you are going to have a puppy? How to make friends a cat with a dog? After all, the myth of their enmity is so popular that no one is in doubt. The saying "live like a cat with a dog" on everyone's lips!

In fact, representatives of the cat can quite peacefully live with dogs, sometimes even sympathize with each other. Here a lot depends on the behavior of the owner. Real animal lovers know how to make friends a cat with a dog.Pets can become competitors in the fight for food and household attention or good friends.

The age of animals and the order of their appearance in the house are also important. There are various options. If the cat is the first to settle in the house, then it is difficult for her to come to terms with the new tenant in the form of a puppy or especially an adult dog.

How to make friends a cat with a dog

Dog and kitten

Dogs, as a rule, are more obedient and devoted to the owner. They rarely protest against the appearance of a cat in the house.

If you take a cat and a dog at the same time, especially at a young age, then most likely they will make friends. Cubs have the same fun and problems, it is much easier for them to find a common language between themselves. Thus, the younger the animal's age, the less problems with adaptation.

If an adult dog is in the house, and you decide to bring a kitten, they can also make friends. Provide your child a protected area, even if the dog shows no signs of aggression. A kitten needs to feel safe. And in the first time in no case leave the animals unattended.

Cat and puppy

The most difficult option is an adult cat and a puppy. The question of how to make a cat a friend with a puppy is not so easy to answer.Cats, especially adult cats, are very jealous of their owners and may show aggression towards new pets.

Have patience, let the cat meet the baby, sniff it. Look carefully at her reaction. If the cat does not want to take a puppy, do not rush to do anything. After all, soon a large dog will grow out of a small puppy that will perfectly be able to protect itself.

It is better to provide a safe haven for your cat, for example, at a height. On sale there are very beautiful and cozy houses on a pedestal. In such a shelter, she can rest easy, without flinching every time a dog appears.

If the cat itself attacks the puppy, it will temporarily be necessary to hold them in different rooms and accustom them to each other's smells.

How to make a cat with a puppy

Adult dog and cat

But the hardest option is when an adult dog and a cat meet. Your patience is needed here. Adult animals, as a rule, have already met in life with a representative of another species. If the past experience was positive, the prospects for adaptation are favorable. And if your puppy was scratched as a child by an adult cat or kitten suffered from dog bites, this will greatly complicate the future relationship of your pets.

You will have to be attentive to each of them and in no case impose communication.Having noticed signs of fear or aggression, breed animals in different rooms. The common area should only be on walks and only under your supervision.

Do not give offense to novice or veteran. Try not to provoke jealousy. Feed and caress them at the same time. In general, constant wars between pets are rare.

Cat and kitten

Now imagine a situation where you have an adult cat at home, and you really want a kitten. Here, too, there are some rules on how to make a cat a friend with a kitten. Try to "native" at the time of the appearance of the baby was in a good-natured mood. You can bribe him - feed more tasty, give a new toy or a scraper.

Put the kitten in a separate room, a couple of days he will have to live there. Put a bowl with food and water, scatter toys and remove all small and fragile items. It is not necessary to run into this room of an adult cat. Gradually accustom the old-timer to the smell of the baby, let him sniff the gap under the door of the room where the kitten has settled. Try to mix pet smells. Wrap the baby in a wet towel, then wipe the older one with it.

After the first two or three days, swap them. In the room where the kitten lived, run older. You can put the baby in the carrier and take to communicate with an older friend. If he hisses, do not pay attention - so the cat is trying to show who is in charge here.

At first, feed at first the elder, so that the kitten will understand who is more important. Then you will need to align the relationship and show the pets the same love.

When trying to fight a preventive measure is the same - roll the bully with cold water. Over time, the fights themselves will come to naught. Now you know how to make friends a cat with a kitten.

How to make friends a cat with a cat

If there are two cats

If you brought home not a kitten, but an adult animal, that is, a second cat or a cat, get ready for the difficulties. The question of how to make a cat a friend with a cat is not the easiest, because these animals are extremely jealous. Dissolve them in different rooms in the same way as described above. Cats first need to smell each other. Then swap them or just change the rugs.

When you first meet, stock up with a spray with cold water, strong gloves or a thick cloth (in case you need to pull it away).Try running a host cat "to visit" a new cat. If animals are of the same sex (two cats or two cats), most likely they will fight. The question of how to make a cat friend with a cat does not usually arise. When they first met, they would show more interest to each other, even if they are neutered.

If there is no open aggression, this is great, but do not rush to leave animals alone. The first two or three weeks will require constant monitoring.

Even if several weeks have already passed, a wild howl can still be heard from time to time - cats will sort things out. Everyone claims to be the master. If it does not go to a direct fight, do not interfere. If there is an attempt to harm each other, immediately grab the spray gun and breed cats in different corners.

After the fight, you can slightly yell at them - to show displeasure. Cats instantly capture the mood of the owners.

How to make friends a cat with a kitten

Cat and parrot

And sometimes you have to think about how to make a fluffy pet friends with another pet, for example, a parrot. There is no unambiguous advice, every pet has its own character, situations can be very diverse.

How to make a cat a friend with a parrot, and is it possible in principle? Probably completely make them fail. Let's try to teach them at least maintain neutrality. In the role of the victim the cat acts only in the most rare case. Most often in it the hunting instinct instantly wakes up. She can play without releasing her claws and not cause serious harm to the parrot. If the peaceful pet fluffy pet is no different, it is required to take action.

As soon as you notice that the pet starts to behave aggressively, take it by the withers, shake it a little and say in a stern voice: "You can't!" If you can not catch a cat, stomp your foot and show your displeasure. However, do not overdo it - the cat may harbor anger for too sharp a rebuff.

If you want to let the bird fly, it is better to temporarily remove the cat to another room. Leaving a cat and a bird in one room is possible only in your presence.

Sometimes the parrot itself behaves aggressively - sometimes it happens. This situation is quite harmless, as the bird just plays pranks. Sometimes a cat can play along with a parrot. If the bird is impressive in size and behaves eerily, it can seriously scare the cat.

If you have animals at the same time and are together since early childhood, usually there are no problems with contact. The little kitten does not yet understand that he is a hunter, and the parrot is a victim. Kids are quite capable to make friends for a lifetime.

It is quite easy to introduce a kitten and a parrot. Let the feathered pet rummage in the soft cat fur with its beak. Kitten lightly hold the legs so that it does not scratch the chick. If the hunting instinct still makes itself felt, take the baby by the hand and show a slight displeasure.

How to make a cat with a parrot

With proper host behavior, the world between such different representatives of the fauna is quite possible. There were cases when such friends for many years ate from the same bowl and slept next to each other.

Now you know how to make friends a cat with a cat, as well as with other pets. Successes and patience to you and your favorites!

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