How to make a gazebo of wood and not only

Arbor is a multifunctional structure, which is often erected on the backyard plots. It can be located on a small open meadow or in a shady part of the garden. Arbor can adjoin the wall of the house or stand separately. Buildings of this type perfectly cope with the support of weaving roses, vines, small shrubs and other ornamental plants. It is also an excellent place to relax on a hot summer day. Next, consider how to make a wooden to make a gazebo

General information

So how to make a gazebo of wood, according to many experts, the easiest way to consider some of the features of this design. As a basis for the structure is a tough solid frame. It is performed from the support pillars. In the upper part of it is fastened strapping from beams. From the sides, such a structure is tightly closed, or trellis lattices are installed between the posts. You can install and ready-made panels.Between the support racks around the perimeter is convenient enough to arrange the furniture.

How to make a grate for gazebos

It is often planned that the structure will be covered with grapevine or some other climbing plants. In this case, it is necessary to mount a grid or grid in the upper part of the arbor. You can, of course, fasten a thin wire or fishing line. But we will look at how to make a grate for an arbor. This design is a frame filled with overlapping elements. For the manufacture of the frame, which gives rigidity, you should take the bars, the cross section of which is 20 * 45. They are joined either using plug-in slats, or stud connection. If the last option is not possible to apply, you can use another technique. At the ends of the bars should be sampled, after which you need to dock the parts and fix them. To do this, use glue or nails. In each corner for reliability should be screwed on the screws. To make one grid, you need to assemble two frames. Details should be prepared at the same time, using one as a template for to make a grate for a gazebo


Studying the question of how to make a gazebo in the country, it is necessary to clearly understand the structural features of the building. The frame can be made of different materials. The uprights of the future structure are fixed by means of concreting or using metal crutches. Top piping structures must withstand the snow load. As it is usually planned to make an arbor in the country house for a long time, the material must be chosen with a high level of strength and durability. For the top trim, for example, beams that are 150 * 50 mm are perfect. Since many aspire to make an arbor on their own, the entire structure must be assembled in such a way that parts can be easily replaced without resorting to outside help. In addition, this version of the "designer" allows you to quickly and without special costs to collect elegant and lightweight structures. Next, we consider how to make an arbor in the country with the use of plastic.

Alternative material

Many gardeners are wondering: how to make a simple gazebo? The most uncomplicated option is an open construction of plastic.Since it is quite possible for one person to make a polycarbonate gazebo, consider this option in more detail. It should be noted that for such a structure it is possible not to arrange the foundation. It is enough to dig a metal frame into the ground, onto which plastic will later be attached. In addition to the ease of installation, this option is probably the fastest, since it is possible to make an arbor in this case in just a few hours. As the racks, you can use metal pipes. They dig into the ground at the required distance. Then plastic is attached to them with bolts. Metal elements to connect better by welding. But you can also use bolts.How to make a gazebo in the country

Upper part of the structure

Installing the building on the site, you need to know how to make a roof on the gazebo. It should not be very heavy. Massive materials, as it is known, require more durable and reliable frame elements. And they, in turn, should be established on a more solid foundation. All this entails additional costs. The construction time is also increasing. Studying the question of how to make a roof on the gazebo, you should take into account the climatic conditions of the area.It must be remembered that a horizontal, completely flat roof is impractical, since snow will linger on it during the winter period. However, it is not recommended to make a roof with a large slope. It may be subject to deformation due to strong wind. Since many plan to make an arbor in order to place a brazier or a barbecue in it, it is necessary to reliably protect the roofing material from fire. It is best in such cases to additionally install chimney.

Roof types

There are a variety of roof options. So, for example, they are mnogoskatnymi, dome, hip. Often by request of the master carry out rather difficult designs. However, many owners of country houses are eager to learn how to make a gazebo easier. A simple construction of the main structure should be crowned with a simple roof. A single-pitch roof with multi-level walls is considered to be sufficiently light. Regardless of the type, all roofs include the supporting elements, the base and the floor. The roof structure is used truss system. It accounts for the bulk of the load.In addition, crate is applied. With its help, a further uniform redistribution of the load on the supporting columns of the building is carried out. Choosing one or another version of the roof, we should not forget about the features of each. For example, a gable roof significantly reduces the view. In order for a lean-to roof to provide good protection against slanting rains, it is necessary to understate the overhang in height.

Roofing material

how to make a gazebo out of wood

Roof coverings are divided into two large groups. Among the hard materials should be highlighted:

  • Slate.
  • Shingles
  • Composite plates.
  • Fiberglass with pulp and cardboard base.

Soft materials include traditional roofing material and shingles. For their installation using a rigid base. As a rule, they are plywood or chipboard. In some cases, the crate is mounted. Polycarbonate is also often used as a roofing material. The choice of roofing should be approached with all care. You should know, for example, that the corrugated or metal tile does not have soundproofing properties. In this regard, the sound of rain will be very audible. To reduce the noise level, it is recommended to use soft bitumen materials. They, as a rule, have high sound insulation properties.Domed roof is more expedient to perform from polycarbonate. This material looks quite modern (due to transparency) and quite to make a gazebo from polycarbonate

The advantages of plastic roofing

Polycarbonate has several advantages. First of all, it is very economical. This material is fairly easy to work with. Polycarbonate can make various, even complex coatings. Plastic has a relatively low thermal conductivity. Thanks to a wide range of shades, polycarbonate can be combined with a base of any material. Thanks to a special manufacturing technology, plastic has the ability to trap UV rays. As practice shows, polycarbonate roofing is durable, reliable and resistant to temperature changes.


This material has recently become quite popular. And this is no accident. Ondulin has a rather attractive appearance. The material has a high level of reliability. Its undoubted advantage is simplicity during processing and subsequent operation. For its laying it is enough to use a hammer and a saw.


This material is perfect for large roof arbors with main walls. However, I must say that the tile is quite expensive. But the costs, as practice shows, are fully justified. The tile is laid using single or double overlap. In the first case, receive a single-layer coating, and in the second - 2 or 3-layer. Undoubtedly, the last options have a very attractive appearance. But at the same time, they significantly weigh down the entire roof structure. In this regard, this option of coverage is used relatively rarely. The disadvantages of the material include the fact that over time there is moss on the roof. To prevent its spread, shingles should be cleaned easier to make a gazebo

How to make a table in the gazebo?

It can be made of the same material as the building itself. Start work best from the tabletop. It is usually collected from the boards. You can also use the finished furniture sheet. If the plan is to assemble from boards, then their optimum size is 75 * 25 mm. To give strength and in order that the tabletop does not loosen over time, several guide bars should be attached to its back side. The most convenient will be mounting on screws.This option will not only ensure the strength of the structure, but also does not damage its appearance.

how to make a table in the gazebo

With diagonal placement of guide bars under the lid, you can additionally make a drawer. In the center of the long edge, two bars with a section of 50 * 50 mm should be fixed under the table top. For this you can use nails or screws. Bars are located at a distance of 30 cm from each other. From the inside of them should be fixed two strips. They will serve as guides of an additional box. On its sides should be attached to the similar strap. Then the box is installed under the countertop.


If you plan to place the table in a closed gazebo, then it will be enough to fix the tabletop on even and strong legs. If it is located on the ground, in an open type building, then it is imperative that you build a foundation. The base can be made of concrete or brick. The easiest option is to dig massive legs into the ground. For greater strength, they should be concreted. In the ground it is necessary to dig recesses. There should be as many of them as legs. The frame of the table should have a size of 15-30 cm smaller than the tabletop. This should be considered in the installation process legs. In the grooves should be installed bars.With the level you need to check the verticality. Then the bars should be fixed and pour the solution. Before you install the bars, they must be treated with bitumen or other protective composition that prevents rot. The solution should harden. As a rule, this requires several days. The optimal height of the table is 75-80 cm. If it is larger or smaller, it is not very comfortable to sit behind it. The height of the legs is obtained by subtracting the thickness of the tabletop from the specified size.

Final stage

Before finally fixing the tabletop on the legs with self-tapping screws or special corners, it is recommended to glue the joints with the glue. It is convenient to use for these purposes PVA with small sawdust. After the table top is attached to the legs, the structure should be carefully polished and protective structures applied. To start using antiseptic and flame retardant. Then the table is covered with several layers of varnish.

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