How to get to the Queen?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
January 12, 2015
How to get to the Queen?

Korolev is a small town in the Moscow region, which has a high scientific and technical potential. 52 cities and 26 countries cooperate with Korolev in the fields of education, culture, health care, and trade. Korolyov could be a great weekend trip for a Muscovite.

In this article we will explain how to get to the Queen.

Electric train

The trains from Moscow to Korolev depart from the Yaroslavl Station, however, it is important to note that they are all passing. Those who wish to go to Korolev can take the train to Fryazino, Monino, Schelkovo, Bolshevo, etc. You can always clarify the information in the station help desk.

You do not need to buy a train ticket in advance, there are a lot of them, they are sent almost every 5 minutes.

A trip to Korolev by train will take about 40 minutes, the ticket price will be about 50 rubles.

By bus or taxi

Buses to Korolev depart from the metro VDNH. In total, four routes circulate - 576 Moscow-Korolev, 392 Moscow-Korolev, 551 Moscow-Forest Glades, 499 Moscow-Korolev.

There are quite a lot of flights, buses leave every 10-15 minutes, and therefore it is always possible to find the optimal departure time, and also to buy a ticket just before departure. The first bus leaves at 6:40, the last at 23:59.

In addition, from the metro VDNH sent a mass of fixed-route taxis, following through Korolyov.

Travel time to Korolev by bus or minibus is a little more than 40 minutes, the price of a ticket will cost about 50 rubles.

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