How to fry maslata so that the dish is unique?

Well, it would seem that the trick - how to fry butter? A frying pan, oil, fire - that’s all the tools for preparing delicious forest gifts. But if everything was so simple ... In order to understand the whole procedure of proper roasting, it is necessary to study some nuances, known only to experienced hostesses, who can rightly be proud of the ideal dishes of the most common mushrooms in our latitudes.

Good mushroom - clean mushroom

First of all, the fungus is checked for quality - is it not wormy, not old, not rotten? For frying, it is best to use young bolettes, two or three days old - they have nice brownish presentable hats, taut white legs, untouched by small forest dwellers. They are tasty and look good even on a griddle in a fried form.

how to fry butter

Before frying oil, they need to be cleaned, and here we are talking not only about cleaning from pine needles, autumn leaves and dirt, the cap must be removed from the sticky and slippery top film. Yes, the one - beautiful brown and shiny.

It is completely unnecessary in a frying pan, since it will give an undesirable slipperiness to a mushroom dish.

Boil or not boil?

Again, a question that newcomers often ask in the preparation of mushrooms: how to fry butter, not boiling them beforehand? Is this option possible?

It is possible if the mushroom picker is so experienced that 200 percent sure of the suitability and edibility of his trophy. But it is better to be safe and spend half an hour and one onion (mushrooms to check their safety, be sure to cook with the onion, which in case of danger should change color - darken).how much fry boletus

Buttered fried with onions

Leaving behind the verification stage and making sure that the mushrooms are fine and they do not pose a danger to health and life, you can proceed directly to the frying of the product.

Butters are good in company with any vegetables, but the bouquet of taste and aroma of forest mushrooms opens most brightly when onions are added to them.

how to fry butter with onions

How to fry butter with onions? This is really easy. It is necessary to take 2-3 medium onion bulbs per 1 kilogram of mushrooms, cut the onion into half-rings, and boil slices.Melt a piece of vegetable oil (30-50 g) in the pan and pour onion first - let it fry a little (until light golden brown), then add mushrooms.

First, the forest delicacy will put the juice. The cooker at this time should give the mushrooms to extinguish under the lid (about five minutes), then the lid must be removed so that the liquid will evaporate and the mushrooms acquire the golden-brownish tint characteristic of the fried product.

Classic: boletus + potatoes

Per kilo of butter you need to take 10 medium-sized potatoes, two onions and vegetable oil.

The ingredients are simple, but the question of how to fry butter, in this case, remains very relevant, because mushrooms with potatoes are the favorite of the dishes, so I would not want to spoil it with anything.

So, you need to understand the process step by step:

  • wash, peel and cut mushrooms into arbitrary slices;
  • pour the oil out on the frying pan heated with oil and fry them for thirty minutes (until the liquid has evaporated);
  • half an hour, which is necessary for roasting butter, is quite enough for carrying out a parallel process - cleaning the potatoes and cutting the tubers into sticks;
  • when the potatoes are ready, take out the mushrooms (how much butter to fry, the cooks decide for themselves, but not less than half an hour), and then put the potatoes into the butter in which the mushrooms were cooked;
  • until the potatoes come to half-cooked, peel and cut the onion into thin half-rings, add the onion to the frying pan, mix with the potatoes, salt and pepper;
  • the final chord is to return the butter to the pan, and fry everything until the potatoes are ready; Serve hot, sprinkled with chopped greens.

In this case, the question is how much to fry until oil is ready.,has two answers.

  • First- directly mushrooms reach a condition within 30-40 minutes.
  • Second- if we talk about mushrooms and fried potatoes, here the cooking time is somewhat different: ours is given for mushrooms, ours for potatoes, and all together, plus 10-20 minutes.

Butter in sour cream

This dish has long won the people's hearts and stomachs, butter butter in sour cream is considered the most delicious and easy to prepare.

To please the household with such yummy, you should carefully study how to fry boletus mushrooms with the addition of sour cream. It is better not to use a skim shop - it will not give that unique taste and will not melt on mushrooms to a transparent color.On the contrary, boletus as a result will be covered with unappetizing white flakes or grains of sour cream.

how to fry butter until ready

To extinguish the mushrooms, it is necessary to take only homemade - good-quality and high-quality sour cream.

On a pound of mushrooms - 200 ml of sour cream, onion, 1 carrot, pepper and salt to taste, butter (even vegetable, even cream):

  • boiled butterta should be crushed in neat pieces and fry in hot oil until the liquid is evaporated;
  • carrot rubbed on a coarse grater, onions are traditionally cut into half rings;
  • putting vegetables to butter, hold all this wealth in the pan for another ten minutes;
  • then add sour cream and simmer for about 10 minutes, do not forget to salt and pepper the dish.

Maslyata "Fine"

Butters and bacon, but also wine and parmesan cheese ... This is not just a collection of words, but a very original dish. How much fry butter in this case? And most importantly - what will come of it?

how to fry boletus mushrooms

Take 800 g of mushrooms, 350 g of bacon, one sour apple, 150 ml of dry red wine (not packaged, otherwise the whole idea goes), 200 g of parmesan, oil and spices:

  • Bringing the butter to half-ready, pour the wine into the pan and let the mushrooms stew in it for a few minutes, soaking up a bouquet of aroma and taste;
  • in the meantime, cook vegetables, fruits and bacon: cut onions and apples into cubes, and bacon into thin strips;
  • add everything to the mushrooms, mix, spice up the spices, cover with a lid and leave to simmer for 20 minutes;
  • two minutes before the dish is ready, add the grated Parmesan.

How much time is needed for frying oil

At first it may seem like an eternity. How to fry butter, if they are slippery? Will they have a pretty golden crust? Such questions can easily drive an inexperienced cook to mind.

But everything in the world has its own time, and for high-quality cooking butter, it is also defined: 20-30 minutes until the liquid evaporates from the dishes, plus another 5-7 minutes for the mushrooms to overheat. If the beginning of the cooking process to consider cooking mushrooms, you will have to add another 15-20 minutes. Total, the total time allotted for the preparation of oil is about an hour.

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