How to excite a girl?

Many men are interested in how to excite the girl. Moreover, this applies not only to young inexperienced guys, but also to men who have lived a single year in marriage. As you know, over time, many couples have problems of an intimate nature, when "he wants, but she does not." In this article we will consider the question of how to excite a girl with kisses, caresses, words and more.

Women love ears

This truth beaten by generations will always be relevant. Therefore, before thinking about sex, you need to talk to the girl, make a few unobtrusive compliments. It is very important that they be sincere. Listening to the chosen one, it is necessary to show interest, and not indifferently assent. Gradually, in the process of conversation, you need to go on the attack. Sit closer, take her hand, gently, as if by chance, touch her shoulder, stroke her back.

With all this, do not rush and do not submit the form that you want something more. Keep talking, you can even sit down a bit further. The forbidden fruit is sweet, and a woman at a subconscious level will think that you do not want it. “How so? Hand stroked and left! I'm so cool and sexy, ”she thinks.After sitting away from the woman, stand up. The reason may be a trip to the kitchen, for example, for wine. Do not stay for a long time and, returning, sit as close as possible to the chosen one. If you really went for wine - pour it into glasses. By the way, it is advisable to choose red wine. It has special components that increase the tone and not only.

Continue the conversation, say, for example, the girl about how she lost weight and began to look "fresh." Of course, do not forget about sincerity. If your darling, on the contrary, recovered a kilogram by 10, such a falsehood can offend her and this will all end. At the right moment, take the chosen one by the hand and kiss, gradually move to the neck. This area, among many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, is erogenous. Kissing in the neck, in general, is an effective way to excite a girl quickly.

Words, touches and kisses - the key to success

As you know, a woman's arousal increases much slower than a man. Therefore, stroke her elbow, back, fingers, kiss her ear, neck a little longer. Naturally, follow a certain sequence, make gentle transitions, and not eagerly rush to all erogenous zones at once, wanting to speed up the process.Tenderness is generally very important in this matter. It is worth noting that there is no universal way to excite a girl with words or specific touches. Everything is very individual, therefore it is necessary to make “operational amendments” in each specific case. Moreover, women are changeable not only in terms of character, but also in erogenous zones. Today, your darling incredibly excites kisses in the ear or chest, and tomorrow she will have nothing to do with them.

Continuing the conversation about how to excite a girl with touches, it is worth saying the following. When it comes to the chest, give preference to bottom-up movements. Use the whole palm. Combine stroking breasts with kisses in the neck, ear. It is worth noting that women's nipples are very sensitive, so limit yourself with light kisses and strokes. You should not squeeze them too much or twist, this is not a radio receiver, and by no means all representatives of the fair half of humanity may like this approach.

Cunnilingus - the final stage of caresses

When you have done a lot of work with your upper body and the girl is most likely ready for sex, cunnilingus can become the final chord.Kiss the chest, stomach, gradually descending the chosen one between the legs. For your and her convenience, it is desirable to place a soft cushion or pillow under the girl’s back. Performing cunnilingus, do not forget about your hands. Use them to stroke the clitoris, iron breasts, hips woman. Take breaks. Even a few seconds of anxious waiting, the girl will seem like an eternity, she will reach out to you, wanting to continue.

Today you can see how to excite a girl - video. Such content is full on the Internet. So use the network to get new knowledge!

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