How to draw arta?

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How to draw arta?

In English, "art" means art. So you can call almost any result of creativity. In the design environment, "artami" refers to drawings created both on the computer and by hand. How you can learn how to draw different art, you will learn from our article.

Creating Pop Art

In the mid-fifties of the last century inpainting emerged a new direction, which was based on the use of popular images in a modified form. One of the most famous works of pop art is the four colorful portraits of Merlin Monroe. Let's figure out how to draw portraits in the style of pop art. To begin, prepare:

  • 2 jars with aerosol paint;
  • canvas;
  • material for the stencil (thick paper or film).


  1. Prepare a canvas, primed and stretched onstretcher. Buying ready-made canvas, you will not engage in routine work that does not guarantee a good result. Time will also be saved. The size remains at your discretion, but the most optimal are the options 30x40, 40x50, 50x60 or 60x80 cm.pop Art
  2. Decide on the color of the portrait. Pop art is minimal, so only 2 colors are used: light and shadow. The light should be the brightest and blend well with the shadow. Cover the canvas chosen for light with paint, without forgetting to work the ends. Make sure that there are no white spaces left on the canvas. The paint layer should not be too thick, it will make it difficult to work in the next stages. Leave the canvas to dry for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Also for work we need a stencil forshadow. The color of the background performs the role of light. In order to create a stencil, upload a portrait photo in Photoshop. We find the tab "Image" - "Correction" - "Threshold". With the help of the engine, we correct the image, focusing on our own artistic taste. If the facial features disappear faster than the hair or background, select the area of ​​the face with the Lasso tool and perform a step change in the threshold. First, adjust the face, and then hair, background or clothes. That's how they paint art on the computer.
  4. Print out the stencil and cut out the black areas. Attach the stencil to the canvas and secure it with various weights. Paint the balloon dark areas. Allow the paint to dry and then remove the stencil. You have a beautiful portrait in the style of pop art.

Pixel Art

A characteristic feature of pixel art -visualization of pixels. These are small squares of which the whole picture is made up. It was the kind of game that the first computer games had. But at that time, technical progress was only capable of this. But this style of drawing has its fans who paint with single pixels and now. Let's try to draw pixel art "Watermelon":

  1. Download Pixel Art and install it.pixel art
  2. Run the program and draw a circle with the help of the appropriate tool at high magnification.
  3. With the "Line" tool, divide the watermelon into 2 parts with a vertical line. Increase the pattern and draw a cutout one pixel. For convenience, in the "View" tab, tick the "Grid Lines" item.
  4. Select the Fill tool and paint the crust area green and the core red.
  5. White color the edge of the crust, using the "Pencil".
  6. With the same tool, add details: strips and seeds.
  7. Give the volume of the watermelon by adding darker green pixels to the darker areas. Pixels should be staggered.

Fan art

There is a whole trend in the modernart, in which the main characters of the paintings are the characters of your favorite films, books, cartoons and even computer games. This style is called fan art. Everyone can learn how to draw a simple fan art. Let's try to do it on the example of the heroine of the animated series "Winx":Fan art

Now you know how to draw art works - both on the computer and on canvas, and you can always try yourself in this art.

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