How to develop self-confidence? Practical advice

Man by nature is easily amenable to any suggestion. If you are wondering how to develop self-confidence, then you are one of those who have an inferiority complex. It begins in childhood, in kindergarten, in school: you are constantly evaluated, forbidden to do something, or even called off in offensive words. Thus, the first shoots of complexes arise in your head.

How to develop self-confidence

How to develop self-confidence

After graduation, a teenager becomes overgrown with a large number of imaginary flaws, if he does not begin to get rid of the complexes, then they will only get worse further, they will interfere with his personal life, career and relationships with others. Believe me, everyone has complexes. Tightness and isolation are often common traits of modern adolescents, but many come out of this difficult period transformed, however, for this you need to do a good job on yourself.

How to develop self-confidence through imitation?

You most likely have idols among actors, athletes, politicians, broadcasters or among your entourage. This person radiates self-confidence. Perhaps this is what you like about him on a subconscious level. We advise you to read his autobiography. We think that this person also once wondered how to develop self-confidence, and now millions admire him! Once he was able, it means that you can: try to imitate his way of holding, try to stand in his place, and you can feel his self-confidence. Remember more often about your idol, try to behave like it. Soon you will feel much more confident, because your body will remember this state.

How to cultivate confidence

How to cultivate confidence

The first thing you have to do is remove negative programming from you, because you remember that a person is easily amenable to suggestion, especially in childhood. You can remove the suggestion this way:

  • Write down on a piece of paper all your faults that you would like to get rid of.
  • Put a plus sign near those points that you can change, for example, it is overweight, poor performance, dark circles under the eyes.
  • Begin to correct the points with pluses: go in for sports, pay more attention to study, clean the body and so on.
  • Disadvantages that you cannot fix are often contrived: "I am ugly", "I am stupid", "I am poor", etc.
  • On all points, make up positive statements: I have a great figure and an ideal weight, I study well, I am beautiful, I am healthy, I am good.

Every day, read these new statements of your life, change in yourself what you can fix.

How to increase self-confidence

How to increase self-confidence

It is impossible to just once and wake up confident. For this you need to make and mental work, and physical. It is much more convenient to be scary and fat, to continue not to play sports, everything is there. Naturally, you will have an inferiority complex, but then how to develop self-confidence, in your beauty, when you do not like your reflection in the mirror? Sometimes, to get rid of the complexes, it is enough just to talk to yourself and decide that the problem is contrived. But sometimes you need to get up and take a step towards a slim figure, for example.

How to develop self-confidence: tips for every day

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Be tolerant of people, less dissatisfied with their behavior.
  • Try to get out of any situation in a peaceful way.
  • Discover new talents and abilities in yourself: maybe you will write a good book or grow an amazingly beautiful flower garden.
  • In unpleasant situations, look for the lesson they taught you.
  • Treat yourself critically, but look at yourself with real eyes, without rose-colored glasses, but without tyranny.
  • Be persistent, but do not descend to obsession.
  • Tell the truth and treat people sincerely.
  • Think for yourself who you are of animals: a brave lion, a brave tiger, a strong bear.
  • When talking, look more to the man in the eye.


By following the above tips every day, you will move far beyond your uncertainty! At first it will be difficult, you will even have to remind yourself that you are in fact a confident and excellent person in all respects. After a while, it will become a part of you, and you will really succeed!

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