How to clean the house?

Often, looking at the end of housework, the hostess loses any desire to change anything in this silent, omnipresent mess. But cleaning is not such a terrible beast, and if it is not hostile, cleanliness will become your guest for a long time.

The more often - the cleaner

To maintain cleanliness in the rooms with little effort, you need to know how to clean the house. It is much easier to do this where a broom and mop have recently been. Therefore, try to tidy up a little, but often, and then the need to devote to cleaning the whole day will not arise.

A couple of minutes for restoring order should be found in the morning: make the bed, put dirty dishes in the sink, and put stale clothes in the laundry basket, place the items in the "legal" places and ventilate the room.

House cleaning by zones

Let's talk about the situation when the house requires a very thorough cleaning. In order to clean houses as efficiently as possible, divide the apartment into 4 conditional zones (preferably equal) approximately as follows:

  1. Kitchen and bathroom;
  2. Bedroom;
  3. Living room;
  4. Hallway and corridor.

One zone should be given one week per month. Paint the scope of work, which will cope in each zone. If this is a living room, then set yourself the following tasks: remove the cobwebs from the walls, wipe dust, clean windowsills and batteries, clean tables, drawers and shelves, wash a tablecloth, etc.

Daily start the timer for 15 minutes and perform a couple of tasks from the list for each zone. It really helps to overcome their unwillingness and start cleaning, because in 15 minutes it is difficult to get tired. Therefore, you do not even have an idea about how to force yourself to get out of the house.

Write down in the list what cannot fit in the required 15-20 minutes a day: washing windows, doors, household appliances, tiles. These works should be distributed on days of the week, without neglecting current affairs.

How to clean up the house before the sudden arrival of guests, you can learn from our article How to quickly get out.

How to clean the house without fuss: cleaning tips

  1. When cleaning the room, always move in one direction - clockwise or counterclockwise, leaving the middle of the room for last. So you save yourself from unnecessary movements.
  2. Put all small objects in one place in order not to move them back and forth each time you wipe the surface. At the end, put them on the shelves.
  3. Clean the furniture, start after sweeping the floor so that the dust that has risen up will not make the clean shelves dusty. Move from the top to the bottom, otherwise the dust will settle again on the lower shelves. The same principle should be wiped or vacuumed upholstered furniture. Finally, clean the floor with a special solution.
  4. When cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, first apply a cleaning agent to the stove, sink, toilet and bath, and while it is working, clean the other surfaces.

More useful tips on cleaning the premises can be found in the section Cleaning the House.

Family competition in cleanliness

How to clean up the house, if in the family, usually everyone imposes "their own rules"? It is necessary to understand that one person should clean up not “behind all”, but “with all”. If all households do their part of the job, cleaning will be a five-minute entertainment. The main thing is not to force anyone, but to interest.

Offer your husband to fold his things with the condition that for each neatly folded thing he is entitled to a prize - one kiss (or candy).Among children, you can hold competitions like "Who will sweep the room faster?", "Who will collect more pieces of paper and candy wrappers?" Thus, a boring routine house cleaning will turn into an exciting and fun activity for the whole family.

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