How to choose ski boots for beginners

The choice of shoes for the skier is no less seriousstep than buying the skis themselves. After all, from properly selected shoes largely depends not only the pleasure of riding, but also such an important point as safety. In addition, the use of an inappropriate model can hamper the learning process and cause pain in the feet, ankles or calf muscles. Skating in uncomfortable shoes will not bring joy, even despite the most technologically advanced skis and the most remarkable tracks.

How to choose ski boots to avoiddisappointments and have fun on the slope? There are several points that are recommended to pay attention. It is not worthwhile to save on ski boots, but you do not need to chase the price, because often the most expensive are hard boots for aggressive riding at high speeds and in difficult conditions. With unaccustomed to such shoes can seem unbearable and simply scare away from this sport. Therefore, it is desirable to choose shoes for beginners. Their distinctive properties are softness, comfort and ease in dressing. A good company called Spine.

The next question: how to choose ski boots according to the level of rigidity? For beginners, as a rule, the minimum stiffness (40-50) is recommended. This is a good option for those who plan only occasionally to ski without much progress. But those who are going to engage in this sport seriously, and will raise their level, it is better to stop the choice of medium hardness (60-80). For such a function as walking-skating, you can not pay much attention, because it does not greatly simplify the process of walking in ski boots. People with low weight often simply do not notice the difference when switching. The easiest way to walk is to use the two upper clips, weakening them for this period.

It is not necessary to neglect such a useful inventionlike women's ski boots. These models differ not only outwardly, they are designed taking into account the female anatomy, so the fair sex will be much more comfortable in such shoes. And the manufacturers take into account not only the structure of the foot, but also the movement of the center of gravity during squats and a number of other nuances.

Both women and men, before choosingski boots, you need to determine the socks. This is a very important point, which will determine the condition of the legs during skiing, and, consequently, the very skating. The sock should be thin and smooth, without any folds, otherwise the tightly fitting boot will cause unpleasant, and even painful sensations. There are special socks for mountain skis, which are designed specifically for this type of load. On such a sock and you need to try on ski boots.

On how to choose ski boots, you can talklong, but still the decisive factor will be the position of the leg in a particular model. Fitting - this is the most important stage, which will have to rely only on their feelings. The shoe needs to be put on, fully buttoned, stand up and load its tongue with the boot's weight, as it does when riding. If the size fits, then on the even feet you can feel the toe of the boot, the heel on the bent legs. But size is only half the success. It is important that the foot was comfortable in the boot. There should be no painful sensations, because in the cold, the point pressure will only become stronger. The leg should sit like poured, in no case hanging inside the boot. Carefully adjusting the position of all clips, screws and belts, it is necessary to accurately fix the foot and upper leg. Only in this case it will be possible to determine how suitable this model fits. Shoes with a thermoformable inner boot are very good. Heating it at home and for a while walking around, you can fit the shoe directly under your foot, taking into account all the features of its structure.

After the choice is made, it remains only to adjust the ski boots, and you can go to the slope - towards the snow and the sun.

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