How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it?

How to choose a magnet

In this case, a beginner may have a reasonable question, how to choose a suitable magnet? After all, they differ in both size and gravity and cost. In fact, choosing the right product is not so difficult.
How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it

How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it

For a start, we note that magnets are of two types - one-sided and two-sided. They are distinguished by the fact that the first magnetite has only one working side, the second, respectively, two. Unilateral magnets provide only a monotonous mount - the so-called. The eyebolt is screwed only in the center of the plane opposite to the working surface. It also happens that a bolt with a hook for fastening the rope is soldered to the body in which there is a magnet. In a two-sided magnet, the bolt can also be screwed into the side part - the "core".
Looking ahead, we note that a double-sided magnet has indisputable advantages, and therefore costs more. Due to the nature of a one-way magnet, it can be used only by dropping it vertically down.That is, they can work with a bridge, or a boat (if you are searching in a river or a lake). It is suitable for the study of old wells.
However, if you look at the search engine channels on Youtube, you will notice that they throw a magnet, usually standing on the beach. For these cases, and need a bilateral magnet. The "puck" should fall to the bottom of the working side, after which the magnet is conducted along the bottom with a cable. One-way magnet with this method of fishing will be of little use.

What weight to choose?

How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it

We have already said that magnets are of two types according to the form of execution. But when choosing a "search engine" you need to take into account other properties and features. You must clearly understand why you need a magnet and where you will work with it. It is believed that search magnets should have a force of attraction of at least 100-200 kg. At first glance it may seem like a lot, but in reality it is not. For example, a magnet, which indicates that the force of attraction corresponds to 100 kg, will be able to keep the specified weight only in ideal conditions. He will be able to lift vertically up a flat metal plate with a smooth and clean surface. And it is necessary to slightly change the angle of application of force, and the magnet begins to move down from the surface.This means that he can drag along half the bottom of half of the specified mass. Now imagine what happens on the river bed! The metal is there, overgrown with silt, lowered into the sand, entangled in algae. So it turns out that on the "sotochku" you can hardly take out a thing in 10 kg weight! Do not forget about the course. When detached from the bottom, the object immediately begins to vibrate and break if the flow is strong enough. Therefore, to search for various "artifacts", we can recommend magnets in the range of 200-400 kg. They will not attract unnecessary pieces of iron, but interesting things will fasten reliably.
Quite another story with earnings on scrap metal. In our rivers and lakes, indeed, so much metal debris that it is quite possible to earn on their daily bread. In this case, the "search engines" should be more powerful - in the range of 600-800 kg. Such magnets themselves weigh more than a kilogram, but they easily pull out whole mountains of metal. There are cases when such magnets had to be torn off with the help of machines. But with their help, you can catch not only bicycles, but even motorcycles and the remains of cars.

Choice of ammunition

If you decide to go in search, then besides the magnet you will definitely need to purchase the appropriate cable. Do not skimp.Magnets are not so expensive, but losing even an inexpensive magnet due to a rope breaking is very unpleasant. Most often, search engines acquire special kapron cables used by climbers. They are protected from abrasion and have a particularly durable middle conductor, which ensures that the cable does not break at the most inopportune moment. Choose the length of the cable, based on their needs. Usually the length of the rope does not exceed 20 meters. Throw on a half-kilogram disc physically will not work even a strong man. Be sure to purchase quality gloves. Cables and finds are very easy to cut and rub your palms. It is advisable to have a bag for finds. Findings from the bottom are often corroded with rust, covered with algae and silt, which makes them look unattractive and exude an unpleasant smell. So it’s not convenient to put them in a regular bag or backpack.
Notice how the magnet is attached. Sketch out the relevant instructions on the Internet and select the appropriate node.

Care Magnet Care

High-quality magnet does not require special care. It is made of an alloy of neodymium, boron, iron and has a stainless steel coating.It is placed in a quality stainless steel casing. Therefore, the entire care of the magnet is wiping it with a dry cloth and cleaning it from small metal particles that stick to it and clog up in the holes.
By itself, a neodymium magnet is reliable and durable. For 10 years, he loses on average no more than 1% of power. It is impossible to beat on it and the most important thing is that it cannot be exposed to high temperatures. If you heat it to 80 degrees, it will fully demagnetize and turn into a useless disc.
Many people love to shoot their searches on camera. Do not forget that the impact of a magnet can be detrimental to any electronics. Not only the camera, but also a mobile phone with a laptop can easily get out of action. So keep all the gadgets at a safe distance.
Check each time the reliability of the node and the integrity of the cable.

What can you catch?

How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it

Let's face it, non-ferrous and precious metals do not magnet! And these are the immutable laws of physics. You can not argue with them. Therefore, only iron and other alloys can be caught on a magnet. Typically, search engines brag found keys, locks, nails, coins and other small things.Sometimes you can get a variety of antiques: horseshoes, forged products, various tools.
Quite often you can find weapons and ammunition. This heritage is not only the 40s, but also the 90s. It is better to stay away from such finds and return to the bottom without regret. After all, the article for the illegal circulation of weapons and ammunition has not been canceled. And to risk, hoping that the expert does not recognize in your find of the weapon, it is not necessary.
How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it

How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it

How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it

In general, God alone knows what may lie at the bottom of a reservoir! You can find completely unexpected, and sometimes very valuable things!

Where to look?

No matter what you are looking for, scrap metal or ancient artifacts, the most "fish" place will be where there are more people. This is logical, because somehow this thing should fall to the bottom! So it turns out that the most interesting "fishing" will be near the bridges. Passers-by and carriages just here lose or intentionally let various things under water. During the construction of bridges and structures, builders also dump unnecessary or unsuitable metal into the water. Therefore, bridges are interesting in terms of searching for scrap metal.
It is better to choose an old rather than a modern bridge. After all, then it is possible to find things of the corresponding epoch, and not just modern consumer goods.

Which magnet to choose?

How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it

Domestic manufacturers of neodymium magnets managed to gain a good reputation. At the same time, high-quality magnets are produced in Germany and Poland. But one of the largest manufacturers is China. It is in this country that the largest reserves of rare-earth metals, to which neodymium belongs, are concentrated. At the same time, the demand for products is so high that China introduced export duties for magnets to cover the needs of its own engineering industry. Despite this, on the Internet you can buy quality magnets of Chinese production at an attractive price. In the network there are disputes regarding the power of magnets from different manufacturers. But the opinions expressed are mostly subjective, since all manufacturers monitor the quality of their products. Therefore, it is best to choose the manufacturer yourself.
In the end, no matter what magnet you choose, it must fulfill its functions, namely, to guarantee you a fascinating leisure or even provide income.
We wish you all successful searches!

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How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it 58

How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it 72

How to choose a search magnet and what to do with it 23

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