How to call SRT?

Opening the service station,the businessman should think not only about the legal side, but also about how to call the SRT. After all, often customers first pay attention to the name of the service.

Below are a few euphonic versions of the name for your service station.

Variants of names

Many owners of SRT are trying to come up with a unique name for the service, which will reflect the full range of services offered by the institution, but there are also quite unique ideas:

  • Names of spare parts. As the name of the SRT, you can use the name of the machine part, for example, "Motor Service" or "Headlight Repair".
  • Name of the owner. Sometimes the name may include the owner's name: "Repair from Max", "Repair at the Big Lechy".
  • The combination of words of automatics. This is the most common case. There can be a combination of both Russian and foreign words. For example, AUTOcity, CAR service, Prosto Car. Variants and different phrases can be quite a lot. Also, as a name, you can use any word with which the owner associates his SRT. There can be even bizarre expressions: STOYAN-guarantor, Garage Auto.
  • Street name. If there are no more similar services on your street, you can simply use the street name. For example, the service station on the Kurovskaya or the repair of cars on Zabolotny.

In any case, choosing a name for the SRT shouldselect a unique name. It should not be combined or intersect with the names of other SRTs in your city or town. Also the name should be short and easy to remember, so that it can be easily recalled at the right time.

Starting a business is a rather complicated process. Everything that concerns the opening of a business can be found in the section Opening a Business.

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