How to call a kindergarten?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
December 19, 2014
How to call a kindergarten?

It is not a secret to anyone that there are not enough state kindergartens in Russia, and therefore private gardens are increasingly opening. Of course, as a rule, it is financially expensive to send a child to such a garden, and therefore if the parent decides to spend money, he wants to be sure that the garden is the best. A private garden should make a good impression at first sight, and this requires at least a good name. In this article we will tell you how to call a kindergarten.


Before you come up with a name for the kindergarten, you need to study the names of all the existing kindergartens in the city, imagine how sad it will be to come up with a great name, and upon registration, find that it is already taken. By the way, it is possible that when you study the directory, you will encounter similar or even identical names, but your task is to stand out and go the way of plagiarism here is clearly not worth it.


Turn on the fantasy, forget about the rainbows, suns and flowers.Come up with an original name, and, moreover, it will be great if the name emphasizes the individual characteristics of your garden. For example, if you plan to conduct joint games of children and parents, the “Friendly Family” will be a good name, and if your garden has a bias towards learning English, you can consider the “Lingvik” option.

If the garden has no bias, it’s a good idea to base the names of fairy tales, cartoons or toys, but be careful with patented names like “Smeshariki”, you may be required to pay a penalty for copyright infringement. Be sure to ensure that the selected name can be used without consequences.


Come up with a name, be sure to play the game "Association" with friends and acquaintances. If someone name causes unpleasant associations, it is better to change it. If there are no unpleasant associations, but there are, let's say, not those, for example, you decide to call the kindergarten "Dolphin", and everyone thinks that this is a pool, the name is better to change.

Name examples


  • Little Raccoon
  • Team Chip and Dale
  • Acuna matata
  • Funtik

Fairy tale titles:

  • Golden Key
  • A little prince
  • Three Bears
  • Thumbelina

Toy titles:

  • The classics
  • Skipjack
  • Cubes

Names for kindergartens with a bias:

  • Rubik's cube, Znayka - names for a garden with an intellectual bias;
  • Kid's club is a name for a garden with learning English;
  • Merry starts - the name for the garden with a sports bias;
  • Tassels is a name for a garden with a creative bias.

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