How to and when to be baptized Orthodox Christians

What does the sign of the cross symbolize?

The phrases accompanying the movements at the moments when we are baptized are familiar to us from childhood. And, if for some reason you are still not enlightened about the meaning of this phrase, now is the time to find out what they all mean.

In Orthodoxy there are Three Persons of the Holy Trinity - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Accordingly, the three fingers that we lean against each other - big, index and middle, symbolize our sincere faith in the Holy Trinity.

The two phalanges, which we usually press to the palm, denote the divine and human principle of God the Son - Jesus Christ.


How to do it right

Orthodox Christians are baptized as follows:

  • With faith in the heart, fold the fingers of the right hand as described above: we connect the large, index and middle fingers together;
  • nameless and pinky leaning in the center of the palm;
  • connected fingertips touch the face in the area of ​​the forehead, saying: "In the name of the Father ...";
  • after that, they also descend at the site of the solar plexus, pronouncing "... and the Son";
  • next - touch the right shoulder with the phrase "... and the Holy Ghost";
  • finally, the left one, saying “Amen,” which means “so be it.”

With this ritual, we affirm faith in the Most Holy Trinity and agree to live according to God's commandments.

In other words, by applying the sign of the cross, we are attached to God's grace, because Jesus Christ consecrated the Cross as a symbol of a powerful weapon to fight against sins.

When to baptize

Every Orthodox Christian believer should be given the sign of the cross in such cases:

  • At prayer;
  • when visiting a church;
  • with joyful events;
  • in moments of grief.
While we are baptized, we confirm our belief that the Lord won not only the devil, but also death, when he rose from the dead and ascended to heaven.


Believers, as a rule, are baptized before the implementation of important matters and after their completion, before falling asleep and immediately after awakening, on the eve of major events, in any complex and incomprehensible situation.No wonder there is a saying: "When it seems to be baptized."

Following the Christian faith, evil forces can influence what we see and hear, hindering the normal perception of the external world. Therefore, if it seemed to you that something is going wrong, cross yourself: the negative influence will disappear.

The differences in applying the sign of the cross in Orthodox Christians and Catholics

Not all Christians observe this ritual in the same way. For example, the aforementioned ritual for Catholics is somewhat different.

  1. First, Catholics do the sign of the cross with the fingers of their left hand.
  2. Secondly, the Orthodox move first to the right shoulder, and then to the left. Catholics are the opposite: they are baptized from left to right.

Parents and caregivers should learn how to be baptized correctly from early childhood.

Temple rules

The principle of “how to be baptized correctly” is one for Orthodox believers, and it is relevant both at home and in the church, in other words, in the church. As they say, “with your charter, do not go to a strange monastery,” therefore, having come to church, you should be baptized at those moments when all believing parishioners do it: before and after reading the prayer,during the pronunciation of holy words by the priest in the process of worship.

It is important to know that you should be baptized with three fingers, slowly and without waving your arms.

This applies even to those cases where you did not start to apply the sign of the cross in the middle of the prayer.


Show respect for the temple and believers, take your time and believe in every movement with your hand.

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