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There are no extra hands in the household, but I never feel sorry for my beloved one. Peter Ivanovich comes from Lithuania, but he did not find his vocation in the Baltics. And he went to work as a miner in Vorkuta. When he retired, he went across Russia to look for where to arrange his life.

And Peter settled Viskontas in a small village, under the mysterious name of Maksatiha, in the silence of the Tver region. And since I was not used to sitting idle, I invented a hobby for myself.

Petr Ivanovich started this business 15 years ago, immediately after retirement. At first he made small sculptures, just to decorate the site, and then he got a taste and began to cut out whole compositions.

There are birds, animals and insects in its man-made zoo, but the stork family occupies a special place. Bright red-billed birds liked the locals so much that Petr Ivanovich now makes them to order. In many maksatihinskih courtyards can be found these nests with carved storks.

Crafts are born at first sight.In unremarkable for the majority of snags, Pyotr Ivanovich is able to discern a proud bird or an insidious beast.

Photographing Peter Ivanovich is a little shy, but he and his wife are always happy to welcome guests.

Summer place to work. Here are all the tools needed by the owner.

And for the winter production moves to the insulated shed. The creative process is not interrupted due to the season.

Finished work Peter Ivanovich carries on the market on a special trolley.

If you want to call.

Guests are always welcome here.

At the same time look at the village.

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