How tasty and safe to pickle aspen

Aspen mushrooms are conditionally ediblemushrooms, and not all risk to consume them for food. But if you learn how to properly salt them, the result can really surprise you, especially since aspen mushrooms are easy to prepare both in hot and cold fashion.

How to distinguish aspen aspen?

In aspen and poplar forests, sometimes under willowsYou can meet groups of mushrooms with white, slightly pink hats. In the center of each of them there is a depression, which most often distinguishes aspen leaves from other fungi. Their feature is a thick fuzzy on the edge of a meaty cap, reaching in diameter 30 centimeters or more. The aspen mussel, the photo of which is presented below, has a short leg and grows predominantly in groups.

aspen wheelsMushrooms grow under or near treeswhole glades. In one such section, you can collect up to 150 pieces at a time. Experienced mushroom pickers, when the weather is favorable, collect the aspen wafers with whole buckets. By the way, they advise not to cut the mushrooms under the root, but to twist them clockwise. This is explained by the fact that the remaining part of the mackerel begins to rot strongly before the complete disappearance.

Aspen mushrooms love sunny areas. In such places they grow thicker than in the shade and reach large sizes. In the southern regions, such mushrooms are unlikely to be met. They prefer a humid climate with frequent rainy rains. In Russia, many aspen mushrooms grow in the Volga region. The optimal time to harvest the mushroom harvest is from August to October.

Features of the preparation of the load

Aspen mushrooms are not recommended to fry, cookor bake. They not only do not have pleasant taste qualities, but can also be dangerous for humans. But this does not mean that aspen mushrooms can not be eaten. In Russia this mushroom has long been used for pickling.

aspen mushroom how to salt

You can salt the mushrooms in two ways: cold and hot. In the first case, the mushrooms need to be soaked for several days, regularly changing the water. According to this recipe, the mushrooms are resilient and slightly crispy. By the way, only mushroom hats are soaked, and shredded fried legs can be used as an ingredient in sauces.

If you use a hot method, the mushrooms must be pre-cooked. For aspen mushrooms, this cooking option is the most suitable. They turn out to be gentle and pleasant to the taste.

To find out which of the recipes is the most successful, you need to try to cook both.

Aspen mushroom: how to salt in a cold way

It is this way of pickling morsels alwayswas used in Russia. It has survived to this day. For pickling used oak barrels are the same as in the preparation of sauerkraut and wet cucumber tomatoes. At home, you can use a deep dish of glass or clay.

To prepare aspen in cold fashion, the following ingredients are needed:

  • cleaned pouches (hats) - 1 kg;
  • salt - 2 tablespoons;
  • garlic - 2 cloves;
  • leaves of cherry, currant, horseradish.

First you need to prepare mushrooms. As they grow, as a rule, under last year's foliage, sticking on a hat is difficult to clean. To do this, aspen leaves are dipped in water and cleaned with a knife and a sponge. Some mushroom pickers use a different method. Mugs are soaked in cold water for 2-3 days with a systematic replacement, and only after that the hats can easily be cleaned with a soft sponge.

aspen pickle

In cleaned mushrooms the leg is removed, and the hatsfall into the dishes upstairs plates and flooded with water for a day. During this time, it must be replaced at least three times. After the specified time, the fungi should be removed from the water. Then, on the bottom of the dishes, prepared for marinating, green foliage and spices, a layer of mushrooms, again greens and again mushrooms are laid out. Next, you need to cover with a plate and put under a press, until the juice appears. In this brine, they will stand in a dark cool place for 40 days, and only after that the mushrooms can be transferred to cans.

Preparation of hot mushrooms

Hot way to salt the mushrooms much faster. They do not need to be soaked, but simply boil for 20 minutes. It is important to pay attention to how the aspen mug, the photo of which is presented below, changes color during cooking. If it gets dark - this is an edible mushroom, and if, on the contrary, it becomes pink - inedible.

asian photo album

After the worms are cooked, they should cool down. And only after that they are put in a bowl for pickling. Then the recipe repeats the previous one. Aspen mussels, which were salted in a hot way, can be eaten after 15 days.

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