How kindly can you call a guy?

What kind of person does not love affection and kindness to himselfattitude? Even an inveterate brutal with a stubble and a gloomy gaze secretly dreams of a pleasant word. Especially if it sounds from the mouth of an expensive person. But if it is easy for a girl to pick up tender words: she can be a cat, and sunshine, and zainko - how to affectionately call a guy to express his feelings and not be too sugary?how affectionately you can call a guyHow kindly can you call a guy? First you need to understand what words he considers affectionate. If you are not romantic enough, and it's problematic for you to invent the sweetest names for your boyfriend, you can resort to universal expressions that are suitable for any situation. Words such as "my own", "one and only," will not leave him indifferent, and he will understand that you are experiencing him. To do this, always call the guy affectionately.

Intonation value

But not only words are important, but also intonation -sensitive and emotional. A guy can be called "my cockroach" or "piglet", but it's so sweet and loving that he will certainly take these words with humor. And you can, as with a machine gun, scribble compliments and gentle appeals, but do it in a hurry, without feelings, without emotional coloring - then everything will be in vain. Gentle words for a loved one should sound first of all in awe. It is very important to pay attention to words and intonation, because with their help you can convince the guy that you are the only one he has been waiting for all his the guy tenderlyThere are girls whose character or upbringing is notallow you to often show your attitude to your loved one. They believe that a formal "good morning" at the beginning of the day and "good night" - in the end is quite enough. But it's not right. Guys want to hear gentle words as often as girls, but just do not talk about it. Do not puzzle over how affectionately you can call a guy, call it the way your heart tells you at the moment. Words spoken spontaneously and from the heart are touched much more strongly than those read in books and carefully rehearsed. Be yourself, say what you want to say at the moment.

Bunny, hedgehogs and rabbits

And a small but significant secret: all guys really like to hear the epithet "most". In simple communication, it has no special meaning. We can say "it was the most difficult day" or "the most wonderful trip", just a few highlighting events from a number of current ones. But when it comes to the intimate relationship between two people, everything changes radically. Do not think about how affectionately you can call a guy, just add to the words that come to your mind "most", and you'll see "magical transformations."gentle words for a loved oneAppeals "the most caring", "the most expensive,"The most beloved" will let him feel what happiness, tenderness and joy come from you in relation to him. You can pick up a funny nickname for the guy, for example "bear cub" or "cat". Turning to him like this, watch the reaction. A nickname should not be offensive. The most important thing is that you like it both. In this case, it will not be necessary to ask the question: "How affectionately you can call a guy" - a pretty name will appear in everyday life itself. And you will enjoy more than one day.

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