How fast to jump?

Jumping on the rope, according to polls, arethe most popular sport in Russia. Also, the skipping rope is the most accessible sports equipment that you can acquire. Jumping on a rope as a sport is known in the world as skipping (a short version of the full name of rope-skipping). This sport is simple, accessible and very useful for everyone. is an excellent method of losing weight, pumping the cardiosystem and endurance, and just keep yourself in shape. Ten minutes of jumps with a rope in an average tempo (110-130 jumps per minute) are equivalent in efficiency to two kilometers of running. For an hour of jumping rope you can burn from 300 to 600 calories: the more intense you jump, the more calories you burn, respectively. This is a good argument in favor of buying a rope.

Starting to use a skipping rope, do not think abouthow fast to jump on the rope, otherwise you will slap yourself from inexperience in your legs and head, start to get frustrated and lose any interest to this, already uninteresting, sport. Start with measured jumps, gradually developing tech, coordination and dexterity. This will be enough for an average tempo - 130 jumps per minute. Having achieved certain results, it will be necessary to strive for a fast pace. To find out how fast it will be enough to jump, let's turn to the control-normative indicators from the lessons of physical culture. The standards say that for 170 jumps per minute you can put it perfectly: aim for this result. If you have achieved this result and you are not interested, set a world record for jumping rope, which is a 251 jump per minute by Olga Berberich, a fitness instructor.

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