How does the thermostat work in a car? Operating principle

No modern car can not do withoutcooling systems. It is she who takes care of all the heat emanating from the engine during the processing of the combustible mixture. Pistons move, the mixture burns, accordingly, good heat transfer is needed. In today's article, we will pay attention to one of the main components of the cooling system - the thermostat. How does the thermostat work in a car, its device and varieties - later in this article.

Construction and location

On most cars, this elementlocated at the top of the engine. Its exact location depends on the brand of the machine and the design of the SOD. For example, on vehicles "GAZelle" with engine ZMZ-405 this element is located near the top of the radiator - next to the valve cover. It connects the radiator hoses and hoses from the expansion the thermostat works Before to tell, how the thermostat works incar, consider its device. By its design, this element is a valve located inside an aluminum (but often brass) structure. Also on it there are small cuts - they are necessary for bleeding air plugs. Inside the bulb there is a cylinder. In the latter, there is a cooling element that, when it reaches a certain temperature, moves the piston upward.

Principle of operation

How does the thermostat work in the VAZ-2114? The algorithm of this element does not differ from the same "sixes", "ten" and other. When the ignition is switched on, this element is in the non-operating (closed) state. How does the thermostat work? The special liquid that is inside it starts to warm up. After the motor warms up to working 90 degrees, the piston (not to be confused with that in the cylinders) automatically goes into cooling the thermostat works in a car VAZ 2114 The system has two circuits: small and large circle. When the car is cold, the thermostat does not just let the heated liquid penetrate a large circle. If this happens, the machine will not warm up as quickly as necessary. How does the thermostat work in the VAZ-2110? This element closes the circulation of antifreeze on a large contour at a temperature of 80-90 degrees. By the way, it can be different depending on the model of the thermostat. There are "summer" and "winter" option. In the first case, the feed to the second, main circle is carried out at a temperature of 70-72 degrees Celsius. The "winter" option will not let the antifreeze pass until it heats up to 80-85 degrees. Experienced motorists recommend changing the models of the thermostat depending on the season of operation of the vehicle.


In addition to seasonality, these elements are divided into the following types:

  • Single-valve.
  • Two-stage.
  • Two-valve.
  • Elements with electronic control.

How does the thermostat work in the VAZ-2106? The task of each of them - blocking the flow of antifreeze in the radiator, while the engine has not warmed up to operating temperatures. Each of the varieties has its pluses and minuses, as well as differences in device and the thermostat works in a car VAZ 2110 The first type (single-valve) is very weak and notcondition to ensure the regulation of antifreeze in the contours of modern cars. Two-stage and two-valve mechanism is more practical. This element is installed on most domestic cars and old foreign cars. The fact is that the cooling system operates under high pressure. It is difficult to overcome one valve. It is for such cases that more powerful types of thermostats are installed. When the working temperature is reached, a small plate first opens (since it takes less effort to overcome the pressure). Then she pulls a large, main part. It, in turn, opens a full passage for the coolant in the system.


This is the most modern and advanced typethermostats. It features great functionality. How does the thermostat work? It is equipped with an electronic control system, thanks to which a complete and unhindered cycle of cooling ICE. The system works "on the machine". However, not on all modern cars it is realized. The fact is that for its functionality the machine must be equipped with an on-board computer. It is he who performs the work of reading and processing information about the temperature of the cooling liquid in the the thermostat works in a car 2108 Some cars are equipped with twothermostats. This option is common on cars with a dual engine cooling system. The first thermostat performs the function of cooling the motor, and the second is responsible for heating a special chemical that raises the piston. Such a design appeared relatively recently in engineering. By the way, the thermostat itself was first used in 1922.

How to test its performance?

The thermostat is a very necessary thing in a car, and itsA malfunction may result in engine overheating. And this is fraught with expensive repairs, since when overheating immediately "leads" the head and the unit. You can find out whether a given element is working or not, in two ways.

Check "in place"

For this we do not need to remove the thermostat outside. Warm up the engine to operating temperature. Then turn it off and locate the upper radiator hose. In diameter, it is about 5-6 centimeters. Gently touch your the thermostat works in a car If the engine temperature sensor on the panelshows that it has warmed up (90+ degrees), and this branch pipe is cold, so the element has become worthless. In this case, it should be replaced with a new one. The valve is not able to open and because of this the circulation of the antifreeze in the radiator system is stopped.

The People's Way

It involves disassembling the part and checking it "directly".

how the thermostat works in a car 2106

To do this, take some capacity (irona pan of 1 liter), pour it with water and throw an element there. As the thermostat operates from the increase in temperature, the valve must open when the water boils.
This can be seen visually. If the water boils, but the piston does not move, then the element is defective, it needs to be changed urgently.

how the thermostat works in a car 2108

Remember that with a faulty thermostat, the system will always work on a small circle - the machine will quickly overheat.
Also, when buying a new item,attention to the marking. At each element, the temperature at which the valve opens is knocked out. Do not buy a thermostat at 85 degrees instead of 70 - this will lead to frequent overheating. Buy exactly with the markings that were earlier on your car.

So, we found out how the thermostat works in the car VAZ-2108-2114.

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