How does the doorphone work?

The principle of the device "intercom" can beviewed from two different positions - from the position of the subscriber and from the standpoint of the visitor. A subscriber in this case is a person who has direct access to the premises and has a key. Visitors are all other people.

In order to open the door, the subscriber canuse the key or enter a special code. The key must be attached to the reader, and the code must be entered using the keyboard. If the subscriber is inside the room, he can control the door remotely.

The visitor has a very meager setthe possibilities of opening a door: he must dial either the apartment number of the subscriber or the personal key of a particular tenant. After making a call, the subscriber recognizes the identity of the visitor, inquires about the purpose of his visit, and then makes a decision, to let a person into the house or not to start up.

There are also individual operation, the principle of their operation is similar. The only difference is the lack of a keyboard - instead of it there is only one key located on the call panel.

There are also a number of requirements for doorphones. At the same time, his model, the number of residents using it, and the cost value do not matter.

1. Operation of the device must be extremely simple, obvious to the user on an intuitive level.

2. There should be special lighting.

3. All operations performed with the intercom must be accompanied by sound notifications.

So what are the benefits of intercoms? First of all, you can visually see who came to you. This can be very useful when you do not want to see your visitor. In addition, the equipment of doorphones is very useful in those entrances, in which tenants try to keep clean and order. It is worth knowing that the usual lock on the button burglars are able to crack for a couple of minutes. They will need much more time to crack the intercom, which is also important when a threat is threatened by a subscriber.

The acquisition of intercoms is not an excellent option.Only for residential buildings, but also for office space of various companies. If there are a lot of visitors, the office manager will be able to simply press the key and find out who has come, instead of constantly running and opening the door. Modern door phone models are able to communicate with the console of the main alarm system, as well as provide appropriate signals in case of hacking or unauthorized intrusion. Also they can be equipped with one or several video cameras, by means of which the picture of everything that is happening can be displayed on an ordinary monitor at your home.

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