How do I check?

Pursuing this kind of entrepreneurialactivity, which involves, first of all, the sale of goods or services to the public, it is worthwhile to understand that you will definitely need two completely defined documents - cash and commodity checks. Before those who are faced with this for the first time, the problem of how to make a check, what data should be reflected on it, and so on, rises to the full. In order to understand this, it is first necessary to determine what such checks are like.


A sales receipt can be issued together with a cash registercheck, and it is a tangible evidence of a transaction for the purchase of a certain product, it can also be used by the seller while keeping records of expenses, and the buyer - for presenting a possible claim. Alas, there is no single sample of the commodity check as such, although in general, the documents used by most sellers are quite similar. So, how to make a sales receipt? Just. The fact is that at the legislative level, entrepreneurs are assigned the right to form the type of check at their own discretion, but without forgetting the mandatory indication of the name of the document, the date of issue, the number, and the seal or stamp with the name of the organization (IP must print Name, OGRN and TIN).

When making a purchase, on an empty form,you must manually enter all the data of the product or service, quantity, cost per piece and the total amount. All this is certified by the signature of the seller, indicating the name and seal. At the same time, it does not matter what the buyer purchased, for example: wallpaper, glue, stepladder and fittings, each position should be registered separately, and not simply stated - "Building materials".

It is not necessary to issue together with the commoditycheck and cash, on the basis of amendments to Federal Law No. 162 of 07/07/2009, organizations and private entrepreneurs have the opportunity not to use cash registers (cash register machines), but simply to certify the fact of purchase by a check only confirming the transaction with a certain seller. Thus, the check is an official document and can serve as the basis for the appeal, for example, to the consumer protection society if the service was not fully provided, or poorly, and if the goods were sold in an inadequate condition.

Cashier's checks

The cash receipt is a kind ofreceipt, which is printed on a paper tape, filled in CMC. On the one hand, this option seems simpler than a commodity check, it is not necessary to manually register each product, but, on the other hand, it is more difficult, because, for example, the CMC needs to be registered with the tax inspectorate and receive a passport with an appropriate mark . So, in order to answer the question: how to make a cash receipt? A long time to think about is not necessary, you just need to remember the key combinations, and now a rectangular strip of paper crawls out of the device.

However, each cash receipt must containcertain information, today it is: a greeting, the name of the seller, the TIN and the form of ownership, the number of the POS, the date of the transaction and the check number in order, the list of goods, the total amount, the amount received and the deposit. In Russia, cash registers also print a letter code of the fiscal regime - F, FP or PFP, as well as a PDA (verification code), which allows verification of the authenticity of the document.

Sequence of actions when working with POSis determined by the instructions to the device. After switching on the device starts a self-test, and if it was successful, the display will show "0.00", then you can start working. Both commodity and cash vouchers refer to the primary documents for business activities, in which case if you maintain a book of income and expenditure records, these documents must be enclosed in the relevant sections. In addition, do not forget that in the event of the liquidation of an organization or an IP, it is necessary to remove the CMC from the register with the tax authorities at the place of residence of the private entrepreneur or the company's registration.

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