How correctly to calculate the cubing of lumber?

In many cases, during construction and repairbuildings are used lumber. They are suitable for various types of work. No exception is the decoration of the room and the building as a whole. However, first of all, it is necessary to calculate the cubic capacity of the lumber.calculation of lumber cubic capacity

Process of calculation

As an example, let us take a room with an area ofone wall 18m², where the width of the wall is 6 m and its height is 3 m. The total area will be as follows: 18 m²x4 = 72 m². In this case, 4 is the number of walls. Let us proceed to the calculation.cubic calculation

  • Calculation of the cubic capacity of sawn timber for walls is determined by multiplying the wall area by the thickness of the board. In our example, this will be 72 m² x 0.03 m = 2.16 m³, where 0.03 m is the thickness of the board.
  • Similarly, calculate the amount of interior decoration of the house.
  • Calculation of the cubic volume of sawn timber for the floor, ceiling and roof is made in the same way as for the walls.
  • The volume of the beam for the frame of the house is obtained by multiplying the cross-sectional area of ​​the beam (rack) by the length and by the number of racks provided for by the project of the house.Timber from the manufacturer

Specific complexity of sale and purchaselumber is the correct calculation of cubature. Even the controlling authorities do not always manage to check whether the calculation is performed correctly. Lumber from the manufacturer is supplied in the original packaging. It accurately indicates the volume and cost of products. If this is not the case, the buyer has to doubt whether the calculation of the cubing of the lumber and its cost has been carried out correctly. The quality parameters of the boards are regulated by GOSTs, technical requirements, and various regulatory documents. It all depends on what kind of tree they are made of, what they will be used for. To determine the volume of round lumber, the corresponding GOST is also used.calculation of lumber cubic capacity

Additional calculation parameters

In the woodworking industry,concepts of a dense and storage cubic meter. To transfer one value to another, a conversion factor is applied. For example, an edging board in value price lists is indicated for calculating volumes in a dense mass. This calculation is not difficult. For this, the indicators of the storage cubic meters are converted into dense masses using a special coefficient.

Measurement and calculation rules

For example, the slab is sorted first along the lengthto 2 types - up to 2 meters or more. Then it is stacked. At the same time, thin and thick ends alternate. The stack is stacked as tightly as possible. The height and length must be the same. Also it is necessary to withstand right angles in the pile. Multiplying the length, width and height of the package, we get the storage cubic capacity.


It will also be useful to know that the rulesMeasurement of each type of sawn timber is regulated by the corresponding GOST. It contains tables for calculating the volume of products. When selling a building beam or board, each unit of lumber is measured, according to the tables in the GOST, the volume of edging lumber is calculated. You should also know that to determine the number of boards in 1 cubic meter you need to calculate the volume of one board. This calculation is not difficult. Then we divide the unit by the volume of one board and get the required number of products.

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